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Most amazing destinations in europe to celebrate new

Get to know some of the best destinations in Europe to celebrate new year's eve!

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Most amazing destinations in europe to celebrate new

  2. 2. LONDON • The whole city is lit up with cheerful colors and glazes. • At midnight, the city’s skies look stunning with brilliant firework displays. • On January 1, the New Year’s Day parade marches throughout the city.
  3. 3. BERLIN • This city has its own style of celebrating the New Year’s Eve. • At the Brandenburg gate, you can see more than 1 million visitors. • At the midnight, a spectacular firework display begins followed by celebrations. • One cannot miss those amazing lights and laser shows, party tents, eateries, and drinks.
  4. 4. PARIS • A perfect place to celebrate with your loved ones. • A number of events and activities happen around the city including clubbing and cabaret shows. • The Seine River cruise is a must-to-enjoy ride for couples so as to have an unforgettable time.
  5. 5. EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND • One of the biggest New Year celebrations takes place here. • The torchlight procession, where thousands of torch carriers create a river of fire that goes from the historic Royal Mile to the son et lumiére and fireworks finale on Calton Hill is simply amazing. • Enjoy incredible live music and outdoor bars to midnight fireworks.
  6. 6. PORTO, PORTUGAL • Several street parties take place in the city. • The largest party takes place in front of the Porto City Hall, featuring musical entertainment and fireworks. • You can go for cruise ships over the Douro River on this night too.
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