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Twistbox waat

  1. 1. « . » . 20-21 # #
  2. 2. ™The information contained in this document is the property of Twistbox Entertainment, Inc. and is strictly confidential, legally privileged and for informational purposes only. Any unauthorized copying, publishing, distributing,sharing, disclosing, or any other unauthorized uses are strictly prohibited by law and are only allowed with the written permission of Twistbox Entertainment, Inc. © 2006 Twistbox Entertainment, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.TWISTBOX ENTERTAINMENT & Design is a trademark of Twistbox Entertainment, Inc.
  3. 3. Content 1. Twistbox overview 2. Adult market analysis 3. Adult content policy 4. Next Steps
  4. 4. Twistbox Overview• A global leader in mobile entertainment• Exclusive portfolio of world class brands and services• Distribution – 100+ direct mobile operator agreements; over 1.1 Billion handsets – Deployed in 42 countries – 16 languages – 450 WAP sites, 150 games, 42 mobile TV channels• Offices in US, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia
  5. 5. Business Units ™ Corporate General Entertainment Games Late Night ™ ™- Hollywood, Fashion, Latin/Hispanic - Award Winning Branded, Casual & Casino Games - Glamour, Erotic and Adult- Images, Video, MobileTV, RingTones - Single Player, Multi-Player, For Prizes - Exclusive Agreements with Leading Brands - Unique Advertising and Porting Technology - Images, Video, MobileTV, Games- Games, Applications, SMS Campaigns - License, Publish and Aggregate - Chat and Search Applications- M-Sites and Portal Management - Vodafone Global Aggregator - Leading Global Distributor and Aggregator - Leading Mobile Games Company in German Market - M-Sites and Portal Management - Globally Accepted Content Standards IP
  6. 6. Twistbox Services Twistbox offers an end-to-end roadmap for maximizing revenue across the entire mobile data ecosystem Mobile Operators Media Partners Portals Twistbox ServicesContent Licensing / Core Technology Mobile Marketing and Partner Management /Rights Management Advertising Distribution ExperienceDeep understanding of Support for WML, i-Mode, XHTML Web to mobile marketing Leverage years of experience andbrand management - Premium SMS direct relationships with 90+ mobileincluding: Content publishing and mobile - Interactive TV operators platformMobile content production Mobile search: Practical experience deploying Game and application development - Contextual and recommendation branded mobile applications andMobile content (J2ME, DOJA, BREW, SYMBIAN) algorithms services globallyprogramming - Search history Hosting and delivery for 2.5 and 3G Experience establishing in-regionLocalization support for networks Performance marketing account managers to provide local16+ languages - Maximizing revenue opportunities market knowledge of programming, Game and application download competition and policies platforms Rights Holders 3rd Party Developers Advertising Agencies Content Providers
  7. 7. Technology Platform• Carrier-class platform Twistbox Content Management Platform – Rapid Content Ingestion – Handset Portability – Language Localization – Direct Billing Integration – Millions of Transactions Monthly• Comprehensive Services – Content Management – Intelligent Delivery – Dynamic Publishing – Dynamic Promotions – Reporting• Scalable Product Delivery – Alerts and Interactive Campaigns – Wallpapers – Ringtones – Games – Video and MobileTV
  8. 8. Global Distribution Partners
  9. 9. Product Overview M-Portals i-mode Wallpapers MMS Alerts VideoJava Games Applications Mobile TV Text Chat Video Chat
  10. 10. Game Publishing and Aggregation• Twistbox Games provides mobile operators with end-to-end TM solutions for game aggregation including: – Full support for the widest range of handsets – Game Partner Management system educates and assists game developers with adhering to local requirements and content standards – Comprehensive experience with Java and BREW certification (Java Verified, UTC 2.0) – Robust platform for game packaging and delivery – Comprehensive QA outsourcing capabilities – Award winning game development – Value added services such as in-game advertising viral marketing capabilities
  11. 11. Twistbox Games• Twistbox Games represents the upper echelon of game development, porting and QA houses with tier 1 carrier and content partner relationships• Robust platform for game development, packaging and delivery• World-class, robust development and porting platform with support for J2ME, DoJa and BREW
  12. 12. News and Information• Card Player Mobile is the ultimate poker news and information destination on mobile, cross promoted in Card Player Magazine and website (• Card Player Mobile features: – Monthly subscription of content sent to handset – Poker Odds Calculator (application download) – Real-time Tournament Updates – Upcoming Tournament Reminders
  13. 13. Celebrity / EntertainmentCelebrity News TV(powered by E.L. Woody)• Real-time celebrity coverage with over 3,000 hours of celebrity video footage and over 1M photos• International celebrity news and the hottest stories from your local market• Access to clips of every imaginable star or celebrity category• Language support for English, French, Spanish, German and Italian (other languages available upon request)
  14. 14. Hispanic Content• Twistbox offers mobile operators a diverse selection of Hispanic features and content including: – Premium entertainment, news, & sports content – Advertiser-supported programming & promotions – Dynamic games – Interactive, community applications• Twistbox works closely with Latin World Entertainment Agency to mobilize the most popular content for the Hispanic marketplace including mega-brands like TVyNovelas and supermodels Sofia Vergara and Danna Garcia
  15. 15. Hispanic Brands & Content Latin Twist Raúl de Molina Sofia Vergara Danna Garcia TV Notas Fernando Fiore Latest Video Latest VideoFeatured Video & Wallpaper Sofia Vergara Video: Latest Video El novio de Ninel Conde Latest Video Jaime Camil at premier Latest Video Calendar shoot behind- Danna signed as the new ¡estuvo en la cárcel! A friendly chat about of Open Season. Raúl chats with Sofia Buy | Info | More the-scenes. face of Maybelline. Fernando’s latest book, Buy | Info | More Vergara in the jacuzzi. Buy | Info | More Buy | Info | More Photo of the Day The World Cup. Buy | Info | MoreAlerts & Voting Photo of the Day Buy | Info | More Photo of the Day Marlene Favela DebutaSubscribe and receive Photo of the Day Sofia Swimsuit Gallery After-party shots from NY en Hollywood Photo of the Daycelebrity news and Raúl, Dorismar y el Enter | Info | More Int’l Latino Film Festival. Enter | Info | More See photos from thegossip updates! jacuzzi de Múnich. Buy | Info | More Miami Film Festival. Celebrity Video & PhotosVote for the hottest celebrities! Enter | Info | More Wallpapers Wallpapers Buy | Info | More Sofia’s calendar Browse by Celebrity Go Go Celebrity Video & Photos Exclusive Danna Garcia Trivia Alerts wallpapers wallpapers. Try to answer the daily Browse by Celebrity Go Mobile Alerts Buy | Info | More Buy | Info | More World Cup trivia question!Celebrity Sites Subscribe and TV Notas Subscribe Alerts Alerts Alerts will send you celebrity Subscribe and Raul will Subscribe and Sofia will Subscribe and Danna will news and gossip! Ringtones send you celebrity news send beauty and fashion send updates and tips to Classic El Presidente quotes and About TV Notas and gossip! tips to your phone! your phone. catch phrases! Sofia El Gordo Danna Ringtones “Amo este juego!” BuyVergara Garcia Ringtones Fan Club About | Subscribe “El fútbol es fantástico!” BuyMagazines Hello from Raul Hello from Sofia From red_butterfly Peace & Hope About Fernando Answer Your Phone! (Philippines): I loved her Raúl de Molina Theme in "La Revancha!" More More Celebrity Sites Go Biography About Sofia Feedback Top 10 Career Highlights About Raúl About DannaTvNotas Maxim MAXX Biography | Blog Biography | Blog Biography | Blog More Celebrity Sites GoGames Feedback Classic games like More Celebrity Sites Go Snake and more! More Celebrity Sites Feedback More Celebrity Sites Go Go Buy | Info | More Feedback FeedbackCaliente Hot Swimsuit Videos, Photo Galleries, & Wallpapers Feedback
  16. 16. Brand Partners • Best of Breed Content • Access to Affiliates, Customers and Behavior • Strong Brand Focus • Integrated Mobile Strategies • Exclusive Licenses • Cross Promotional CapabilitiesOver 50 leading late night entertainment brands and counting…
  17. 17. Wallpapers Branded Non Branded
  18. 18. Sample Game Titles[Screenshot 2]In game
  19. 19. Mobile TV• High quality content programmed and developed specifically for 3G networks• Broadcast quality production values with localized fillers and bumpers• Modular segments allow content to be re-purposed and expanded as individual markets mature• Top-tier brands with highest quality content
  20. 20. Content 1. Twistbox overview 2. Adult market analysis * 3. Adult content policy 4. Next Steps * Juniper Research 2006
  21. 21. Adult Mobile Content Market Adult Mobile Content Market: 2006- 2011 ($M) $3,330 $3,500 $3,057 $3,000 $2,690 $2,500 $2,249 $1,824 $2,000 $1,402 $1,500 $1,000 $500 $0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  22. 22. Adult Mobile Content Area Visual Total Revenues from Adult Mobile Content ($M) $3,500 $3,000 $2,500 Rest of World $2,000 South America North America $1,500 Asia Pacific $1,000 Europe $500 $0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  23. 23. Mobile Video and Games Overview• While text-based mobile content will continue to play a large role in driving adult revenue, it will not grow as fast as rich media nor will it ever assume the leadership position in terms of total revenue vis-à-vis rich media• On balance, video and games represent more profitable and faster growing segments of the adult mobile market that should continue to enjoy the fruits of continued 3G penetration• Additionally, since adult content is by definition largely a visual enterprise, both videos and games are better positioned in terms of consumer habits and preference
