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Latest trends in em

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Latest trends in em

  1. 1. THE EVENT ORGANIZERS & WEDDING PLANNERS Presenter : Arsalan Yar Khan Afridi
  2. 2. New Trends in Events like:Private Events Weddings Birthdays Wedding Anniversaries Family Events
  3. 3. Why Event Managers? People hire event managers to transfer their worries & save their time. Event managers can provide latest ideas to make your event memorable. Its easier to adapt new trends & fashions because of the vast information provided by event organizers. It’s a one solution for all your needs & problems .
  4. 4. Latest Trends in“MEHNDI & WEDDING”ceremonies
  5. 5. MEHNDI & MAYYON Over the past years mehndi & mayyon have become the most interesting event for the whole family & their relatives. The excitement of this event makes people think about the ways to make it better & memorable. This interest & excitement have bought new ideas & ways through event managers.
  6. 6. Change of taste Brings the new look tothe traditional Events
  7. 7. New Trends & Themes
  8. 8. Wedding Trends
  9. 9. These pictures clearly shows that youcant organize Mehndi & Weddingswithout the help of Event managers. In today’s world everything changes very rapidly & the best source to keep you up-to- date with latest trends are Event Organizers & wedding Planners. Hiring a simple decorator cant fulfill your requirements & neither can make your most important event memorable.
  10. 10. PRICE-Less “Event Managers” ?The major Issue is the fees of wedding planners which middle class cant afford.
  11. 11. SOLUTION
  12. 12. For contacts & booking feel free to contactArzalan AfridiCMO0343-2478016Arham KhanExecutive Director0300-9797483