Надежда Белоусова SharePoint Analyst’s Expertise Map Creation


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Надежда Белоусова SharePoint Analyst’s Expertise Map Creation

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Надежда Белоусова SharePoint Analyst’s Expertise Map Creation

  1. 1. SharePoint Analyst’s Expertise Map Creation Nadezhda Belousova
  2. 2. Let me introduce myself Nadezhda Belousova,Project Manager / Business AnalystSharePoint Competency CenterEPAM SystemsBelarus SharePoint User Group Email: Nadezhda_Belousova@sharepoint.by Twitter: @Naoko_Strega
  3. 3. SharePoint VocabularyAnnouncement - ИзвещениеCollaboration – Совместная РаботаContributor - КорреспондентDiscussion Board – Доска ОбсужденияDocument Library – Библиотека ДокументовList - СписокOut-of-the-box (OOB) - Решение «из коробки»Permissions - РазрешенияSite Collection – Семейство УзловSite Settings – Параметры УзлаTask - ЗадачаViews - ПредставленияWebpart - ВебчастьWorkflow – Рабочий ПроцессWorkspace – Рабочая ОбластьEtc., etc., etc., etc…
  4. 4. My SharePoint vocabularyAnnouncement - AnnouncementCollaboration - CollaborationContributor - ContributorDiscussion Board - Discussion BoardDocument Library - Document LibraryList - ListOut-of-the-box (OOB) - Out-of-the-box (OOB)Permissions - PermissionsSite Collection - Site CollectionSite Settings - Site SettingsTask - TaskViews - ViewsWebpart - WebpartWorkflow - WorkflowWorkspace - WorkspaceEtc., etc., etc., etc…
  5. 5. Contents1. MS SharePoint Competency Center + Mentoring Program2. SharePoint Analyst = SharePoint + IT Analyst3. SharePoint Analyst’s Expertise: • SharePoint Analyst & Microsoft • SharePoint Analyst vs. SharePoint Consultant • SharePoint Project Roles • SharePoint Solution Realization Model • SharePoint Analyst’s Expertise Map Model4. Q&A5. Useful links
  6. 6. MS SharePoint Competency Center Solution ArchitectDeveloper Designer QA Analyst Admin * Ivan Padabed * Victor Vishnyakov
  7. 7. MS SharePoint Competency Center DevelopersAnalysts Admins SharePoint Resource Pool QAs Designers
  8. 8. MS SharePoint Competency Center Candidates
  9. 9. MS SharePoint Competency Center
  10. 10. MS SharePoint Competency Center
  11. 11. MS SharePoint Competency Center
  12. 12. SharePoint Trainings
  13. 13. Mentoring Program Steps Expertise is ModeledGroups & Plan are Ready Modules Delivery Final (Rewards…) * Yury Shilyaev
  14. 14. SharePoint Mentoring Program
  15. 15. SharePoint Mentoring Program Developer Admin Analyst QA Windows 2008ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL, Administration, IIS Requirements Analysis, Requirements Analysis,HTML, JS, JQuery, XML, Administration, SQL Functional Testing, Test System Analysis XSL Server, SQL, AD, Cases Creation PowerShell ASP.NET Advanced Designing a Logical … …Concepts for SharePoint Architecture Designing for User Planning a Service Experience Application Architecture Planning for Performance Designing for Data and CapacityDesigning Data Capture Designing a Physical and Integration Architecture Designing Artifacts Designing a Security Plan Etc., etc., etc. Etc., etc., etc.
  16. 16. SharePoint AnalystKnowledge Passion Power
  17. 17. SharePoint
  18. 18. SharePointSharePoint Team Windows Windows SharePoint Services SharePoint SharePoint Foundation from Services 2.0 Services 3.0 2010 Microsoft SharePoint MicrosoftSharePoint Portal Office SharePointPortal 2001 Server SharePoint Server 2010 2003 Server 2007
  19. 19. SharePoint
  20. 20. SharePoint Multitool• Many useful options• Almost universal• Ready-to-use and practice-oriented• In awkward hands can cause much PAIN…
  21. 21. SharePoint Puzzle• Requires time, intellectual efforts and specified algorithms• Not that easy as it may seem• Some people think it’s only for NERDS…
  22. 22. SharePoint Box• Everything is packed by Microsoft• Has limitations• SURPRISE inside…
  23. 23. SharePoint• Creating something new Modules Set out of ready standard • Quick and pieces easy • Thinking of architecture BEFORE you start…
  24. 24. SharePoint Solution Example Intranet Site
  25. 25. SharePoint Solution Example Extranet Site
  26. 26. IT Analysts BA Lead Consultant Business Analyst Business System Performance Analyst Analyst QA Analyst BA Manager Functional Analyst Business Process Analyst PM/BA Resources AnalystSystem Analyst Requirements Analyst System Architect
  27. 27. IT Analyst’s Functions & Activities
  28. 28. IT Analyst’s Functions & Activities Functional Requirements Issues specifications and elicitation and identification, Suggestion the areas system design analysis tracking, reporting for improvement in specifications and resolving internal processes along development with possible solutions Analysis and Interaction with the evaluation of Driving effective business existing or interaction in stakeholders and End-users supportproposed systems project team subject mater and adoption experts Providing consultation in pre-sale and sale Taking part in project phases project coordination and monitoring Balancing project progress technology and Overseeing the business issuesimplementation of a Involvement in the new system Change requests design or modification management of business systems or IT systems Leading testing efforts Definition of the Planning project project vision and communication scope
