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Summer training plc & scada


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CETPA INFOTECH PVT LTD is one of the IT education and training service provider brands of India that is preferably working in 3 most important domains. It includes IT Training services, software and embedded product development and consulting services.

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Summer training plc & scada

  1. 1. Industrial AutomationAutomation is basically the delegation of human control function to technical equipment for •Increasing Productivity • Increasing Quality MACHINE • Reducing Cost• Increasing Safety in working conditionsCONTROL SYSTEM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  2. 2. What is Industrial Automation ..? Automation is encompassing virtually every walk of life. Automation solutions are required right from agricultural to space technology. Plant Automation is the necessity for the manufacturing industry to survive in today’s globally competitive market
  3. 3. Don’t Surprise IT IS ALSO AUTOMATION Processor (Brain) Feedback(Eyes) Output controlling unit(Hand) action unit (Leg) When Human Operator can operate the machine ,taking Feedback of a Machinery performance and he can change or adjust according to requirement, that why it also called as Automation. Thus ,we can define Automation Any systematic operation required intelligence and as well as monitoring action.
  4. 4. Scope of Automation in industries• Power & Steel plant• Chemical• Paint• Gas & oil• Automobile Industries• Mobile manufacturing industries• Textile industry• Medicine
  5. 5. Industrial Automation• PLC• SCADA• PID Controller• Industrial Instrumentation• Motor(AC)• Relay & Contactor ,electrical device’s symbols• Drives (AC)• HMI• Networking
  6. 6. ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER TIMER It is used for time delay generation for the operation of different MachineryCOUNTER PID ControllerIt is used for counting theno. of event
  7. 7. Thermocouple PID Controller Analog Input Signal (FEEDBACK) Frequency controlled Power supplied to Regulated Controlled Signal ( Output) Blower Motor BlowerTemperaturecontrollingby the use of PIDcontroller in VFDIndustry
  8. 8. Limitation of Electronic Controller in a IndustryIn industry where large number of a Timer, Counter, PID, Relay, Switches and etc ,which all makes the entiresystem costly and complicated .Thus, there is need of One Controller which can monitor the entiresystemAnd also generate delay and count a eventEasy to be program , modify whenever needed All this feature are add up in a one controller PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  9. 9. History of Automation• Manual control system• Pneumatic control system• Hard wired logic control system• Electronic control using logic gate• PLC (Programmable logical controllers)
  10. 10. Programmable Logic ControllerA PLC is a micro processor based solid state / computerized industrialcomputer that performs discrete or sequential logic in a factory environment.It was originally developed to replace mechanical relays, timers, counters.PLCs are used successfully to execute complicated control operations in aplant.
  11. 11. History of PLCThe PLC was invented in response to the needs of the American automotivemanufacturing industry.Programmable logic controllers were initially adopted by the automotive industry wheresoftware revision replaced the re-wiring of hard-wired control panels when productionmodels changed.In 1968 GM Hydramatic (the automatic transmission division of General Motors) issued arequest for proposal for an electronic replacement for hard-wired relay systems. The winningproposal came from Bedford Associates of Bedford, Massachusetts.The first PLC, designated the 084 because it was Bedford Associates eighty-fourth project,was the result. Bedford Associates started a new companydedicated to developing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing this new product:Modicon, which stood for Modular Digital Controller. One of the people who worked on thatproject was Dick Morley, who is considered to be the "father" of the PLC. .
  12. 12. Global Player in a Automation Industry1. Siemens2. Allen Bradelly3. Mitsubhisi4. GE5. ABB6. Delta7. Yokogawa8. Omran9. National Instrument10. Schinider Electric11. honeywell
  13. 13. Programming In a PLC User have a multiple Choice for programming a PLC Ladder logic Functional Block Diagram Instruction List
  14. 14. Ladder Logic Programming It is a easier way of Programming the PLC. So that Engineer must be concerned only on procedure and functional of the machinery design For this knowledge of basic Electronic Circuit is sufficient.For Example Basic Gate Logic A Output OR Gate B Electrical Circuit A Output Ladder Logic B
  15. 15. AND Gate A B Output Electrical Circuit A B Output Ladder Logic Output NOT gate Electrical Circuit A A Output Ladder Logic
