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My Teeny Tiny Farm by Amber O'Neill


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The Cream of the Crop Competition invites students in NSW secondary and tertiary education institutions to create a PowerPoint or a video which can be published on the web and win $500.
The competition ask the students to promote the importance of agriculture to their peers, to encourage a better understanding of agriculture as well as promote agricultural careers and rural life.

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My Teeny Tiny Farm by Amber O'Neill

  1. 1. My Teeny Tiny Farm Just like me everyone can be a farmer in their own small way.
  2. 2. Welcome to my Farm! I am Amber and I am going to takeyou on my journey to grow food for my family whilst learning about sustainable agriculture.
  3. 3. What is my Aim? My aim is to show that city folk like myself are trulycapable of using the resources in their backyard to grow food sustainably. Whilst our backyards will never feed the world, growing your own food (even just a small amount) gives you a new appreciation and respect for farmers all over Australia who are not only feeding Australian families but many other families around the world sustainably.
  4. 4. So what is Sustainable Agriculture?Sustainable Agriculture is theuse of farming practices andsystems which maintain and enhance the economic viability of agricultural production; the natural resource base; and other ecosystems which are influenced by agricultural activities.
  5. 5. My Teeny Tiny Farm Nectarine Cherry Tomatoes Grapes Spinach Bonsai Lettuce Worm farm Seedlings Silverbeet HerbsStrawberries Lemon tree
  6. 6. What is a Teeny Tiny A teeny tiny farm is simply hectares of paddocks, crops and livestock condensed into one small, family-sized, easily managed farm that produces fruit and vegetables for the needs of a household. Instead of growing three hectares of lettuces, a Teeny Tiny Farm may only produce three plants.
  7. 7. Process to create a Teeny Tiny Farm Acres of land usedfor high agricultural production Metres of soil used for personal agricultural production
  8. 8. Why have a Teeny Tiny Farm?A teeny tiny farm is an experimental activity outdoors, it is lots of fun and it is practical. My teeny tiny vegetable patch produces vegetables of all kinds, ourchickens produce eggs and the rest of our backyard is scattered with fruit trees. With all that done, my farm supports myfamily and our friends in the community, making me proud!
  9. 9. Being involved in Agricultureleads to so many more opportunities! This little cria (baby alpaca)Hugo, needed bottle feeding for thefirst few nights of his life... an amazing experience!!!
  10. 10. Everything Counts If we are going to sustain the future we all have to maximise our resources and use them wisely. A Teeny Tiny Farm is ideal for: Individual production… That environmentally friendly family That enthusiastic gardener and even… Even that lazy person on the couch ready for a snack. Producing your own food is great fun and very rewarding for everyone!!!
  11. 11. Growing You don’t your own need to produce start big, comes with just have the fun. satisfaction of having grown it yourself.I have a cowon my Teeny Tiny Farm…she produces Potted herbs herbs, not and veggies milk! can give you a start.
  12. 12. Look at ALL the Benefits You will know exactly where your food has come from. You will have fresh produce at your fingertips. You will have vitamin/nutrient rich and vine ripened produce. Vine ripened produce
  13. 13. But wait there is more! The growing and tending of the veggies will relieve stress and give therapeutic benefits. It can be educational for children who will learn where fresh food comes from – it is NOT the grocery store! You can share what you have left over
  14. 14. Why go to the Effort? Why wouldn’t you, when you can grow all this?
  15. 15. I have a Teeny Tiny Farm, not just to produce my own food or make use of space, but to learn as much as I possibly can about Agricultural production. I am able to learn what happens on large farms by studying my small farm.
  16. 16. Silverbeet Layer Hens Grapes LettuceTomatoes Herbs Potatoes
  17. 17. Four Weeks Later... My garden is huge!
  18. 18. A farm in your backyard Teeny Tiny Farms are environmentally friendly … they can be portable, tiny or huge … minimal cost… it is so much fun!!!!
  19. 19. No pollution A Teeny Tiny Farm needs no huge machinery or fuel to harvest produce. A Teeny Tiny Farm does not require large quantities of chemicals (if any) and does not pollute our waterways if managed correctly.
  20. 20. SubsistenceFarming not ExcessA Teeny Tiny Farm can be managedto produce only what is needed, no waste (money wise or produce) Subsistence farming is farming simply for what is needed for example: My farm produces spinach, where the leaves are picked only when they are needed (rather than wasting uneaten sections).Any excess produced by Teeny Tiny Farms can be shared with friends and family.
  21. 21. Portable, Tiny or Huge A Teeny Tiny Farm isn’t just a farm like mine, with pots and garden beds, trees and shrubs. It doesn’t have to have chickens or be spread all around. A Teeny Tiny Farm can be a vegie patch with many different vegetables or even a single fruit tree on the back of a porch. It can be in a tub to takewherever you wish or it can be a mix of everything. A Teeny Tiny Farm is simply a farm that is smaller than what most imagine. My Teeny Tiny Farm ishere to show that it’s not only experienced farmersin the country that can grow their own produce, but city folk like me can grow all that too (only a little bit tinier).
  22. 22. Lots of Fun! A Teeny Tiny Farm is lots offun. It does not require heaps of labour, money or time but it does require a smile. Spending time outside with your hands in the soil andplants everywhere couldn’t be more fun… it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon with the family. Not only is it so much fun toset up and look after, you getresults in only a few weeks… kilos of greenery and colour ready for the plate!!!
  23. 23. But wait there is more! Make sure you check out Part 2 of my series on My Teeny Tiny Farm; Grow Your Own In part 2 I will share with you how to set up your own Teeny Tiny Farm, so you too can grow healthy nutritious food in your own back yard
  25. 25. Thankyou!Amber O’Neill