Blogging for Business and Money


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Learn the reality of making money as a blogger. How to get started and expectations.

A HK Freelancer and SME's Meetup group workshop by Art Lee.

Pluggedin Hong Kong ( - An online news community for Hong Kong and Global businesses.

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Blogging for Business and Money

  1. 1. + Blogging for Business and Money Learn the reality of making money as a blogger. How to get started and expectations.
  2. 2. + Where to Start Business that blog experienced an increase of web traffic by 50+% and lead generation by 67+% Image Source:
  3. 3. + Quick Poll n  Are you a blogger? n  n  Business or Pleasure Do you read blogs? n  n  What reader do you use? Do you know a blogger? n  n  Are they making $? Who do you follow?
  4. 4. + Why Blog?
  5. 5. + To Influence "Influence is the power to convene and to tell a good story." - Jay Oatway What is an Influencer n  affect choices n  advertising message with psychology to get people to do things n  do they really like n  do they really agree n  internalize to something and be like someone or love something
  6. 6. + Creating a Niche Community n  Hong Kong is all about who you know n  Hong Kong & Global marketing is who you know who has STRONG INFLUENCE Leveraging One’s Network $ = Who listens &….ENGAGES
  7. 7. + Should you blog?
  8. 8. + Define your purpose n  Blog for fun, hobby, self expression Earn a living (job + blog) n  To promote business, Lead Generation n  n  Drive traffic n  For Good, a cause, spread message around the world
  9. 9. + Keys to getting return visitors n  Frequency is very important n  Solve a problem n  Optimize posts (images & keywords) n  Have a clear point of view (even if sponsored) n  Earn Trust n  Use Call to actions, CTA (no hard selling) n  Create a focus for the blog, which could be a niche n  Match CTA with blog post context n  Create unique, content
  10. 10. + Case Study Image description: Keyword: “beach”, “Hong Kong”
  11. 11. +
  12. 12. + Who are the leaders?
  13. 13. + Finding bloggers Search and select “Blogs”
  14. 14. +
  15. 15. + Meet other bloggers
  16. 16. + Why Join a Blog Networks 1.  Build relationships 2.  Build traffic 3.  Access to experts 4.  Access to advertisers, sponsors, product trials 5.  Generate revenue 6.  SEO – Linked from other blogs 7.  Guest Blogging Opportunities 8.  Learn how to blog
  17. 17. + Making money!!!!
  18. 18. + Design and Content
  19. 19. + Travel – n  TravelerFolio – Eunice Kohng, Travel Blogger n  Did it out of passion, learned the tools n  People like the design of the blog that’s why they come back n  Lots of travel partners using her to promote n  Singapore’s Top Travel Blog, Awards
  20. 20. + Foodie n  Blogs n  Photos n  Videos Digital Assets tied to a brand (Hilda Leung, Author and Media Chef)
  21. 21. + Fashion - •  Hot eye for fashion •  Interviewed by CNNGo
  22. 22. + Tech/Gadgets -
  23. 23. + (like Sassy HK)
  24. 24. + Unique
  25. 25. + Get Busy Doing ! or! Get Busy Losing! Contact Art Lee at: @artstribe Questions? Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.