Medtech v7


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Medtech v7

  1. 1. MedTech – An Overview Markets with Great Future Potential Opportunities for Innovation and Investment Alan Barrell – Chairman NHS Innovations East Business Angel InternationalEASY Investment Forum – Sophia Antipolis 21st November 2008
  2. 2. The Health Technology Industry• Over 4,500 businesses in health technologies in the UK alone –• Europe - 20,000 +• Majority are SMEs• UK is 3-5% of world market• World Market is €-250-400bn/yr
  3. 3. European MedTech Industry by Market Share 40 34.3 35 30 25 20% 16.45 15 11.2 10.6 9.9 10 5.5 4.6 5 2.5 2.7 2 0 Germany France Italy UK Spain Netherlands Sw itzerland Norw ay rest Eastern Europe
  4. 4. What GOVERNMENTS have said about MedTech…. “The European healthcare products industry plays a significant role in contributing to patient care, public health and the European economy. It is highly diversified and innovative, capturing a wide range of technological advances for application in the medical field. There is considerable potential for growth in this knowledge-intensive sector, leading to expansion of manufacturing activities and job creation. Focussing on this industrial sector reflects Government’s agendas by stimulating innovation as a means to maintain Europe’s edge as a market leader in science and technology intensive markets.”
  5. 5. Diversity of customers• Hospitals• GPs• Community care
  6. 6. Diversity of products
  7. 7. Imaging & Radiology
  8. 8. Operating Theatre
  9. 9. Laboratory
  10. 10. Community use
  11. 11. Products we buy ourselves
  12. 12. The Diversity of Medical Technology and Equipment – Knowledge and Engineering Intensive • High Tech Hospital Equipment e.g. CT/MRI Scanners • Diagnostics – camera pill, endoscope • Telemedicine, telehealth • Patient Monitoring, biosensors etc • Wearable devices, wireless, mobile technologies. • Implantables, nerve stimulators, pacemakers. • Drug delivery systems, implantable • Disposable- catheters, syringe, wound care. • Rehabilitation devices. • O.T.C. Over the Counter – diabetes, pregnancy etc. • Syringes and Needles….and many simple things
  13. 13. Vital Science Base
  14. 14. Three Converging RevolutionsThree Pervasive Technology Platforms BioTech Pharmaceuticals Genomics INFO TECH Diagnostics Bioinformatics Hardware Research/Info Proteomics Software Tools Communications Industrial Biosensors Bioelectronics Biochips Nanodevices Microfluidics Nanosensors Nanobiotechnology Nanoelectronics Drug Delivery NANO TECH Electrical Structural Biomedical Energy & Environment
  15. 15. Converging Technologies in MedTech BioTech I.C.T. Medical Technology Engineering Advanced Manufacturing Electronics
  16. 16. MedTech – A World of Innovation….IncrementalDisruptive
  17. 17. Incubation and Implementation –MedTech – a world of….complexity
  18. 18. Requiring the highest manufacturing standards – GMP
  19. 19. MedTech – from Idea, to Innovation to Reality – needs Patient Capital ….
  20. 20. Some Future Directions….• Earlier Diagnosis & Prevention Greater use of in-vitro diagnostics and imaging. Biosensors Pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics• Assistive Technologies Smaller, lighter devices. Advanced materials I.T. developments.• Technologies for an ageing population Orthopaedic implants Technologies for nerve regeneration.• Drug / Device combinations. Drug eluting stents Blood sugar sensors and delivery pumps Closed loop therapeutic systems
  21. 21. And more exciting prospects….• Tissue Engineering replacement of corneal tissue, nerve and blood vessels. replacement for kidney, liver and pancreas, stem cells, bionic eyes, implanted hearing aids combine biological and electromechanical technologies• Nanotechnology nano surfaces encourage tissue organisation. generation of particles targeted at tumour tissue• Robotics Orthopaedic implants Technologies for nerve regeneration – stem cells again .• I.C.T. pacemakers, defibrillators, imaging, diagnostics life support and monitoring equipment
  22. 22. MedTech – Tomorrow’s World – Today Thank you for listening…. More at…. EASY Investment Forum – Sophia Antipolis 21 st November 2008