Art 31 - Clay Butterflies (Elementary)


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Elementary Art Project

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Art 31 - Clay Butterflies (Elementary)

  1. 1. Elementary CLAY BUTTERFLIES
  2. 2. Materials •White Clay •Slip •Clay Tools •Color Markers •Tempera Paint •Paint Brush •Heavy Cardstock White •Scissors •Water •Black Marker •Pipe Cleaners •Pencil, Eraser and Sharpener
  3. 3. Step 1: Clay Body Begin with a ball of clay that is the size of a fist. Drop on table 10 times to get air bubbles out.
  4. 4. Clay Body Continued Create body of butterfly by rolling out body to desired shape and size. Leave a small amount of clay aside for the head.
  5. 5. Clay Body Continued Use clay tool to “score” body to head of butterfly. Put a generous amount of slip in between body and head before attaching to each other.
  6. 6. Clay Body Continued Use a clay tool with a flat edge to lightly carve lines horizontally across the butterfly body.
  7. 7. Clay Body Continued On the top of the head use a clay tool or pencil to poke two holes. Go down about half way through ball of clay. Cook clay to specified settings in kiln.
  8. 8. Step 2: Painting After clay body has been cooked begin to paint using tempera cakes and a brush.
  9. 9. Painting Continued Choose one color paint to fill in every other stripe. Tempera will dry very quickly on clay and may need 2 or 3 layers to achieve desired color.
  10. 10. Painting Continued Choose a second color to fill in the remaining empty stripes on butterfly body. Choose a third color to paint the head of butterfly. Let dry.
  11. 11. Part 3: Wings On a heavy piece of white cardstock sketch out one butterfly wing with a pencil and then trace with a black marker. Use scissors to cut out wing.
  12. 12. Wings Continued Flip wing over on to another piece of white cardstock and trace a mirror image of that wing. Trace again with a black marker.
  13. 13. Wings Continued With a pencil sketch out a design on each wing. Make sure that designs are a mirror image of each other. Use a black permanent marker to trace over pencil.
  14. 14. Begin to color in wings with various color markers. Colors should also be a mirror image. Go slow and stay in lines.
  15. 15. Wings Continued Only one color per space. Colors may be repeated but try to separate from repeats touching sides.
  16. 16. Assebmly Using a low-temp hot glue gun to begin assembling butterfly.
  17. 17. Assembly Continued Glue wings to the back of butterfly body. Do one wing at a time in order to make sure wings are even.
  18. 18. Assembly Continued Put a small dab of hot glue inside each hole on top of butterflies head. Carefully place one 6 inch pipe cleaner inside each hole and let dry.
  19. 19. Step 5: Finish When butterfly is finished twist pipe cleaners for antennas. If desired butterfly can be mounted on a piece of construction paper for hanging on a wall or strings can be attached for hanging in the air.