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Welesgard. Oil n gas coating application


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This is the presentation about Welesgard coating appilcations in the field of protection of different Oil and Gas structures like ofhsore platfroms, tanks, pipes, etc.

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Welesgard. Oil n gas coating application

  1. 1. Oil and Gas application Welesgard Anti-corrosion and protection coating systems
  2. 2. TM Steel and concrete structures: •Operated in tough and hazardous conditions •Exposed to environments with high corrosion aggressiveness •Subject to abrasion, solar radiation, extreme temperatures and alternating mechanical and chemical stress Welesgard provides reliable protective coatings solutions against corrosion: •Offshore fixed and floating platforms •Storage tanks for oil and gas •Pipelines underground, underwater and ground-laying •Various infrastructure facilities with extreme temperature conditions Oil & Gas
  3. 3. Storage tanks for oil and gas Welesgard developed super reliable anticorrosion coating protection for internal and external sides of tanks, gas holders, etc. •Exterior: WG Ferogalvanic WG Weleflex WG Sulacover •Interior: WG Weleforce
  4. 4. Advantages of Welesgard coatings for tanks: •Exterior: One component polyurethane protective system Can be applied at high relative humidity of air (up to 99%) No restriction on a dew point. Low content of volatile organic compounds. Resistant to impact and abrasion. Remain flexible with time. •Interior: High chemical resistance to oil products and produced water High abrasive resistance
  5. 5. References : Location Brody Oil Terminal Project Oil tanks 75 000 m3 Location Alchevsk steel works Project Gas holders 100 000m3
  6. 6. References : Location Feodosia oil terminal Project Tank farm of 37 tanks for oil products
  7. 7. Oil and Gas pipelines. Welesgard has a series of coating systems designed for exterior and interior protection of pipelines, fittings, armature immersed in fresh or sea water, and also buried underground.
  8. 8. Advantages of Welesgard coatings for pipelines: •Can be applied with a thickness up to 6 mm in one technological cycle without coating defects. •When applying by spraying the material is cured in few minutes •High adhesion to steel (>18 MPa) •Have a high impact strength (>20 J) •Abrasion resistance (100-130 mg loss of weight in 1000 cycles - 1 kg of load - wheel H-17). •Performs very high UV, water, chemical, corrosion resistance •More technological in comparison to other material •Meets requirements of ISO 10290 and other standards
  9. 9. References: Location Caspian Sea Offshore Project Pipeline offshore pipeline Location Odessa Nearshore Project Gas pipeline system
  10. 10. References: Location Black Sea Project Feodosia Oil Terminal pipeline system
  11. 11. Oil and Gas Offshore Anti corrosion protection of different offshore fixed and floating structures. •Submerged zone •Splash zone •Atmosphere zone •Platform decks •Helicopter decks •Separators and pipes •Oil rigs torch lighter
  12. 12. Advantages of Welesgard coatings for offshore: •One component polyurethane system •Can be applied at high relative humidity of air (up to 99%) •No restriction on a dew point. •Resistant to impact and abrasion. •Remain flexible with time. •Tolerant to surface preparation •Compatible with cathodic protection •Guaranteed life time in the open sea condition up to 30 years •Meets the highest international requirements requirements of Norsok M501 and ISO 20340
  13. 13. References: Location Caspian Sea Operator LukOil
  14. 14. • References: Location Caspian Sea Operator Petronas Carigali Location North Sea Operator IHC Hydrohammer B.V.
  15. 15. References: Location Caspian Sea, several projects Operator Dragon Oil
  16. 16. High temperature applications TERMA series for anti corrosion protection for very high temperatures operation environment. One component moisture cured silicon based coating systems. WG-Termаprime up to +400°С. WG-Termafinish up to +700°С. •Oil refineries •Gas compression stations •Oil rigs torch lighters •Furnaces
  17. 17. • References: Location Reconstruction of Blast furnace #9 Operator ArcelorMital Location Gas compression station Operator Tarutino GasTransit
  18. 18. «Rheinheim SA» is Welesgard® trademark owner and international distributor. Rue de la Servette 93 1202 Geneva SWITZERLAND Tel: +41 22 501 7732