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Selecting Your Ideal Client


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Stop Wasting Your Billing Hours, Learn How to Select Your Ideal Client.

Most businesses will take any client that comes along that is willing to pay. Some may think any opportunity that pays is worth pursuing, for hopes of a bigger project or exposure from the client. But in the end, sometimes it's just not worth it because the work and time spent on the client doesn't add any value to your businesess.

We talk about:

1. How to properly target your ideal client and select the clients that you would have the highest chance of achieving successful results, which only helps to build a more credible portfolio and case studies.
2. We also learn how we may select a client that is not ideal but more for the purposes of building visibility and building a stronger set of case studies, learning new skills or simply to make ends meet.

In the end, we would all like to have happy clients in order to increase positive word of mouth to further our business endeavors.

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Selecting Your Ideal Client

  1. 1. + Hong Kong Business Owners Hong Kong Marketing for Internet Domination Selecting Your Ideal Client Win Clients and Colleagues Your Host: Art Lee
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  10. 10. + Challenge Go after any client who is:  Willing to LISTEN  Willing to CONSIDER  Willing to PAY Money is Money The Color of Money is the Same All Around the World
  11. 11. + Result (experience will vary)  Work longer than expected  At the mercy of the client  Work quality suffers  Resentment  Client never returns  Client never refers
  12. 12. + More results  Take on projects that are not our strengths  Sell something that client may not need  Do the work, just to get paid on something  Etc.. Etc…etc..
  13. 13. + What we look to find  Find partnerships, synergies, referrals, Ideal clients
  14. 14. + 5 Characteristics to Strive for a Successful Partnership 1. Respect is required for all strong working relationships. If person f eels they are above you, they will tend to take over and run the direction of the project. You are the expert.  Money should not be used to make others feel small 2. Knowing what they want. The less they know the harder it is to deliver what they want. If needed, educate them to help make a decision. 3. Decisiveness - In order to make the call to move a project forward, otherwise you are stuck. No trust if they are asking around for reassurance.
  15. 15. + 5 Characteristics to Strive for a Successful Partnership 4. Conscious of Right and Wrong – If no difference of right and wrong, imagine how they would treat your business agreement. 5. Good Communication – Not everyone can click well and problems can result if you aren’t direct with one another.
  16. 16. + Top Characteristics of an Ideal Client  Communicates Expectations Clearly – This is vital for a freelancer/business to provides the right product and service.  Reasonable Timelines – Clients want it yesterday, set the right expectations of what they will get and in what time frame.  Be Available – If things go wrong or if questions need answer, the client must be available otherwise the project stalls  Pays fair market value and Pays on time – You get what you pay for  Has a strong Referral Network – Your good work gets talked about
  17. 17. + Top Characteristics of an Ideal Client  High Integrity – Conducts all areas of business at a high level  Allows you to do your job – Trusts that you are the expert  Seeks an Ongoing relationship – People want to find that on that person they can rely upon  Gives credit when it’s deserved – Some clients like to take for credit for others work…blah…  Strives for quality – Asking to take shortcuts is fine but it also compromises the work, which is in on your reputation
  18. 18. + Get Busy Doing or Get Busy Losing! Contact Art Lee at: @artstribe Questions?Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.