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Artez Interactive - Give Your Golf Fundraiser a Makeover


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Golf Tournaments have long been a popular, effective and fun way for charities to raise funds at key times throughout the year. But as with most events, the more it becomes a reliable staple fixture in a charity's event calendar, the greater the risk it may become overly predictable, tired and in need of a makeover.

Hosted by Mike Prentice, Director of Client Development & Fundraising, this webinar will help you kick your golf fundraiser up a notch. Mike will facilitate an energetic conversation with two guests; Linda Yielding from Reach for the Rainbow, and Kelly Hagerman from Kids Help Phone. Both Linda and Kelly have managed charity golf events for their respective organizations that have proven to be innovative as well as wildly successful.

Through our guests' expert experience and advice, this webinar will share some simple strategies and best practices for ensuring that your event achieves maximum potential, and never becomes "just another golf tournament." On second thought, forget "a notch"...let's kick it up a few notches!

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Artez Interactive - Give Your Golf Fundraiser a Makeover

  1. 1. Give Your Golf Fundraiser a Makeover
  2. 2. Webinar Tips  This webinar is being recorded and will be available on our website shortly  If you have any technical troubles, please use the “chat” feature  We will take all questions at the end. Please use the “raise hand” or “chat” feature to ask a question.
  3. 3. Our Presenters HOST PRESENTERS Mike Prentice Kelly Hagerman Director, Client Development & Fundraising Program Manager – Events (GTA) Artez Interactive Kids Help Phone Linda Yielding Senior Manager, Special Events Reach for the Rainbow
  4. 4. The Charity Golf Fundraiser  Very popular fundraising event (for orgs and participants)  Very well suited to peer-to-peer and team fundraising  BUT: Can easily become formulaic & predictable  Like everything, you need to stand out from the crowd  Often caters to the “higher end” of your donor profile, and requires strong corporate involvement so clean execution is a MUST
  5. 5. Objectives  Draw out helpful tips and best practices for increasing event participation and awareness  Learn to keep things clean, simple and effective  Learn how to use online tools to your advantage  Focus on raising more $$$ while lowering admin costs
  6. 6. Kids Help Phone Kelly Hagerman Program Manager – Events (GTA) Kids Help Phone
  7. 7. BMO Golf Tournament History  Began in 2003  Tournament created by 2 BMO Executives  Participants golf for 10 hours straight; all golfers collect pledges before the tournament. Some on a per-hole basis, which resulted in fiercely competitive and speedy golfing!  Minimum pledge amount to participate: $3,500  How funds were raised: Predominantly pledged based fundraising, some sponsorship as well
  8. 8. Evolving the Event  NEW in 2007 (re-vamped Golf-a-thon)  Theme – ‘Ryder Cup’ style golf tournament - Blue vs. White; event occurs every 2 years  Invitation only solicitation to Senior Executives at BMO and their business lines  Participants must raise $3,500 minimum through pledges in order to participate  How funds are raised: Pledged based fundraising, sponsorship as well
  9. 9. Online Components  Event website:  BMO, Kids Help Phone, event branding and messaging  Pledge a golfer button; Donation button  Event details  Online Pledging:  Much easier for golfers to manage and communicate; saves a lot of admin time  Pledge page template created for the golfers by Kids Help Phone, golfers customize: messaging, images, video etc.  Online Donation:  Teams are competitive so general donation option is good so Executives don’t need to upset either team!
  10. 10. Key Learnings  Know your audience – in this case, simple is best:  Online fundraising tools help keep it simple, easy AND personal  Goal is to raise the most amount of money in the most cost effective way  Each organization plays to their strengths:  BMO: reaches out to their contacts to raise funds for a great service  KHP: Manages the online and fundraising tools  Event success due largely to BMO’s commitment to Kids Help Phone:  Securing the right Committee Chair is key to ensuring the tournament’s success
  11. 11. Online Benefits  2009: 80% of golfers raise money online  2009: Over 55% of golfers raised more than 50% of their money online
  12. 12. Online Benefits  Consistent messaging and marketing:  Customized pledge page with event branding, pictures, Kids Help Phone videos/PSA’s  Easy for golfers to use and solicit pledges  Sponsor logo recognition online and day of  BMO Golf-athon:  Average amount of total funds raised: $200,000/year  BMO Presidents’ Cup:  Average funds raised $355,000/year
  13. 13. Pledge Page Sample
  14. 14. Thanks Kelly! (remember, save questions for the end of the webinar)
  15. 15. Reach For The Rainbow Linda Yielding Senior Manager, Special Events Reach for the Rainbow
  16. 16. The Event
  17. 17. Registration  Clear and concise  Incentives and prizes  Essential event info  Strong sponsorship recognition  Time Management  Reconciliation/Tracking  Tax Receipting
  18. 18. Sponsorship  Consistent branding  Connected via event homepage  Extra Revenue Stream  Recognition
  19. 19. Results  Exceeded budget  Time Management = Administration  Time Management = Accounting  Awareness and Branding for RFTR via personal page (Social Media)  Logistics = sorting of information ie: golfer shirt sizing, accommodations, manifest, foursome lists etc.  Donor Acknowledgement and Recognition
  20. 20. What We Learned  Con - Graphics was a struggle, webmaster essential  Pro - Time Management / Streamlined Process  Pro- Logistics  Pro - 2010 – Back of house training, freedom to do changes ourselves  Pro- 2010 - Strong support from Artez
  21. 21. Thanks Linda! (we will start taking questions in about 2 minutes)
  23. 23. Key Takeaways  Keep it simple  Know your audience  Messaging and marketing are key  Friendly competition drives fundraising success so find ways to keep teams engaged
  24. 24. Key Takeaways  Utilizing online tools makes it easier for registrants to raise more pledges AND  Can help ease your administrative burden  Keep things FUN! (pre-, during and post-event)
  25. 25. QUESTIONS Kelly Hagerman Linda Yielding
  26. 26. Upcoming Webinars  The Brits Are Coming! Fundraising in the UK  April 1st @ 10:00 AM EDT (North America)  The Peeps Who Tweet  April 7th @ 2:00 PM EDT (North America)
  27. 27. Calendar Notes  March 30th: Artez InterAction USA (Washington DC)  Hear from top fundraising strategists and digital experts including: Dan Palotta, Ted Hart & Dharmesh Shah  More info at  April 8-10: NTEN Conference (Atlanta, GA)  April 11-14: AFP Conference (Baltimore, MD)  Please come by and say “Hi” to us at the Artez booth!
  28. 28. THANK YOU ! ! ! !  Check Out “Digital Fundraising Podcast” on iTunes  Follow Artez on Twitter: @artezonline  Become our friend on Facebook: /artezinteractive!