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CETPA INFOTECH PVT LTD is one of the IT education and training service provider brands of India that is preferably working in 3 most important domains. It includes IT Training services, software and embedded product development and consulting services.

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Summer training oracle

  1. 1. Because Knowledge MattersA market leader in the field of technical training for over adecade is glad to organize a workshop on ORACLETechnology to shape the career of bright students and toturn them into great engineers. We hope to have a goodtime with you.
  2. 2. ORACLE
  3. 3. Introduction to Oracle  Physical Structure  Logical Structure  SOA  Background Processes Backup Methods Computer Science Database – CS01  Administrative Tasks
  4. 4. FEATURES OF ORACLE Managing Storage and Data Managing & Using Information Maintaining Availability, Security and PerformanceManaging Systems And Managing Change
  5. 5. ORACLE TASK• Cold Backup (aka Consistent Backups) – The only way to make a consistent whole database backup is to shut down the database with the NORMAL, IMMEDIATE, or TRANSACTIONAL options and make the backup while the database is closed. – Advantage : No recovery is required after datafiles are restored – quicker restore – Disadvantage : No access to database during backup time (depends on size/system speed)
  6. 6. Oracle Corporation• US$ 10b company• Over 40,000 employees• 200,000 Database Customers Worldwide• 13,000 Applications Customers Worldwide
  7. 7. Automatic Storage Management • The preferred and best storageASM Disk manager for Oracle Databases ASM Disk ASM Disk – Easier to manage than file systems ASM Disk ASM Disk – Performance of raw volumes – Built-in to Oracle database – Shared storage pool for all databases • Free, and widely adopted – >65% of 10g RAC deployments on ASM – >25% of 10g customers already using ASM – Many VLDB over 10TB
  8. 8. SecureFiles Breaks the Performance Barrier! File Read Performance • Innovative technology for high (MB/second) performance large object data120 SecureFiles –Smart buffering, write100 gathering, intelligent locking Linux Files 80 –Fast bulk data transfers, LOB 60 prefetch 40 LOBs 20 • Much faster than LOBs with more 0 capabilities 0.1 1 10 100 • File system-like performance with File Size (MB) database functionality!
  9. 9. Database Encryption• Encrypt at a column level (10g)• New: encrypt entire tablespaces• Redo, undo, backups also encrypted• Key management done by database• Transparent to applications
  10. 10. Oracle Partitioning 10 years of innovation Core functionalityOracle8 Range partitions, global range indexOracle8i Hash and composite range-hash partitioningOracle9i List partitioningOracle9i R2 Composite range-list partitioningOracle 10g Global hash indexesOracle 10g R2 1M partitions per table
  11. 11. Extending Oracle’ XML Lead Performance Comprehensive XML storage and indexing and efficient end-to-end XML processing• Binary XML - Compact and efficient storage representation – Complements existing object storage and text storage models – XMLtype storage format transparent to developer – Single, compact XML representation across client, mid-tier, db – Plan to place our Binary XML format into open source• XML Path Indexing for schema-less XML documents
  12. 12. Oracle XMLDB – Sustained Innovation Binary XML Storage & Indexing XQueryPerformance XML Storage & XML Repository API’s 1998 2001 2004 2007
  13. 13. Data Security: Oracle Products AccessIdentity ControlManagement • Database Vault• Oracle Identity Management • Label Security Core PlatformMonitoring Security Data• Audit Vault• EM Configuration Pack Protection • Advanced Security • Secure Backup
  14. 14. Oracle Workflow Architecture WebNotification Business Event Notification Workflow System Services Engine Workflow Worklist Builder Send Send Execution Web Receive Respond Definition Monitor Workflow Oracle Raise Forward Administration Loader HTTP Server Listen Cancel Monitoring Web Admin Query Query Query Workflow Tools Definition Files Oracle Workflow Enabled Application Workflow Browser Application Oracle Database Server Development Client Server Client
  15. 15. Automatic Diagnostic Workflow Diagnostic Repository  Alert DBAError!  Run Health Checks  Auto Incident Creation  First-Failure Capture  Check Metalink If unknown issue If known issue  Package incident & config  Apply patch / workaround  Use Repair Advisor EM Support  Use Repair Advisors Workbench Reduce Time to Problem Resolution
  16. 16. Develop on Windows, Database on any Platform(.net) Windows Oracle Developer Tools for VS.NET Linux Visual Studio Environment Unix Windows Other Oracle 10g, 9i, or 8i
  17. 17. Write .NET Stored Procedures for Oracle Oracle Developer Tools for VS.NET Visual Studio Client Environment Application Develop Invoke C#,VB.NET,C++ Server Project (Use ODP.NET Invoke Stored if required) Procedure, SQL .. Build Deploy Assembly Oracle DB foo.dll (proc sp) Extensions Stored Proc for .NET
  18. 18. Oracle AS Containers for J2EE Demonstration
  19. 19. • Highest Quality of Service – Performance – Scalability – Availability – Security• Lowest Cost• Easier to Manage• Reduce risk of change
  20. 20. WHY ORACLE??Oracle DeveloperTools for VS.NET IIS MTS/ Develop C++, C#, Deploy (ASP COM+ Visual Studio VB .NET ASP.NET) Environment Application Application IIS Deploy Database Development ODP.NET Oracle DB Extensions For .NET Oracle Services for MTS
  21. 21. Benefits• Easy to learn and intuitive• Leverage SQL Server development experience• Powerful features that enhance productivity – e.g designers, auto code generation• Exposes latest and greatest Oracle functionality• Stay in Visual Studio for project lifecycle
  23. 23. WHAT CETPA OFFERS….• Writing Basic SQL Statement.• Restricting and Sorting Data.• Single Row Function.• Displaying Data From Multiple Tables.• Aggregating Data Using GROUP Function.• Sub-Queries.• Creating and Managing Tables.• Including Constraints.• Views.• Other Database Objects.• Controlling User-Access.• USING SET Operators.• Enhancement to the GROUP BY Clause.• Advance Sub-Queries.• Hierarchical Retrieval.
  24. 24. Contact Details
  25. 25. THANK YOU… We are really very grateful to all of you for sharing your valuable time with us during the workshop. We hope you had a good time learning with us and we look forward to hear from you very soon in near future.!!! Have a great time ahead………!!!!!Presented by: