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We're excited to bring you one of our most unique webinars yet! Join us for a lively and engaging panel session with the communications professionals behind the Twitter channels for three national nonprofits: UNICEF (@UnicefLIVE), World Wildlife Federation (@WWFCanada) and SickKids Foundation (@SickKids).

We've planned a discussion that's jam-packed with real-world action items you can apply to your own organization. This is your opportunity to explore how these charities use Twitter and the web to engage donors, promote online activism, and rally support for their great causes.

Gather your colleagues, bring your tough questions, and don't be frightened to ask how charities investing in social media can make choices that make sense for their organizations. If you want to learn from the folks who "walk the walk" on Twitter, don't miss Meet the Peeps Who Tweet!

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Artez Interactive - Meet the Peeps Who Tweet

  1. 1. Meet the Peeps Who Tweet!
  2. 2. Today’s #Agenda • Introductions • Investing in social media • Tools n’ tech • Best Practices: Cause-related • Messaging on Twitter • Your Questions! • Follow Wednesday… • Feedback & Follow-up @artezonline
  3. 3. Sara Falconer – @WWFCanada @artezonline
  4. 4. Laura Bradley – @SickKids @artezonline
  5. 5. Andrea Ramhit – @UNICEFLive @artezonline
  6. 6. Investing in Social Media How did you wind-up running a Twitter feed!? Where did your org start in web 2.0? @artezonline
  7. 7. Tools n’ Techie Talk How are you managing Twitter & social media? @artezonline
  8. 8. Best Practices: Cause Related How does SickKids Foundation use Twitter to steward patients & families? @artezonline
  9. 9. Best Practices: Cause Related How does UNICEF use Twitter during crisis relief periods? @artezonline
  10. 10. Best Practices: Cause Related How does WWF use Twitter for advocacy & events? @artezonline
  11. 11. Key Messaging What is most important for your organization? Storytelling Fundraising Corporate recognition @artezonline
  12. 12. My favourite case study! My Organization + Twitter = Measurable Result @artezonline
  13. 13. Your Questions! What do you want to know about the peeps who tweet? @artezonline
  14. 14. Thank you for joining us! Upcoming from the world of online fundraising… Digital Leap : April 23rd, Toronto A Digital Conference for Non-Profit Marketers and Fundraisers Featuring: Scott Stratten @unmarketing Ted Hart @tedhart Philip King @philipkingIV Follow the conference details: @digitalleapCDA More Awesome Webinars: April 15: NFPs & New Blood: Online Acquisition Tactics April 21: Trends in "a-thon" Fundraising Part 2: United States … @artezonline
  15. 15. Follow Wednesday! Our panel picked some other great peeps who tweet @ZoeCaron : Front lines of climate advocacy @nwf : The National Wildlife Federation USA @rmassingham: Daily green living tips @unmarketing: Marketing & social media guru @nonprofitorgs: News from NFPs around the world @TheHSF: Heart & Stroke Foundation @CharityVillage: NFP sector portal site @endstigma: The Centre for Mental Health & Addiction @TheEconomist: Now in 140 characters! @imaginecanada: The latest NFP news from Canada @artezonline