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Chocolate Making Workshop for Children


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At Art Chocolat, we are passionate about chocolate and we want to share our obsession and our knowledge of everything to do with chocolates. With this in mind, we have created specific educational workshops for children. Our aim in these workshops is to engage these young minds in skill developing and productive activities that are both educational and fun. Lets take these students on a wonderful journey of discovering chocolate!

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Chocolate Making Workshop for Children

  1. 1. An Introduction to Chocolate for Children
  2. 2. Chocolate What is your favorite kind? How do they make it?
  3. 3. Chocolate starts with the COCOA BEAN
  4. 4. Cocoa beans grow in pods on trees
  5. 5. They grow where it is very hot and rainy but they also need shade. They produce fruit for 100 years.
  6. 6. A man or woman picks cocoa pods. One pod has about 30 beans. HARVESTING
  7. 7. The Process on the Farm Drying The cocoa bean is laid out in the sun to dry. Harvesting Picking cocoa pods from trees and extracting the beans. Farmer Sells and Ships to Factory Fermenting The pulp that clings to the beans matures and turns to liquid.
  8. 8. The product is shipped to the chocolate factory Roasting Winnowing Blending Grinding Factory sells raw or finished chocolate in the market
  9. 9. Chocolatiers use raw chocolate to make their own yummy chocolate treats! Discover Chocolate Our chocolate making sessions for children are utterly delicious and brimming with fun!