  29. 29. IT Analyst’s Expertise Map Model Non-technical Domain Communication KnowledgeSpecialized & Skills Abstract TechnicalTechnologies Methodologies * Kirill Pikin
  30. 30. SharePoint Analyst’s Role
  31. 31. SharePoint Analyst’s Role
  32. 32. SharePoint Analyst’s Role
  33. 33. SharePoint Analyst’s RoleSharePoint Project
  34. 34. SharePoint Analyst’s RoleSharePoint Project
  35. 35. SharePoint Analyst’s RoleSharePoint Project
  36. 36. SharePoint Analyst’s Role Interception Point SharePoint Project• Understanding customers needs and business processes and translating these into a set of requirements• Understanding SharePoint strengths and benefits in terms of its key functional breakdown and how it can be turned into the value for the customer
  37. 37. SharePoint Analyst & Microsoft
  38. 38. Available Microsoft SharePoint Trainings and Certifications Trainings Certifications• Collection 5404: Implementing Microsoft® • MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Office SharePoint® Server 2007 Application Development• Collection 6306: Designing a Microsoft • MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Office SharePoint Server 2007 Solution Configuring• Collection 6285: Working With Microsoft • MCTS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Office SharePoint Server 2007 2007, Application Development • MCTS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server• Clinic 10277: Whats New in Microsoft 2007, Configuration SharePoint 2010 for Developers • MCTS: Microsoft Windows SharePoint• Clinic 10279: Whats New in Microsoft Services 3.0, Application Development SharePoint 2010 for IT Professionals • MCTS: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Configuration• Collection 10276: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development • MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 2010• Collection 10278: Microsoft SharePoint • MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010 2010, Configuring• Collection 10347: Skills Trainings in • MCM: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server SharePoint 2010 for End Users • MCA: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server•…
  39. 39. SharePoint Analyst or SharePoint Consultant? All project life cycle Pre-sale / Kick-off Throughout issues management Troubleshoot Domain focused IT-Guru INFORMATION ARCHITECTUREAnalyst Consultant
  40. 40. SharePoint Project RolesDeveloper Designer Administrator Architect * Destin Joy
  41. 41. SharePoint Project RolesQA Analyst
  42. 42. SharePoint Solution Realization Model * Tom Pham
  43. 43. SharePoint Analyst’s Expertise Map Model Analyst QA Requirements Analysis, System Requirements Analysis, Functional Analysis Testing, Test Cases Creation SharePoint Power User – TacticsSharePoint Super User SharePoint Super User – Strategy for Analyst – Strategy for QA
  44. 44. Tactical Part• Introduction to SharePoint and its basics• SharePoint as a Product• SharePoint components, parts and functional elements• SharePoint infrastructure and administration• SharePoint customization abilities
  45. 45. Strategical Part• Policies, Governance and Guidelines• Site Provisioning Practices and Standards• Content Management Strategy• SharePoint Maturity Model and Adoption*• Integration and Interoperability• Migration• Business Cases studying * Sadalit Van Buren
  46. 46. Summary• The best source of SharePoint expertise is real experience. The ideal place to gain this experience is Competency Centre and related teams• SharePoint Analyst’s expertise involves analytical background, deep SharePoint hands-on experience and right attitude to SharePoint platform• SharePoint Analyst’s expertise development requires system approach• Complex SharePoint study should be practical-oriented in both tactical and strategical dimensions
  47. 47. Thank you!Questions are welcome Nadezhda BelousovaProject Manager / Business AnalystSharePoint Competency CenterEPAM Systems Email: Nadezhda_Belousova@sharepoint.by Twitter: @Naoko_Strega
  48. 48. Useful links• Kirill Pikin’s BI & DWH Analyst’s expertise map - http://sites.google.com/site/kirillpikin/all/works/ba• Microsoft SharePoint Server Certifications - http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/cert-sharepoint- server.aspx• SharePoint Roles and Responsibilities article by Destin Joy - http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/Roji.Joy/5240/• Tom Pham’s blog and portfolio - http://www.pham- tom.com/ptdesigns/• A Microsoft SharePoint / Information Architecture / Web Usability blog by Sadalit Van Buren - http://amatterofdegree.typepad.com/a_matter_of_degree/• SharePoint Maturity Model by Sadalit Van Buren - http://www.sharepointmaturity.com/home.aspx