Guerilla Online Marketing (Creative and Low Cost Strategies)


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Art Lee, Internet Marketing Strategist in Hong Kong.

Learn some very creative and low cost marketing strategies (referred to as Guerrilla tactics) to implement and drive customers to engage with your company. Strategies are just one aspect because you still need to convert. We will talk about some follow up strategies you can employ so that you can track and follow up on leads and make sure you maximize the opportunity.

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Guerilla Online Marketing (Creative and Low Cost Strategies)

  1. 1. * Your Host: Art Lee For: HK Marketing for Internet Domination
  2. 2. * Attendees will be Muted During Presentation* During discussions all will be unmuted* Please Provide Feedback on the Group + or -, so we can improve* Please refer this Group *
  3. 3. * Business Exchange Club - Business Networking* HK Social Media Current Social Media Trends* – Kenneth Kwok* – Napoleon Biggs *
  4. 4. * 16+ Yrs Technology Consultant* 12 Years in Silicon Valley U.S., 4 Years in Asia* Business Owner since 1987* Currently operates several website blogs and online community membership sites* Member of Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Business Exchange Club *
  5. 5. *
  6. 6. *What is Guerilla Marketing*Lead Generation Strategies *
  7. 7. *Relies on Time, Energy and Imagination*Unexpected & Unconventional*Objective: Create Unique, Engaging and Thought Provoking Campaigns to Generate Buzz and turn Viral*Unconventional marketing intended for maximum results from minimal resources *
  8. 8. Traditional GuerillaInvest money Invest imagination, knowledge & energy68% business loss to Don’t ignorecustomers being ignored customer/fervent follow-upAll about ME All about YOUHow much profit How many new relationshipsBroadcasting to largest group Nanocasting to focused indivSell ppl what they WANT Sell ppl what they NEEDSell features/benefits Sell solutions/problems *
  9. 9. * Repeat Customers* Search Engine Listings* Press Release* Google Places* Facebook Page* Customer Engagement* Mobile Marketing* Seasonal Promotion* Print Ads* Groupon (Group Buying) *
  10. 10. * Continue to offer something of value* Min. One touch point per week* Offer bundle with business partner* Offer bundle info with business partner* Discounts and promotions *
  11. 11. * Keyword targeting* Select keyword(s) with limited competition* Use same keywords on everything* Yahoo Answers* Linked in Answers* Articles *
  12. 12. *
  13. 13. * Build Credibility* Partner press releases* Use testimonials* Promote product, event, person* Use keywords* Always promote website and social media channels *
  14. 14. *
  15. 15. * Free listing for local businesses* Google Places great for location based services* Great for mobile strategy, mobile searches increasing everyday* Free promotion of website *
  16. 16. *
  17. 17. * Free* Promote events, blog postings, twitter postings* Apps and add ins* Top Social Media platform in Hong Kong* Mobile Usage of Facebook higher than PC *
  18. 18. *
  19. 19. * Get more customers to engage with you* Deals* Games* News *
  20. 20. *
  21. 21. * Top for lead generation* Ads* Text Messaging* Focus on apps heavily used on phone to use as marketing channels* Create an app and promote to other business for ad placement *
  22. 22. * Create a seasonal promotion *
  23. 23. * Linkedin – Business Partners, Others to promote your company* Facebook Groups – Lots of good results and people find it as an easier medium to stay in touch* When selling online, Asia consumers are critical. Overcome using social media channels to build credibility *
  24. 24. * *
  25. 25. * List Facebook Profiles* Offer Discounts* Present something of value* Prepare campaign before making an ad* Target your ads* Track results* Set budget* Shared Advertising Opportunities *
  26. 26. * Package a larger bundle with a business partner* May not make a lot of money but get a lot of leads to upsell, not cost upfront for the campaign, just discounted services and products* Great to get a build your list* If they are bargain hunters, then create products of bargain for continual selling *
  27. 27. *
  28. 28. Get Busy Doing or Get Busy Losing!*Contact Art Lee at: * *Twitter: @artstribe * *Email: *Web: *