  16. 16. Motion Control System We can operate these Drive through Keypad , external Switch and also through PLC VFD Induction MotorStepper Drive Stepper MotorServo Drive Servo motor
  17. 17. Industrial Robotic is also the part of Automation IndustryIndustrial robotic is the finest example of motion control system, Onerobot required one controller for the specific operation but whenmultiple robot working together thus we required no. of PLCconnected together by Master PLC, so that entire process can besynchronized
  18. 18. SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition Data Acquisition mean collecting Control means Controlling data Information fromSupervisory means Monitoring the entire System such as Differententire system through ON/OFF operation , controller, SensorGUI representation Speed , Drives , Motor whichof working Status ,of the controlling, temperature are connected atentire system Controlling distance through wire , Ethernet , wireless
  19. 19. PLC is just like a Black Box, internal operation of itsuser can`t see until the entire process complete or halt theSystem…Thus we required GUI(Graphical User Interface)Representation of the entire process……..
  20. 20. Main feature of SCADA •GUI is designed by simple Drag and Paste concept. •Tagging and Coding is done by considering programming bit . •On SCADA ,we can monitor Real Time operation and Historical Trend . •Alarm triggering which also used in this system , it trigger when certain task complete or sudden brake of a system. •Recipe management ,it provide the operator multiple choice for mixing the variety of chemical and solution.
  21. 21. We can also monitor the Real time operation and theprocess on Graph .
  22. 22. In Industry SCADA were designed on ComputerSystem , and display may be on computerscreen, LCD Display or ProjectorHere we can see, all the sensor , chemical tank, filling process , temperature ,ON/OFF status of Motor .All this thing, it has being monitor on the PC screen and bigLCD Screen or projector.
  23. 23. HMI Human Machine InterfaceIt have some major feature of SCADA ,HMI it is basically a controldisplay screen were operator can monitor and control the machineryand it is portable and can easily installed on the Machine itself HMI It was designed for the specific task operation on the machine and SCADA is for entire Plant operation
  24. 24. Industrial NetworkingEternet, Device net,Modbus , Profibus cable are used forconnecting entire Controller , Sensor , PLC and SCADA
  25. 25. Industrial Sensor It is basically are of two type Digital Sensor it has switching b/w ( 0,24V) Analog Sensor It is basically are of two type Current type analog Sensor (4mA—20mA) Voltage type analog Sensor (0—10V)
  26. 26. Advantage of Implementation ofautomation in Industry Increase In Production Reliability in operation Flexibility in control techniques Flexibility in programming and reprogramming in the plant Large quantity of I/O s are connected Online/ offline modifications Cost effective for controlling complex systems In-house simulation & testing of project Speed in operation Ability to communicate with computer systems in the plant. Ease of maintenance / troubleshooting
  27. 27. SCOPE OF AUTOMATIONIn Aeronautic and SpaceApplication, where large amount of aControlling unit are used forconnecting different device that areworking systematic manner Smooth functioning of the Delhi Metro train is a example of a motion control system .
  28. 28. SCOPE OF AUTOMATIONIn the Research Lab such asCERN,NASA,ISRO,DRDO and etcWhere very small unit of machine tothe very heavy Machinery Unitdesigned are interlink together , Ato Z controlling in came under In Heavy industry such as Steel ,Automobileindustrial Automation. , and Food industry where the man are not able to work in a such hostile condition ,thus sensor, controller & PLC are diploid there and monitoring & controlling is done from SCADA based control room
  29. 29. In Industry and Research Lab Industrial Automation is the End Consumer of the Engineering field. All the Mechanical machinery from small to large such asMechanical Hydraulic system, pneumatic system, Induction motor are consumes in the Automation industry Relay ,Contactor and large Amount of SwitchElectrical Gear(MCB,MCCB,OLR ,Push Button) are also consumes in this industryInstrumentation Industrial sensor (Proximity ,IR Sensor , Level sensor) & instrument (Pressure Switch , limit Switch, Flow Meter) are also consumes in thisElectronic Embedded product such counter , timer, PID controller and electronic Regulator and PLC are also consumes in the automation For connecting different device , controller , PLC and SCADAInformation Technology so that they can communicate with each other thus Industrial networking requirement is essential
  30. 30. Role of Engineers In Industrial Automation• Designing of the Automation system• Erection and Commissioning• Application Engineering• Maintenance and Troubleshooting of existing system