IRBA interactive marketing workshop


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A comprehensive overview of marketing in the interactive realm of the world wide web. The workshop covers evaluating and organizing your content. Shaping your marketing message. Deploying your content on your own web site as the hub of your company's publishing hub. Optimizing and strategizing for effective search results. Establishing a presence and effectiveness in social media. Web video principles, Email marketing strategy and mobile web sites. Whew!

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IRBA interactive marketing workshop

  1. 1. Joe Smith designer, developerDownload this presentation from
  2. 2. IntroductionsElevator Speech
  3. 3. ContentFor Interactive Evaluate It Shape It Organize It Searchable ItSocial Media It Email It Mobile It Video It
  4. 4. Content is King Why? Sticky Search Search Re-usableFollowable Search Search Relatable Search
  5. 5. Companies have become their own media outlet
  6. 6. Your Current Content Take a web inventory Text contentTitle ImagesButt on Title Forms Met a Title n G raphics scriptio Meta De
  7. 7. Weed OutRedundantOut-of-date Trivial UnclearInaccurate
  8. 8. Other Sources of Content News releases Media Mentions Your Locations Key Players Printed Materials Products & Services
  9. 9. Questions aboutcontent evaluation?
  10. 10. Effective Content Creation Identify what prospects want Not what you think they needPeople are thinking about solving problems Not about trees.
  11. 11. Ideal Customer First Name Gender Age Neighborhood Family Situation Job & Salary Own a petConservative, Moderate or Liberal Car
  12. 12. Ideal Customer’s Lifestyle What are their fears? What do they get from you? What are their biggest dreams? What are their nightmares? What proof do you have? Write a letter Write an article.
  13. 13. Questions aboutcontent creation?
  14. 14. Menu Driven Organization HomeAbout Us Locations News Products “New Red Up Town Widget Regular Arrives” “United Way West Hills Donations Deluxe Delivered” “Summer Hours South Gate Start Saturday” Pro
  15. 15. Content Management Systems Uses Organize your content Update content at any time Search engine bait Custom content like images and video
  16. 16. Content Management Systems
  17. 17. Custom CMS Flexible designComplete integration Simpler usability
  18. 18. Home Menu as Message Above the ‘fold’ Story after the ‘fold’Home is not for everything Start with simplest
  19. 19. Questions about ContentManagement & Organization?
  20. 20. Search
  21. 21. Good SearchStarts with good content
  22. 22. Searchable Text Page Titles Meta Descriptions alt you images<h1>Headline</h1> Avoid text in images Avoid framesets
  23. 23. SearchUse HTML5 for media
  24. 24. Search Link Seeding Relevant Links Reciprocal Links Social Media
  25. 25. Pay Per Click
  26. 26. Questions about Search?
  27. 27. Social MediaGather Followers Expert Tips News Specials
  28. 28. Social MediaConversation with Customers Conversation Starters Encourage Responses Respond
  29. 29. Social Media Outletsfacebook Twitter Google+ YouTube LinkedIn Yelp! foursquare
  30. 30. Social Media Facebook Make a company pageCreate local business pages Enter your location Create a “Like Me” page Give reasons why to like Update status weekly Use URLs in posts
  31. 31. Social Media Twitter Get an account Brand your pageFollow related people and businesses Tweet 4 times a week Use shortened URLs in posts
  32. 32. Social Media Google+ Don’t use your personal gmailCreate a business gmail account Make a business page Register locations Add people to your circles Post weekly updates
  33. 33. Social Mediafacebook Google+ Yelp! foursquare Add your location to all of these Enter descriptions Upload photos
  34. 34. Questions about Social Media?
  35. 35. Video Attention grabber Immersive. Don’t do crappy video Use a tripod, please Less than 3 minutesHost videos on YouTube or Vimeo
  36. 36. Email Marketing Michelle Kimball
  37. 37. Email Marketing Is…delivering professional email communications to an interested audience containing information they find valuable.
  38. 38. Email Service Providers automate best practices Provide easy-to-use templates Reinforce brand identity Email addressed to recipient only Manage lists – adding new subscribers, handling bounce-backs, removing unsubscribesImproves email delivery, tracks results and obeys the law
  39. 39. Build Your List Where You Connect!Service or Sales CallsEvents and MeetingsEmail Signature Customer & Prospect DatabaseIn-store Guest BookWebsite Signup
  40. 40. I want to… Promote Motivate purchasesIncrease event attendance InformInform potential customers Differentiate my business Relate Increase loyalty Encourage more referrals
  41. 41. Provide Value to Your AudiencePromotional Email Discounts, coupons, offers, incentives. Relational Email Special privileges, acknowledgement Informative Email Advice, research, facts, opinions, tips savings quality knowledge
  42. 42. Determine Appropriate Format Newsletters Frequency: Regular i.e. monthly / weeklyLots of educational content (typically non-promotional) Use bullets, summarize information, be concise Promotions / Invitations / SurveysFrequency: Depends on your business and sales cycle Focus on promotion / limited content Use content to invite click-through or other action= Announcements Frequency: Event-driven Press releases, holiday greetings, thank you cards… Use content to build deeper relationships
  43. 43. Frequency & Delivery Time How often to send Create a master scheduleInclude frequency in online sign-up “Monthly Newsletter”Keep content concise and relevant to planned frequency
  44. 44. Frequency & Delivery Time When to sendWhen is your audience most likely to read it? Day of week (Tuesday & Wednesday) Time of day (10am to 3pm) Test for timing Divide your list into equal partsSend at different times and compare results
  45. 45. Getting Email Opened The “From” line Use a name your audience recognizesInclude your organization name or brandRefer to your business in the same way your audience does
  46. 46. Mobile Detect mobile device Go to a separate site Some of the same contentFormat to look good on tiny screens Use location service
  47. 47. Questions?