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Doctor braces


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Hey Guys! Are you bored of playing same type of dentist games with same tools and functionality? Then here we gonna provide amazing dentist game fully medically equipped. It contains lots of medical instruments with funny sounds which will attract you. This game is a bunch of medical kit. You will have fun with four characters Here you will get lots of expression which will make you feel like you are playing with real characters. Get basic knowledge of doctoring and get MBBS degree + BDS degree in gaming world. Explore your treatment tips through social networking websites.

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Doctor braces

  1. 1.  Doctor Braces to get rid of genius fear and have fun to become doctor.  This informative and addicting Game will let them play in a Doctor role and check the heartbeat with stethoscope, measure temperature using thermometer, diagnose hearts with the electrocardiogram.  Also help them by curing there teeth with different equipment like drill to remove green teeth, teeth moral to fix their teeth and then teeth bonding to properly join them.
  2. 2.  Brush their teeth.  Stethoscope used to check heartbeat.  Thermometer used to check temperature.  Blood-pressure used to check pressure.  Electrocardiogram used to check heartbeat.  Germs killer used to remove germs.  Drill used to remove Green teeth/ Black Teeth.  Water spray used to wash teeth.  Teeth moral used to fix their teeth.  Teeth bonding used to join their teeth.
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