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So you want a chicken? By Katy Donovan


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The Cream of the Crop Competition invites students in NSW secondary and tertiary education institutions to create a PowerPoint or a video which can be published on the web and win $500.
The competition invites NSW secondary and tertiary students to promote the importance of agriculture to their peers, to encourage a better understanding of agriculture as well as promote agricultural careers and rural life.

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So you want a chicken? By Katy Donovan

  1. 1. By Katy Donovan
  2. 2.  There are many management practices that should be followed if you want to own a chicken. One is ‘Blinkers’. This is that the use of blinkers or other vision impairing equipment should not be used with out veterinary advise. They are not to be used in caged birds, they interfere with the access to water and food. Dubbing or Desnooding is another practice. This should only be done by a competent operator soon after hatching. It is not to be performed on broiler birds. Toe removal prevents injury to hens during mating. It is on male breeding birds and may be removed within 3 days of hatching. It is the terminal segment of each in-ward pointing toe.
  3. 3. What to feed Chickens
  4. 4. What to feed Chickens cont…
  5. 5. Egg Production
  6. 6.  One of the diseases chickens can get is egg peritonitis. This is when the peritoneum becomes inflamed due to an infection from bacteria. Things like sudden death, loss of appetite, weakness, depression and yolk coloured droppings are some of the symptoms of egg peritonitis. Some chickens have been treated with medication like antibiotics to treat this disease. Some other ways are having fluid drawn off but it is often better to have the chicken put to sleep. There are no ways to prevent this, only treat it.
  7. 7. External Parasites- Poultry Lice Poultry lice are found on the chicken’s skin and feathers. They feed on blood, dry skin scales and feather parts. If your chicken has poultry lice, the easiest treatment is dusting your chickens with a proprietary lice powder. This will kill off any living lice but will need to be repeated 7 days later to catch any eggs that the first lot of lice left behind. All your chickens may need to be treated if one of them has it.
  8. 8. Want more chickens?Why keep a Rooster?For starters, roosters aremale chickens and if youwant your hens to give birthto beautiful tiny little babychickens and keep yourchicken farm growing, youwill need a few roosters inyour chicken farm.