  24. 24. Adult Video and Games Mobile Adult Video and Games Market: 2006- 2011 ($M) $2,411 $2,500 $2,072 $2,000 $1,684 $1,500 $1,302 $980 $1,000 $701 $500 $0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  25. 25. Adult Video and Games Area Visual Total Revenues from Mobile Adult Video and Games ($M) $2,500 $2,000 Rest of World $1,500 South America North America $1,000 Asia Pacific Europe $500 $0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  26. 26. Adult Video & Games European Breakdown European Mobile Adult Video and Games Market: 2006- 2011 ($M) $900 $834 $763 $800 $663 $700 $600 $523 $500 $407 $400 $293 $300 $200 $100 $0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  27. 27. Content 1. Twistbox overview 2. Adult market analysis 3. Adult content policy 4. Next Steps
  28. 28. Adult Content Policy• Age verification – Establish a policy for which adults can gain access to 18+ services• Content classification – Establish objective reference frame to subjective content• Local market / social policy – Establish and approval process and content provisioning requirements reflective of the community• Carrier policy – Establish a comprehensive policy encompassing both content and marketing• Policy evolution for emerging services – Establish a mechanism by which the policy for both existing platforms and future platforms can be easily addressed.
  29. 29. Age Verification• Most operators have adopted a strategy around age verification and access control for adult content• Acceptable methods of age verification include: – Point of sale (Drivers license, Citizen Card etc.) – Use of 3rd party agencies (Experian or Dun & Bradstreet etc.) – Carrier or User Generated Opt In/Out process for contract customers• UK has been the role model for implementing a Process for deploying 18+ content including WAP, Games, Chat, SMS, MobileTV, etc.
  30. 30. Age Verification - Mechanics• Access Control - methods of preventing unrestricted access to content by: – Barring (complete restriction, must verify) – PIN controlled access (similar to Parental Control) – Subscription only services (similar to Conditional Access)• Filtering - a technical way of reducing the likelihood of unwanted material being accessed via the Internet by: – Filter applied at the network level, not the mobile device level – Blocking sites with certain key words or sites that appear on ‘black lists’
  31. 31. Mobile Content Classification• More complex than Home Video, CATV, Internet• Carriers need to quickly seek solutions for enabling adult content to prevent government regulation• Waat’s Mobile Content Standards Rating Matrix© allows carriers and content partners to accurately classify erotic content• 33 Levels of Content classification required to: – Establish the appropriate level for the market – Establish approval processes – Alter levels of explicitness as markets evolve
  32. 32. Policy and Content Standards Twistbox’s Wireless Content Standards Rating Matrix©has been adopted by operators worldwide as a means of classifying erotic content
  33. 33. CS Matrix 1.0 - Example• 1.0 Glamour and Topless – 1.1 Lingerie – 1.2 Glamour – 1.3 Medium Shot Female – Nude Rear – 1.4 Topless – 1.5 Topless with Sexual Suggestion – 1.6 Female Female Topless• Donts – Multiple models in background – Necklaces and Choker Collars – Penis can not be erect under clothing
  34. 34. Content Provisioning• Best practice • Content Standards • Content Validation measures for consumer Rating Matrix for System to manage and and operator protection accurately classifying and control all aspects of• Two forms of ID identifying explicitness content delivery and available for every levels of adult content approval model • Establish objective • Approval process reference frame to • Ability to alter level of subjective content explicitness • Establish the appropriate level for the market
  35. 35. Content 1. Twistbox overview 2. Adult market analysis 3. Adult content policy 4. Next Steps
  36. 36. Next Steps• Content policy description and approval• Age verification procedures development• C.S. level determination• 18+ portal wireframes development and approval• Product definition: Video, Galleries, Wallpapers, Games, TV• Content validation• Billing integration• Deployment and launch
  37. 37. Contact Twistbox (Russia) Smolensky Passage 3 Smolenskaya sq. 7th floor Moscow 121099 Russia Los Angeles ● London ● Paris ● Dortmund ● Moscow P. + 7.910.405.5050 F. + 7.495.937.8290 Valery Novick Vice President, Eastern Europe and CIS