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Darktable -- raw converter for linux


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Darktable -- raw converter for linux

  1. 1. Darktable
  2. 2. Ufraw (2005) Rawtherapee (2006) Rawstudio Bibble ($) digiKam photivo (after) What was?
  3. 3. Timeline: Registered at february 2009 Core devs: Johannes Hanika, Alexandre Prokoudine (oct. '09) Henrik Andersson (dec. '09), Pascal de Bruijn (jan. '10), Tobias Ellinghaus (jun. '10)
  4. 4. Ohloh Analysis Summary - Very large, active development team - Increasing year-over-year development activity - Estimated project cost: $2,228,319
  5. 5. Features: GPLv3 or later, С/gtk+/cairo, gconf, .gtkrc, gPhoto2, lcms2, OpenEXR, OpenCL, sse2, libraw->rawspeed, - Distros: fedora, ubuntu, debian, opensuse, solaris, gentoo, arch linux, mac osx - translated to 16 langs - fully non-destructive editing . History stack. *.xmp files. - core functions operate on 4x32-bit floating point pixel buffers, enabling SSE instructions for speedups. - if available , gpu acceleration via opencl is done. - modular, extensible image operations ( plug-in interface). - flexible database queries, search by tags , simple tagging by related tags. - image rating (stars) and color labels , filtering and sorting within the base query. - import a variety of standard, raw , and high dynamic range image formats (e.g. jpg, cr2, hdr, pfm, .. ). - zero-latency user interface through multi-level software caches . - fullscreen , zoomable user interface. - 34 color-managed image operations in L*a*b* and profiled rgb : rotate/crop, color correction, input/output/display color profile management, edge-avoiding wavelet domain editing (e.g. edge-aware denoise, ringing-free sharpen), exposure controls, flexible color zone mapper (e.g. make all colors except red monochrome, imitate polarizing filter, etc.), lens defect correction (lensfun), color filter based monochrome conversion, unsharp mask sharpen, white balancing, tone curve, and base curve, and many more. - dcraw (Adobe) + custom profiled color matrices (out of the box quality)
  6. 6. Interface: Work modes: 1) lighttable (catalogizater) 2) darkroom (edit mode) 3) tethering (working with camera)
  7. 7. GSoC Robert Bieber 1. Removing the libglade dependence. 2. Reworking the keyboard input system. 3. Fixing up the color picker, adding sample points. 4. Adding a levels tool.
  8. 8. Darktable pipeline (последовательность обработки данных) RGB LAB RGB LAB rawspeed temperature (WB) basecurve rawdenoise cacorrect hotpixels stuckpixels demozaic highlights exposure tonemap до дебайера - монохром graduatednd profile_gamma colorin spots LAB plugins lens RGB colorout LAB gamma
  9. 9. Contacts: #darktable, Report : Shautsou Kanstantsin <> Alexander Rabtchevich <>