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My mat show


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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My mat show

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  2. 2.  <br />M.A.T. Thesis Exhibition<br />“Collage of Conflicting Memories and Realities”<br /> <br />By<br />Nina Bellanti-Johnson<br /> <br /> The studio work I have done for my M.A.T. is a manifestation of my artistic statement. I feel that artwork should express something about one’s own life, thoughts, or creative vision. The creative process can be both a healing and an insightful experience, both of which are reflective of my journey in my creative endeavors. My hope is that people will look at my artwork and not just try to understand what I am saying about my life or beliefs, but to then go a step further and have them reflect upon their own experiences. My intention is that somehow they will either find a connection within their own experience on the subjects I address or that they may rethink some of the beliefs they have. I believe when humanity feels a connection, either positive or negative, with another they don’t feel alone; you share a commonality and somehow that makes life make sense. Though the themes and concepts behind my work have changed throughout my life, I seem to always come back to a major subject, that being my feelings about being a woman. In my need to figure out my place in the world, I create art that deals with my feelings about being a woman and could be interpreted as universal to many women. My intention is to create a visual experience that conveys the stereotypes and constrictions women place on themselves or that are placed on them by others along with the wonderful attributes they possess. I speak to women who are concerned with their most basic independent freedoms along with those women who carry a heavy load with the variety of roles they need to play today. <br /> As a K-12 Art Educator, I constantly have to learn about new mediums and techniques within a variety of areas. Much of my time is spent using my creative energy to help others realize their artistic potential. Consequently, my artwork is always changing direction with regard to the type of media I use. For my M.A.T., I researched ways in which photography could be manipulated using a variety of computer software and printing surfaces. I employed the technique of collage; combining published photos, personal photos, and magazine clippings of words and phrases utilizing mixed media. I also did extensive research on artists that use photography to convey feminist ideology such as Kirsten Justesen, Cindy Sherman, and Barbara Kruger. <br /> <br /> ”I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren’t”. …Barbara Krueger<br /> <br /> <br />