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Artez Interactive - Social Media Video for Your Nonprofit


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This webinar presentation will cover getting started in the world of social media video. Aaron Bramley, Director of Digital Media for Ridgewood will discuss why social media video is important. At the end of this 30 minute session, Aaron will show you how to create rich audio and video content, how to use social media video to increase awareness of your cause, suggest affordable video equipment for nonprofits and explain the process of planning, shooting, editing and distributing a film.

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Artez Interactive - Social Media Video for Your Nonprofit

  1. 1. Social Media Video for Your Nonprofit
  2. 2. Our Presenters Aaron Bramley Claire Kerr Client Delight & Special Director, Digital Media Projects Manager Ridgewood PR Artez Interactive
  3. 3. Webinar Tips  This webinar is being recorded and will be available on our website shortly  If you have any technical troubles, please use the “chat” feature  We will take all questions at the end. Please use the “raise hand” or “chat” feature to ask a question.
  4. 4. Social Media Video For Nonprofits Presented by Aaron Bramley @aaronmsb
  5. 5. Trying to understand online video today is like taking a Polaroid photo of a moving train—it’s a blur. Every day we uncover a new behavior or figure out a cost issue.” - Vivi Zigler, President, NBC Universal (Streaming Media, 4/09)
  6. 6. By the year 2005, Americans will spend more time on the Internet than watching network television and videocassette rentals will have been replaced by easily available video-on-demand services.” - Nicholas Negroponte (1995, The Future of News)
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  8. 8. • SEO
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  10. 10. Q&A Contact: @aaronmsb
  11. 11. More Webinars for You New Enhancements in the Artez system! June 10th @ 1 pm ET (North America) Register at Check out more webinars at
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