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Arshad Masih       Cell: +855-77-333-130; Email; ; LinkedIn Profile; Twitter; Skype; arshad.mash...
   Lead & drive team of 50 professional of Multi-vendor, Multi-cultural and Multi-professional       attributes to cutove...
Jan 2008 – Apr 2011: Assistant Manager NSS-O&M, CMPak Limited (formerly Paktel Limited) - AChina Mobile Pakistan Company, ...
   Configuration and definition of 3rd party value-added servers using ISDN PRI and R2 signalingAugust 2005 −August 2006:...
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Arshad Masih -Resume


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Arshad Masih -Resume

  1. 1. Arshad Masih Cell: +855-77-333-130; Email; ; LinkedIn Profile; Twitter; Skype; arshad.mashiPROFILE SUMMARY8+ years’ experience in large-scale cellular operators blended with PMP, multi-vendor(Ericsson,Huawei, ZTE, ALU), multi-cultural and multi-professional environment, technologies; HSPA+, HSPA,UMTS/WCDMA, WiMAX, EDGE/GPRS, GSM/DCS, D-AMPS. Hands-on & expertise on IOT, Configuration, re-Homing, re-Parenting, Roll-out/Swap, Deployment, Commissioning, Integration, Acceptance, Cut-over, QoSand O&M of 2G/3G/3.5G networks, Strong architectural knowledge, planning and Traffic modelingcapabilities. In-depth study on various technical specifications interfaces and protocols of ITU-T/3GPP, hotpursuit of emerging products, technologies and industry trending, Influential Leadership &Management skills with a proven track record of highly successful business objectives & service delivery.PRODUCT, INTERFACES AND PROTOCOLS EXPERTISECORE: Legacy 2G MSC/VLR, NGN/UMTS MSS/MGW, Legacy/ATCA SGSN/GGSN, 2G HLR, NGHLR STP, MNP platform and other switch products like ISDN PRI/BRI, Legal InterceptorVAS: SMSC, Missed Call Alert, USSD, E-top-up, Voice Mail, VAS content R2/ISDN/SS7/VoIPRAN: Extensive & Significant knowledge on 2G/3G/HSPA+ RNC, NodeB, BSC, BTS, TXN/IP CoreQoS/QoE: TEMS Automatic, NASTAR, NEMO, XCAL/P-W & network audit tools & probesOSS: M2000, NPO, RNO, OMC-R, OMC-S, OPTIMA, INSPUR, Net BOSS, OSS-CRTroubleshooting & Expertise on SS7, SIGTRAN & IP Protocols stack with respective Layers & protocols:H.248, MAP, CAP, INAP, ISDN, ISUP, SCCP, BICC , SCTP, MTP etc with performance analysis expertise onvarious Interface;Iub/Iu-cs/Iu-ps/Iur/Gb/Gn/Gi/A/Abis/C/D/E/Mc/Nb/Nc, Voice,Data and Signaling traffic.PROFESSIONA ACHIEVEMENTS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS…………………………MOST RECENT TO PAST  Setup Customer Support platform via Facebook and proposed Twitter for speedy rectification and response to customers using Social Networking, improved TAT (turn around time) by 15%.  POC(proof of concept) of WiFi data offloading as alternate solution to curb Data Congestion & offer high data speed to improve customer experience.  Lead the Radio network audit & “Frequency Re-tune” in response to Regulator & cross border interference, encompasses 24 BSC(ALU, Huawei) over 2500 BTS sites with minimal user impact in consultation with Aircom using AIQ throughout Cambodia improved call drop and HO quality.  Successfully delivered the Induction of 2nd UMTS frequency carrier in live UMTS network to increase capacity of NoedB/RNC with pre/post network analysis and impact on Sales Channels and new Data packages. This increased subscriber, data, and revenue by 20%.  Researched, Analyzed & simulated data rates, vendors & types of Smartphone’s, tablets and Dongles connected in network. It greatly helped Marketing to create realistic business models of different data rates to meet the customer data demand & forecasting for yearly plans.  Successful transformation of QoS/KPIs to innovate QoE/KQI model to develop and draft Customer Experience Management platform, which is ready for implementation worth USD 5 million.  Assured and managed the 545 2G sites rollout & 394 swap sites from QoS perspective and analyzed the ROI business model for CXO level.  Successfully led IOT b/w ZTE ZXG10 MSC and Ericsson BSC and then Huawei NGN MSC and Ericsson BSC that resulted in timely launch of ZONG in April 2008 and proved huge success for China Mobile in cellular market of Pakistan.  Successfully achieved E2E phases of integration, commissioning, acceptance and cut-over of Huawei core comprised of 7 NGN MSC servers (MSOFTX3000)/MGWs (UMG8900), 2 STP (SG7000) and ZTE 2 iHLR/AUC and 1 EIR as fastest rolling-out core project.
