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Macarthur Anglican School Archibull Prize 2011 entry Cotton


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Macarthur Anglican School Archibull Prize 2011 entry Cotton

  1. 1. CottonBridging the Rural Divide Macarthur Anglican School
  2. 2. Do you know where yourcotton products come from?
  3. 3. What role do you play?
  4. 4. What is Sustainability? • Sustainability is the ability to maintain or continue something. • It is to look after something so it lasts for a long time. • Cotton is an excellent product for sustainability because its products are comfortable and useful.
  5. 5. How does cotton grow?• Cotton seeds are grown in Spring, in warm and healthy soil.• Cotton grows on leafy green shrubs that have cream and pink flowers.• 80% of cotton is irrigated.
  6. 6. What do farmers do? • Farmers grow and harvest the cotton • They must care for the land • They must care for the plants • They must care for the soil • They must care for the water
  7. 7. Best farming practice• Cotton can be grown sustainably with little affect on the environment• Use pesticides safely• Try not to spread weeds and disease• Recycle water and use it carefully
  8. 8. What can manufacturers do?• Produce good quality cotton to make good quality products.• Create a variety of products.• Ensure that even the waste is used.• Run environmentally friendly factories.
  9. 9. Considered Recycling?• Cotton provides cool and comfortable clothing, other textile, animals feed, cottonseed oil, biomass fuel, and numerous other products.• It’s a resource that is natural, renewable- and recyclable.• Large companies recycle cotton.
  10. 10. What can the consumer do? • Cotton is a natural fibre. • Cotton is used in cooking oil. • Cotton is easy to wash, doesn’t shrink easily, colour doesn’t come off after first wash. • Support the Australian cotton industry • Buy Australian cotton products • Be informed about cotton
  11. 11. Sustainability and Cotton A poem Clothes, socks and underwear Recycling is an important thing There is so much more It makes life a lot easier Come and join us in this poem Making clothes into something new and we will explore Perhaps into anything! and we will explore! One question is, First the farmers’ role What’s sustainability? turn the soil Let’s soon find out sow the seeds, It is doing farming in a way that it doesn’t ruin the soil water it in and see what proceeds. and that is good because we don’t want to spoil. Organic soil is different to the rest, No one knows what the future will hold no spray or chemicals Flying cars or magical shoes with no pesticides, But what we know is, cotton won’t grow old we think that’s best! there might even be more fabrics to choose. From the seed to jeans, or the seed to socks As Macarthur Anglican School decorate their cow The process is awsome We know it will look cool We think it rocks! You just need to know how The Manufacturer sorts the cotton Cotton is cool Seeds, cotton and waste Cotton is light The waste is the most popular Cotton is what I sleep on at night It seems like a big mistake. Cotton is what we love the most I have cotton, not to boast.The consumer is the one who buys it, when its been made into clothes, Sells it off to all the shops, Amelia Patterson 5G How much it costs, nobody knows!
  12. 12. CottonBridging the Rural Divide Macarthur Anglican School
  13. 13. Bibliography••••• Illustrators: Keegan Potgieter and Brooke Duncan• Poet: Amelia Patterson• Information gathering and publishing by students of Macarthur Anglican School