Welcome to art2trade4 1.10.11


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Welcome to art2trade4 1.10.11

  1. 1. Welcome to art2trade4. We are excited about our platform announcementsJust like any actual storefront, promoting your key artwork images in an artworks showcase which will help you to attract buyers!All you have to do is choose the artworks you want to promote and they will be featured prominently on our home page and social media platform.This will help you to improve the visual impact which will give you more exposure from the buyer interest.So start using our storefront showcase to build your shop and gallery.
  2. 2. *We are a brand new web site designed to attract and target art lovers, artists and anybody interested in the wonderful creative world of creativity.*We are called “art2trade4” because the name describes our whole purpose and mission.*We are a 100% New Zealand owned.*We are dedicated to supporting the wonderful world of art and the people involved in it.
  3. 3.  What is art2trade4? Explore original artworks. Exhibit your artworks to an audience for free. Set up your own profile, create storefronts, galleries as your own exhibition gallery showcase. Communicate, collaborate and learn from other New Zealand artists. Make money selling your art from your own storefront.
  4. 4. “To build shops and Galleries for creating the opportunity for buying and selling Art and sharing creative common interests.”
  5. 5.  In selling artwork to buyers our mission is to create and facilitate an easy browse of exciting Exhibition Galleries that sell. Exhibit your artwork online from your own storefront and gallery showcase. Your piece of artwork image can be any form of creative design, colour movement and impression.
  6. 6. * Total transparency between Buyer and Seller.* Full and open communication.* Open link between Buyer and Seller.* Membership discounts.* Partnership between Buyers and Sellers.* For Gallery Operators.* For Gallery Buyers.
  7. 7.  Go to profile, gallery and shop. Submit your details, create your own profile and allow others to communicate with you to buy your product. Build an instant audience by displaying your artwork. Present your artwork in the form of images, video or slideshows. Create your own portfolio and submit your work to potential buyers. Get feed back and ratings on your work from other art lovers. Create your profile. Participate in the community. Message others. Shop and sell art. Sign in for free to access art2trade4. Exhibit,promote, and share your artwork with friends, followers Artists,and art enthusiasts. Actively participate in the art community.
  9. 9.  Total transparency in our gateway transactions for buyers and sellers. Transaction history of each item purchased. Description of service fee, fee calculation and percentage discount. Internal notes from which you can make assessments on the rate of trade. Top up history on whether you were successful or unsuccessful with the trading process. Sub total balance from top up. Receipt for purchase of item from the top up.
  11. 11.  “Welcome to familiar voices.” Buyers and sellers messaging internal management system within the members centre. All external messages will be received with the members centre of the website. Messages from the product page can be hidden, shown and responded to directly. Sellers can receive messages from a buyer from the sellers product page for storefronts and galleries. A purchase summary on the success for the trade process and confirmation status. Feed back ratings and percentages can be issued for buyers and sellers. Feed back sent can be seen directly between all buyers and sellers with their own members website centre.
  13. 13.  Prospective clients profiles which support two separate types of groups, eg. Buyers and Sellers. Sellers 3 types...Amateurs,Private [career artists] professional artists [creative practitioners. eg.curators.] We class curators as : choose from curators and professionals to be your shopping guide [ we call them” curators”] Build your shop entourage from New Zealand’s most exciting and interesting people. Like picking friends from you, you edit what products you want to see by picking a curator you want to hear from Buyers different types. Serious, important, casual. Buyers needs: opportunity, communication with sellers, benefits, advantages, open social opportunities with others. Sellers needs: multiple shop categories supporting multiple listing opinions. Full bidding and buying opportunities. Discounted opportunities from “Make-an –offer” and auctions. Password protection for different levels of membership Full censorship control for suitable family viewing. We only act as the vehicle and 3rd party provider for all transactions..
  15. 15.  Convenient easy to follow membership registration. Yes I am a buyer, or list me as an artist. Membership supports different features for sellers. Guaranteed acceptance Visa, Mastercard, and money orders. Membership levels with discounted privileges. Monitoring of buyers and sellers relationships. Sellers receive 100% of the sale. Gallery operators, amateur,private or professional can join art2trade4. Artists who have been assigned to the gallery without a commission can take advantage of our terms and conditions under membership guidelines. Groups of artists can assign one person to the account which will have to be in their name only.[Multiple accounts are not accepted]If more than one person is shown on the account it is called a “ collective”. We will not support collective from dealerships or multiple agencies. Galleries charge artists for the space plus GST.and they take a direct percentage from the art sold. We can offer artists in galleries their own space ,plus their own percentage mark up and 100% return to the seller. This will apply for 120 days after which we will have to charge an insertion fee.
  17. 17.  Gallery is free for all memberships. Different membership support different features. Your gallery showcase is where you can feature works of art you want to sell. Your gallery is your market branding and showcase for others to follow. You can feature your painting movements and style in video or slides. Social media outlets to Facebook,Twitter,Linkedln. Direct communication with the artist or supplier.
  18. 18. *GALLERY BUYERS.
  19. 19.  Gallery Buyers, Gallery operators, amateurs, private, professionals can all join art2trade4. Artists who have been assigned to the gallery without a commission can take advantage of our terms and conditions under the members guidelines. Groups of artists can assign one person to the account which will have to be in their name only. Multiple accounts are not accepted. More than one person to the account is called a collective We will not support collective accounts from dealerships or multiple agencies. Galleries charge artists for their space , GST and take a direct percentage plus GST from the image sold from that space. We can offer artists in galleries their own space, plus their own percentage markup from the image sold with a 100% return to the seller. This will apply for 120 days after which we will have to charge an insertion fee.
