Integrated Marketing for Opt-In Efficiency


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Integrated Marketing for Opt-In Efficiency: Assessing What Your Consumers Really Care About.

A HK Freelancer and SME's Meetup group workshop by Art Lee.

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Integrated Marketing for Opt-In Efficiency

  1. 1. Assessing What Your Consumers Really Care About
  3. 3. How Well Do You Know Your Customers? How much can your data tell you about your customers? How do you develop & deliver your campaign messages?
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  7. 7. The ability to form a uniformed team with a unified understanding and agreement of approach.
  8. 8. BUSINESS/MARKETING ž  I got 10,000 Likes on Facebook for my company TECHIES ž  ž  ž  I sell a product that is serves no real purpose, and got paid for it! It’s My Code! I’m God Look at the awesome features I developed!
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  10. 10. Image:
  11. 11. •  Mass Targeted Traditional •  Unrelated FORCED On/Off OPT-IN •  Niched Targeted •  Custom Content
  12. 12. Integrated Analysis for Deeper Understanding of People
  13. 13. Statistical characteristics of a population. ž age ž income ž education ž employment ž location Image:
  14. 14. Study of personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. ž activity ž opinion ž attitudes ž behavior ž needs Image:
  15. 15. Integration of Demographics & Psychographics. Listen to the needs, values, and behavior of the influential. ž personal needs ž personal profile ž personal attitudes ž social graphs/friends ž personal passions Image:
  16. 16. Demographics Psychographics Webographics Relationship with the business Specific Goals / Needs Context of Usage Interaction of Usage Information of Usage Emotional Goals of usage Sensory / Immersive character of usage Accessibility issues
  17. 17. Analyze Feedback Website Data Analysis Report Social Media, Mobile Customers Print, Advertising, TV Competitors
  18. 18. Defining the Goals and Purpose of Your Campaign
  19. 19. Product or Service Experiences worth advocating, sharing
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  21. 21. TOOLS ž  Culture, Discovery, Real Time Data, Sousveillance LOCATING ž  ž  ž  People look for other people like themselves, which is called group affinity. Locate new MicroCommunities Listen to customers & influencers
  22. 22. DELIVERY Smart Phones, Tablets VISUAL Photos, Videos Quality Information Sociographic Targets
  23. 23. Users are getting smarter at filtering through the garbage
  24. 24. ž Building Traffic (if put in the right context) ž Build Awareness ž Creates Engagement ž Creates Loyalty ž Produces Evangelists Mistake is not relating to customer
  25. 25. ž Digital is fast paced and much of it is experimental ž Main Goal is engagement ž Depth of engagement = effectiveness
  26. 26. Content that is read/viewed, then shared beyond your target or subscription base.
  27. 27. 3 Million+ Likes 150K + Shares
  28. 28. Creating Digital Content to Connect with Young Consumers
  29. 29. Produced by Creative Underground
  30. 30. Activate and engage China’s new generation of consumers and citizens through social campaigns
  31. 31. Today’s Chinese Youth are hyperconnected, socially active and cause conscious. Brands aligned with social purposes are given more support and visibility
  32. 32. Goal Launch new Venture Fellows Program ž  Help entrepreneurs scale their companies across Asia Client Challenges Identifying entrepreneurs from Asia and U.S. Target Segment Entrepreneurs (<35yo) in Asia Strategy ž  Youth social entrepreneurship organizations across Asia ž  ž  Host networking event Invite local ambassadors within Asian countries Channels ž  Partner email and social network dissemination ž  Organization Website
  33. 33. Campaign:
  34. 34. Hong Kong Businesses That Get It
  35. 35. Experimenting for Success
  36. 36. Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  37. 37. Get Busy Doing or Get Busy Losing