Boost your success with Clickmap!


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Boost your success with Clickmap!

  1. 1. Clickmap www.clickmap.chHave you ever thought about more success with your website?
  2. 2. What are the goals of your website?A website always persues a defined goal. direct sales generate new leads branding & product placement… or other critical success factors! Let me show you how you can boost your own success now! Turn the page ...
  3. 3. Increase your success by looking over your visitors shoulders!“I need to know where my “How far down do myvisitors click on my website visitors scroll and whatin order to understand what elements on my website getworks well and what recognized?performs badly. This is an important aspectThats how I can optimize my when it comes to the designwebsite! of the content. “To interpret bare data and statistics is very time consuming and expensive. What we need is instant intelligence that everbody gets across with!
  4. 4. Do you want to know how your visitors really interact with your website? Clickmap Heatmap FoldmapThe Clickmap shows The Heatmap shows you The Foldmap showsyou all of your visitors what areas are frequently you how deep yourmouse clicks! used. And which are not! visitors scroll!
  5. 5. Are you already using Google Analytics or another Web Analytics Tool?Perfect!You can analyze the visitor frequency with popular Web Analytics Tools. They help you tounderstand how many visitors surf your website.But what Google Analytics, Omniture and all others do not tell you, is the real behaviour of yourvisitors. Who clicks where, what page content is being seen and where do I have problems orhidden opportunities within my website?These are all topics that drive your success and that can be controlled by yourself! Did you know that... ? Clickmap tells you what you have to watch out for before or during a website redesign. Like that you will save money and time when realizing your new web concept!
  6. 6. Success Story “Jakobsweg” - Success thanks to Clickmap“Our Business Model is basedon the commercialization ofour visitor reach. Each andevery single visit and pageimpression play an importantrole. Dr. Melchior Buchs Society JakobswegThats why it is essential to offer the best of allweb experiences to our visitors.Our website has to be easyand very intuitive! Clickmap supports us towork on suggestions that help us to increase The Heatmap shows the click behaviour onour coverage. one of the maps on The colored hotspots show the frequently clicked areas – unfortunately they where not linked anywhere in the past. Thanks to Clickmap this problem could be recognized and is now solved!
  7. 7. Success Story “Ayom” - Perception of the visitor“The layout and the contentof our marketing portal isessential. We have plenty ofinformation that has to bepresented in an optimized Alain Aubertway on our website. CTOWe are especially keen on the scrollingbehaviour of our visitors. Thanks to thoselearnings we instruct our copy editors andshow them what is important when it comesto set up images and text. With Clickmapeverbody gets an easy understanding on whatreally counts! The Foldmap shows you the percentage of your visitors scrolling in which webpage area (scroll depth).
  8. 8. … but Clickmap can do even more!Clickmaps, Heatmaps and Foldmaps.Thats the expertise of Clickmap – but yet just the beginning.All Usability Reports are available in real time. Dont wait for your data anymore, itsalready there. By the way: when it comes to social media marketing on your Facebook andTwitter account youll surely want an instant analysis of how your visitors behave.Go optimize – and Clickmap supports you. Thats why Clickmap works withevery web layout. No matter if you have to deal with fixed,fluid or liquid setups. Clickmap just makes it work!Easy setup within seconds. Just copy the Clickmap trackerinto your website and the analysis starts right away. The Clickmap credo: Keep it sweet and simple!
  9. 9. Clickmap in ComparisonClickmap offers everything you need to understand your visitors in a new way: Clickmap Clicktale CrazyEgg Clickmap Heatmap Foldmap Real-Time Click Analytics Dynamic Websites Multiple Combo-Filter Unlimited Webpages Unlimited Reports Snapshot-to-Email Social Links This comparison serves you as an entrepreneur to understand the possibilities of different Usability Analytics Tools at a glance.
  10. 10. 30-Day Moneyback-Guarantee on all plans!Increase your conversions and boost your success. Start with a Clickmap Premium Plan now!Risk free and without any minimum duration at ! Small-Business Business Enterprise10000 Clicks / Month 100000 Clicks / Month 1000000 Clicks / Month(approx. 7000 Page Impressions) (approx. 70000 Page Impressions) (approx. 700000 Page Impressions) 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days History History History 1 Website 3 Websites 5 Websites (e.g. (e.g., (e.g.,, etc.), etc.) unlimited Webpages unlimited Webpages unlimited Webpages 19 $ / Month 49 $ / Month 249 $ / Month approx. approx. approx.
  11. 11. … still not sure if Clickmap boosts your success? Thats what our customers are saying:“Clickmap helps me to read “We train our contentour visitors thoughts. With editors directly with realtimethe Business Premium Plan findings from Clickmap. Athis gets cheaper than 10 picture can tell more thanminutes of fortune telling per 1000 words and gives an Yves Krebsmonth. SISA AG easy and understandable Remo Uherek feedback of what is Trigami AG important when it comes to“The Heatmaps of Clickmap usability and SEO.tell us at a glance about thehighly frequented areas on “The Usability Reports ofour marketing portal. This Clickmap help us to gethelps us to understand how ready for our websitethe visitors really use our Alain Aubert redesign. Understandingwebsite - and not only what how our target audienceis found well over Google! Marcel Wagner interacts with the web is Wagner Optik GmbH essential in order to successfully generate more leads!
  12. 12. Follow the success of our clients and use Clickmap today.Start now with our riskfree 30-Day Moneyback-Guarantee on ! … and many more!