WordPress on S3: no more backups


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How much trouble will it be if your webserver failed? No trouble at all, if your site keeps its content on reliable Amazon S3.
Now that you can run dynamic websites off Amazon S3 storage, we’ll demonstrate why you no longer need to worry about backing up and restoring your website data. Losing the webserver is no longer a disaster. Your data is always safe with the cloud storage. The webserver can simply be replaced in minutes.
Cloud Storage Engine (ClouSE) and Amazon S3 provide seamless and secure data protection, scalability and availability for websites, static or dynamic. A website on cloud storage becomes highly available.
Yapixx is ready-to-run WordPress on S3. It is an example of how website pages as well as its media can be stored and served directly from Amazon S3. This enables a unified data management story for all your website. No database backup and recovery is needed.
Launch your own WordPress site to the cloud today! It’s easy and FREE, no writing code is required. Start at http://www.oblaksoft.com/downloads.

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  • Yapixx stands for Yet Another Picture Sharing Site.Yapixx is just an example of how WordPress can benefit from the power of cloud.WordPress is a mature and versatile platform that powers millions of websites with diverse purposes from blogging to social networking. Now it can run with Amazon S3 without writing a line of code.
  • If you don’t have a configured Yapixx instance check out the WordPress on S3 Configuration, Step-by-Step: http://www.slideshare.net/artemlivshits/wordpress-on-s3-stepbystep.
  • Upload some pictures of your own, to make sure that Yapixx has unique data.In this example it’s beautiful spring flowers.
  • To work with Yapixx you need to sign in AWS management console.
  • Select EC2 tab, then select “Instances”.Right-click on the running instance.Terminate the instance.
  • All the data that was stored in the instance is completely gone.However (unlike traditional databases) the machine didn’t store any important data.All important data is stored safely in Amazon S3.
  • Follow the links to get to the Yapixx: WordPress on S3 instructions.Click Launch Instance button.Instance is a virtual machine within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
  • You created the security group when you configured Yapixx for the first time.
  • Go to the list of instances and select the instance.In the bottom pane you can see the instance properties.The most important one is the instance internet name.Note that the name is assigned by Amazon and is going to be different for each instance.
  • When you connect to Yapixx for the first time, you need to specify where data needs to be stored.Access and Secret keys are information that you must not share with anyone, so it’s recommended to use SSL.To use SSL, click the ‘Use secure connection’ link.The website uses self-signed certificate which causes browser warning.
  • Yapixx uses self-signed certificate which causes browsers to issue a warning.Here are the warnings issued by Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.Choose to proceed, because this is expected.
  • You need to enter the same bucket URL as in the original configuration.The bucket URL tells Yapixx where its data is stored.
  • The data is fully recovered.The beautiful spring flowers are still blooming.
  • Go to the WordPress dashboardSelect Add new plugin and follow the instructionsSelect Install Themes and follow the instructionsGet more at http://wordpress.org/
  • After you’ve transformed Yapixx into your own WordPress site, you can create an AMI for itRight-click on the instance in the AWS console and pick “Create Image”.Now your AMI has your website installation, while your data is stored in Amazon S3.
  • WordPress on S3: no more backups

    1. 1. Artem LivshitsCEO OblakSoft
    2. 2.  Yapixx is WordPress … that stores all its data in Amazon S3 … … ( thanks to OblakSoft ClouSE ) Configured as a picture sharing site … but really can do anything you need
    3. 3.  Prerequisites ◦ Configured Yapixx Web server ◦ Familiar with Yapixx Launch & Configuration Steps Delete Yapixx Web Server Configure new Yapixx Web Server
    4. 4.  You’ve uploaded some precious pictures …
    5. 5.  http://aws.amazon.com/console
    6. 6.  DON’T PANIC! Your data is SAFE with Amazon S3 !
    7. 7.  Go to http://www.oblaksoft.com/downloads Follow the Yapixx instructions
    8. 8.  Name is just a convenience
    9. 9.  Choose http+https+ssh security group
    10. 10.  Copy and paste instance internet name into the address bar
    11. 11.  IMPORTANT: bucket URL must be the same!
    12. 12.  The old instance was terminated, right?
    13. 13.  The precious pictures are SAFE
    14. 14.  Create your own WorPress site … that stores all its data in Amazon S3 … … ( thanks to OblakSoft ClouSE ) Transform Yapixx into anything you need!
    15. 15.  Password: !!123abc Change the password at the earliest convenience
    16. 16.  You’ve got your own WordPress site! Amazon Machine Image is 2 clicks away No coding is required to run on S3!
    17. 17. OblakSoft YOUR WAY TO THE CLOUD Get FREE WordPress on S3 / Yapixx @ www.oblaksoft.com/downloads artem@oblaksoft.com www.oblaksoft.com