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Learn the Latest App Marketing Strategies and Trends of 2016


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Read about the latest app marketing strategies that you are going to see this year. Market your app and get maximum user retention for your app from these tips.

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Learn the Latest App Marketing Strategies and Trends of 2016

  1. 1. • Even before you have your morning coffee the first thing you do is check 2 to 3 apps in your smartphone like the news app, social media app or some messaging apps. • If you are in app development and have spent countless amounts of hours to make a perfect app and are totally ready to be released into the public • It is important to understand that the marketing plays an important role & a huge contribution in download of the apps. • Below given is the list of latest app marketing strategies of 2016 & what all to expect from the app marketers to market the apps.
  2. 2. • Top websites are now turning into apps & are also paying more attention on the apps rather than on their websites. • This is because the users are now spending most of their time on online mobile apps rather than on websites. • Special benefits of apps over the website like the apps bypassing the need of internet further attract the users towards it. • If you search online shopping product from your mobile you might have noticed that the link will be automatically opened in an app or a link from where you can download it.
  3. 3. • 2016 will be a huge jump for the app marketers with a totally new way of using social media to a new extent. • The mobile apps will be reached more through the social media in this year because the social media is now being used more on mobile devices than on desktop. • Right users for the app can be easily targeted according to the geographical location, age, gender using the social media apps. • App development companies are now using Pinterest as well as YouTube to drive traffic into the app and to increase the rate of downloads in it.
  4. 4. • Mobile app marketers can reach to their users by many ways using push notification, in-app notifications, emails. • These multiple approach to reach the users will increase user interaction & give complete & desired output for it. • A push notification will be sent to the users in case he has not opened the app & if user has pushed the notification then an email will be sent to that person. • A multiple approach method to reach the users of your app will be one of the most desired method of receiving the messages & result in the best engagement of the app.
  5. 5. • Video is a highly traffic generating method for the app & it is increasingly becoming noticeable & by this year you will also be seeing videos on search ads with Google. • The video usage on the mobile phones is heavy and they are all coming from the app than the mobile website.
  6. 6. • We have seen paid promotions were one app promote other app with the link of other app within the first app. • The same developer of 2 app also promotes each other. • Some examples of these are Share It who promotes Clean It and CloneIt app & also True Caller who promotes True Messenger app.
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