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Charlie Steak and Scott Nobles - a love that knows no bounds. Monica Waters Neil


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Monica cleverly use wit to tell the story of urban encroachment and the need for balance in the drive to house and feed the world

Published in: Education, Technology
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Charlie Steak and Scott Nobles - a love that knows no bounds. Monica Waters Neil

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONThis story was first created as a part of the Archibullcompetition. The aim of Hurlstone’s entry was toinstruct and inform the viewer about sustainableagriculture. We believe that the balance betweenfarmers and developers is essential in our societyand integral as a part of sustainable agriculture. Thisstory was written as an extended metaphor as itpersonified the fibreglass steers that were madeinto our artwork.
  2. 2. This is the story if the love that bloomed between two youngsteers, Scott Nobles and Charlie Steak. This story has allthe elements of a good love story; romance, passion, intrigue!But be warned, this is not a happy story.Like all good stories, this one began in a fibreglassfactory. Charlie and Scott suddenly found themselves ina state of existence but before they were able to come toterms with this unusual turn of events they were put ontoa truck (not that they knew what a truck was) and sentto Hurlstone Agricultural High School.
  3. 3. And that was it. An instant connection. Such immediate, easyconversation is not the norm and while the steers did not knowmuch about this world, they knew they had found something worthholding onto.Weeks passed and the steers sat idle in the Art faculty while theamazing, dedicated and undervalued Art teachers attempted toconvince, coerce and threaten the students to pull their collectivefingers out and actually do something. Meanwhile, the lovebetween the two deepened. They frolicked around the Art quad,lost in their love. They were that kind of couple that sickens allpresent with their over the top public displays of affection, butluckily for them they had no peers miming a gag reflex and so theywere carefree and happy.
  4. 4. The Art teachers soon learned of the torrid affair and attempted to endit. They dragged Scott and Charlie all around the school in an attemptto tire them out enough that they would forget about each other. Butsuch love is not so easily discouraged. One stormy afternoon they met inthe Art room and decided that they needed to do something.As usual, they got carried away by the incredibly intellectuallystimulating conversation they shared, and forgot all about theirpredicament.
  5. 5. And then, the painting started.Scott was thrilled with his new look, and was so preoccupiedand tried to confront him.Scott pointed out. flatulate
  6. 6. With his insecurities about their relationship put to rest, workbegan on Charlie.The painting was slow at first, but began to gather momentum asthe deadline approached with increasing speed. Finally, after twodays of intense painting, after which many students will not beable to look at a straight edge or farmyard animal withoutsuffering severe psychological effects, the two steers were complete.And by golly gosh, did they look great.
  7. 7. And so the mental health of the Hurlstone students and Artteachers suddenly seemed a reasonable sacrifice, just to seeCharlie and Scott so happy. Little did they know at thetime, their happiness was to be short-lived.I told you that this was not a happy story. If you want, youmay stop reading now and imagine that the two steers livedhappily ever after together, however this is not whathappened. You have been warned.
  8. 8. Not 12 hours after the conclusion of the painting,the construction of the scales commenced. Charlieand Scott were being brought close to one anotherand were, of course, thrilled with this process, butthen suddenly it stopped. They were placed ametre away from each other and although theyever again.
  9. 9. Holes were drilled, harnesses were attached, hydroponic systems wereinstalled and before the steers knew it they were two feet above theground, for the rest of eternity. After their initial panic the steerssoon became used to their fate and were able to discuss it.Charlie shook his head.
  10. 10. painted for an Art competition only to fall in love with his equallyemasculated counterpart and then made in to a sculpture whichdemonstrates the balance required for sustainable agriculture as wellall sounds like some bored year ten student
  11. 11. And so this story comes to its conclusion, with two steers parted by fate but bound by a love so strong that not even a couple of slightly insane Art teachers could comebetween them. They spent the rest of eternitythemselves reflected in the soul of the other.
  12. 12. The End