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A Collaborative Guide to Library Makerspaces


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From a talk given at the Libraries Taskforce Makerspaces event at the Canada Water Culture Space on the 31st May 2017.

Published in: Technology
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A Collaborative Guide to Library Makerspaces

  1. 1. A Collaborative Guide to Library Makerspaces Lessons from Artefacto & the Makercart Project
  2. 2. First, a bit about us We're a creative technology company specialising in learning & making for the libraries, museums, archives and galleries sectors. Building things Websites Collection platforms Community tools Making things Makercart LibraryWall installations Teaching things Staff training Workshops Online courses Advice & support
  3. 3. Events & Activities Involving Making in Libraries CILIP Conference 2016 SCL Code Green Cracking the Code -London and Manchester 2016 ASCEL Conference 2016 Fun Palaces 2015 (Minet Library) & 2016 (Hillingdon Library) Making Library Makers Training 2015 & 2016 City University Staff Training Day 2016 Surrey Library Service Staff Conference 2016 DiDIY-Westminster University Library Workshops 2016 Redbridge Library - Creative Coding- Tech Week 2016 Deptford Library Staff Training Day 2017
  4. 4. Makerspaces in the library? ★ Digital citizenship ★ Knowledge Sharing ★ Creative Learning ★ Social/community engagement Embedding digital literacy rather than digital skills training
  5. 5. Surrey Libraries From Code Clubs - Digital Friday to Guildford Makerspace Makercart Minecraft Mondays IamtheCODE clubs Women's Digital Club (and a long term vision) iteration, community involvement and sustainability
  6. 6. Redbridge Libraries Working with local businesses, artists and makers ★ Hub Central & Lab Central Kent Libraries Working with children from less advantaged backgrounds ★ Digital Playgrounds Oxford Libraries ★ New Library in Oxford
  7. 7. What type of Makerspace are you creating? (Who are you trying to reach?)
  8. 8. Start small and iterate * Everything is a draft
  9. 9. Iterative approach ● To build & measure different activities ● To seek community input and make user-driven decisions ● To help staff skill-up and join in Aim: Continually improve!
  10. 10. Be flexible - have a plan but be prepare to work with what you have Finding and connecting with future partners
  11. 11. Raspberry Jams Coventry Library Minecraft Leamington Spa Library See the latest issue of MagPI
  12. 12. Repair cafes Hackney Libraries working with The Restart Project (Hackney Fixers Restart Party)
  13. 13. Build sustainability into your makerspace plans
  14. 14. User-driven Are you building what your users want? The technology plays a supportive role
  15. 15. Staff training Train staff to be confident in working with new technologies and to facilitate maker sessions (troubleshooting & debugging) Not everyone has to be a digital maker expert! He loved soccer, but feared he had no way to talk to a coach or teammates.
  16. 16. Community partnerships Working with Schools Local business support Employable skills Artists & authors ● Creative learning spaces for people of all ages and backgrounds
  17. 17. Support Networks Sharing knowledge amongst ourselves (and not reinventing the wheel)
  18. 18. In summary While there’s not a single recipe, here are some of the things that have worked well for different libraries ➔ Start small and grow ➔ Partnerships Forming strong partnerships with local organisations, including Schools (and folks like us) ➔ Building local skills Training staff up! ➔ Iterate, learn, iterate again
  19. 19. Carlos @Carlitosi71 Thank you Kate @katelomax ★ ★ ★