  21. 21.  The Artistic licencing and the distribution rights of the Artist’s creativity is protected by the Creative Commons Act. This is voluntary, not compulsory. Confidential communication between buyer and seller within the members centre of the website. Communication support and reply between buyer, seller and art2trade4 customers. Buyers able to request information on interested product. Company logo on each image for protection against copyright. Company logo is voluntary, not compulsory.
  22. 22. *2 separate groups.....Buyers / Sellers.*Buyers...2 different types....Serious / Casual.*Sellers...2 different types.....Professional Artist, Amateur Artist. Sellers Buyers.
  23. 23. Sellers..Producers, creative practitioners, from Art School , Universities .All age groups, charities, amateurs, private, professionals, retired, Art House producers, Museums, Art Galleries.Preferred Media...All paintings, drawings, prints, photography, sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, textiles, wood.Other Artist Classifications... Art Museums, Art Schools, Art Hotels, CharitiesAll independents, Galleried, Art students, Emerging, International.Buyers...Consumers, casual and serious, all age groups and Institutions, Auction houses, Art Galleries, Art Museums ,Art Schools, Art Hotels, Charities, Design Shops, Restaurants, other temporary venues.
  24. 24. * Convenience by shopping from own home.* Control of 100% of purchasing transaction.* Ease of transaction with automatic foreign currency conversion to NZ.dollars guaranteed.* Opportunities for Buyers own social media page to learn about seller.
  25. 25.  Buyers must be registered to buy from suppliers. It is free to buy on art2trade4 anywhere across all the memberships. Buyers can send inquiries to suppliers and can source out suppliers free of charge. Unlimited access to storefronts and galleries across memberships who have been address verified. Buyers and sellers reports from other feedbacks and trade ratings. Buyers open social media platform that will bring people to a common interest.
  27. 27. * Multiple shop category opportunities.* Bidding and buying opportunities.* Discounted opening offer.* Password protection for different levels of membership.* Convenient easy to follow membership registration.* Guaranteed acceptance for Visa / Mastercard / Money orders.* Easy image viewing for changes.* Sellers feedback rating from buyer [ monitoring buyer/seller relationship.]* Seller receives 100% of sale.
  28. 28. Maximizing your exposure to buyers with artworks showcase.Displaying your artworks for free using public membership.Getting the most out of your membership today.Artworks buying leads from search images.Displaying more artworks so that more buyers will be able to find you.Greater artworks visibility.Gaining buyer trust.Choosing key words for selection and inquiry.Water marks and creative commons protection for the artists creative rights.Product attributes, brief descriptions, support product information for potential buyers.Sellers show their own marketing brand identification.Access to internal and external product promotion to the social media analytics.
  30. 30. We can offer you a helping hand .....*Take your first steps with our informative building blocks to assist you to setup your own Gallery Showcase.*Browse made easy.*Your own internal management for setup and maintenance of your Shop / Gallery.*Help and find key steps.
  31. 31.  Use our tutorial and it’s tips to clearly understand how we are able to help you to get started. Each sub heading from the building blocks will help you to setup your own profile, gallery and storefront showcase . Each step enables the Customer Management Service [CMS.] to approve tablets and submissions after it’s mediation process from the backend. For full over all viewing go to our user-guide in the “about us main category” home page. All subtitles have been hyperlinked to scroll down to what you want to see. KEY POINTS... Register by signing in, issue yourself with a username and password. The username will become your shop name and account ID. Choose who you are..Buyer or seller. Filling out your registration will give information on your profile re hobbies, interests, and “ about me. “ “About me” information will help the buyer to identify details about the sellers. After registration you will automatically receive details which show your account ID. and username and a confirmation security code which needs to be clicked to receive our welcome email. Go back to home ,re-assign your password and username and enter browse section to all your pages listed. Go to members centre to build and display your artworks for buyers to view.
  32. 32. * Display and sell your Art on art2trade4 with our “120 day free trial”.*Easy “How to steps” to help you set up your own profile, Gallery and Shop*Just register, create a site, select your category and build your Gallery and Shop.*Maximize your exposure to Buyers with our Artworks Showcase.
  33. 33.  There are building blocks and key points to help you to set up your own storefront and gallery showcase. All the main key points occur from within the members centre for all your shop and gallery housekeeping. Building your profile is optional. Building your storefront shop requires 6 sub category steps. The same applies for your gallery. Follow through with all these steps to publish, edit, and confirm to list other primary pages in the website. Browse all your building blocks carefully before final submission of each key step.
  34. 34. *A partnership.*Our support.*We are trustworthy.*We offer you total protection.*We have a passion for art.*Let us embrace this wonderful experience
  35. 35. CALLING ALL BUYERS / SELLERS & LOVERS OF ART.. For viewing and selling art......*View Exhibition Galleries from the comfort of your own home.*Sellers, let us help you create your own gallery with our easy to follow setup steps.*SELLERS RECEIVE 100% OF SALE.*Buyers can view actual Gallery storefronts to expose powerful images of key artwork.*BUYERS RECEIVE 100% FREE ACCESS.JOIN US NOW ON www.art2trade4.com