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Ignition system by arshed mehmood


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a video is also present in this presentation to learn more.

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Ignition system by arshed mehmood

  1. 1. Arshed Mehmood 08-ME-05Iftikhar Bashir Butt 08-ME-06Waseem Rasheed 08-ME-07Umer Fraz Khan 08-ME-08
  2. 2. Presentation TopicIgnition System
  3. 3. The ignition system ignites the air/fuel mixture insidethe cylinders, or combustion chambers.All internal combustion engines require an ignitionsystem to work. The entire system consists of twoelectrical systems.One is a low voltage circuit induced by the voltagesupplied by the BATTERY. The other electrical systemis the high voltage circuit. This circuit provides thenecessary voltage to create a spark at the SPARKPLUG.
  4. 4. Ignition coilDistributorDistributor capRotorPlug wiresSpark plugsBattery
  5. 5. The ignition coil takes the weak battery power andturns it into a spark that is powerful enough to igniteyour fuels vapor.
  6. 6. The distributor is the nerve center of themechanical ignition system and has twotasks to perform.1. First, it is responsible for triggering the ignition coil to generate a spark at the precise instant that it is required (which varies depending how fast the engine is turning and how much load it is under).2. Second, the distributor is responsible for directing that spark to the proper cylinder (which is why it is called a distributor).
  7. 7. The distributor is responsible for directing that spark tothe proper cylinder, as shown in the video.
  8. 8. The distributor cap and rotor aretwo essential pieces that distributeelectrical current to the spark plugs.The distributor cap connects to thespark plugs directly using a sparkplug wire. The number of plug wiresconnected depends on the amountof spark plugs that are in the engine.For example, an four cylinder enginewill have four plug wires. The rotoris designed to spin inside of thedistributor cap, just missing theterminals inside the cap.
  9. 9. These cables are designed to handle 20,000 to morethan 50,000 volts, enough voltage to toss you acrossthe room if you were to be exposed to it. The job ofthe spark plug wires is to get that enormous powerto the spark plug without leaking out. Spark plugwires have to endure the heat of a running engine aswell as the extreme changes in the weather.
  10. 10. The ignition systems sole reason forbeing is to service the spark plug. Itmust provide sufficient voltage tojump the gap at the tip of the sparkplug and do it at the exact righttime, reliably on the order ofthousands of times per minute foreach spark plug in the engine.The modern spark plug is designedto last many thousands of milesbefore it requires replacement.
  11. 11. An automotive battery is a typeof rechargeable battery thatsupplies electric energy to anautomobile. Usually this refers toan SLI battery (starting, lighting,ignition) to power the startermotor, the lights, and theignition system of a vehicle’sengine. An automotive batterymay also be a traction batteryused for the main power sourceof an electric vehicle.
  12. 12. In a diesel engine the fuel ignites as soon as it isinjected into the hot, highly compressed air in thecylinder. Diesel engines frequently utilize an electricheating element, called a glow plug, inside the cylinderto preheat the air to facilitate starting and running untilthe engine has reached its operating temperature.A glowplug (alternatively spelled as glow plug or glow-plug) is a heating device used to aid starting dieselengines.Diesel engines, unlike petrol engines, do not use sparkplugs to induce combustion.
  13. 13. A glow plug is a pencil-shaped piece of metal witha heating element at the tip; that heating element,when electrified, heats due to its electrical resistanceand begins to emit light in the visible spectrum,hence the term "glow" plug; the effect is very similarto that of a toaster. The heat generated by the glowplugs is directed into the cylinders, and serves towarm the engine block immediately surrounding thecylinders. This aids in reducing the amount ofthermal diffusion which will occur when the engineattempts to start.