  2. 2.  Lead & drive team of 50 professional of Multi-vendor, Multi-cultural and Multi-professional attributes to cutover, re-parenting/re-homing of 7NGN MSC, 14 BSC and over 1000 BTS sites in financial hub city, Karachi, Pakistan in just 1 month.  Rollout first ever MNP (Mobile Number Portability) solution in South provinces of Sind and Baluchistan, Pakistan in 2007.  Simultaneous implementation of 7 to 8 digit migration of Mobile and fixed Line networks with minimum subscriber perceived service impact throughout Pakistan in ONE GO.  My team proved to be the most motivated one under my leadership during massive and time critical roll-out, swap of core network and launch of ZONG as cellular brand of China Mobile.  Wrote, presented and track the E2E project phases to vendors, subcons and my team & saved time.  Strong troubleshooting experience of SS7 and SIGTRAN protocol stacks utilized in solving various technical issue during critical phases of ZONG project and saved time and maintenance cost.  My idea of redundant power for VSAT BTS sites acknowledged by senior management and implemented to improve the service availability and valuable revenue of company in remote areasPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEApril 2011 − Present: E2E QoS/QoE Manager, CamGSM Co; Ltd (Mobitel), Phnom Penh, Cambodia  Leading & Delivering the E2E QoS/QoE of 3G/2G networks in parallel, based in financial hub and capital, Phnom Penh. The KPI of Radio, BSS, Core-CS/PS, TXN/IP-Core and IN/VAS are in my responsibility matrix.  This is a challenging position to ensure E2E quality and subscriber experience on 7.2Mbps, 3.6Mbps in dense urban and lower data rates in suburbs & provinces.  Deliver Service Improvement and recommendations for coverage, capacity, quality and KPI for network, service and operation areas of 2G/3G voice/data, Core/Access/IP, Content Apps & VAS.  Design, validation and implementation of KPI and SLA with challenging baseline to MS vendors  Develop and implement processes, procedures and guidelines for E2E network nodes.  Improved and maintained the KPIs of over 2200 BTS sites (GSM 900, DCS 1800), over 300 NodeB (BTS3900), 3 RNC (BSC6900), 24 BSC (ALU, Huawei), Huawei SGSN/GGSN, 2 STP, and 3 MSS/MGW, Metro Rings and Long haul TXN network.  Lead and evaluation of Software & hardware upgrades to improve and fix the network bugs and risk analysis in planned network outages.  Design and implementation of service flow controls, failover to avoid congestion and improve service availability.  Developed E2E test cases, processes and procedures for Voice and Data Intl’ Roaming & Calling  Coordination, Negotiations with 3rd party vendors like Aircom, Astellia for Radio and Core network audits to improve the services and KPIs worth USD0.5 Million.  Controlling the configuration & Change request implemented in network and centralized tracking  Lead and drive the monthly 3G/2G Benchmark and Drive test at network level through in-house and out-source resources to detect KPI degradation and proposed necessary optimization.  Overall Service, daily, weekly & monthly network KPIs tracking with highlight, achievement and improvement recommendations to SMT (Senior Management).  I am responsible to implement best practices for the work that result in continuous improvement of the processes and performance as well as reducing the cost for the operations.  Devising innovative solutions to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX for E2E engineering projects  Management of QoS team comprises of Multi-Cultural Expats and local engineers of multiple-skills. This includes OJT and knowledge transfer from Expats to improve skills of local engineers.  Comfortable in presenting and coordinating and reporting at CXO level  Regular coordination with sales, customer service and marketing to support in new promotions and business plans.
  3. 3. Jan 2008 – Apr 2011: Assistant Manager NSS-O&M, CMPak Limited (formerly Paktel Limited) - AChina Mobile Pakistan Company, Karachi:  Overall supervision of GSM IP based Core Network (Huawei, ZTE) capable of handling 3.1 million subscribers in south province Sind and Baluchistan of Pakistan including financial capital city Karachi through in-sourced as well as outsourced teams.  I optimized and achieved Core Network KPIs to 90% from a lower baseline value.  Preventive maintenance of core network elements comprises of 7NGN MSC Server, 7Media Gateways, 2 STP, 1EIR and 2 iHLR, 2 MCA (missed call alert), VM (voice mail), Legal interceptor and power system of 2 FG Wilson DG sets of 730Kva, 2 Galaxy UPS of 120Kva and Kilsen/Hygood Fire Suppression FM-200 system through continuous and periodic health checks.  First level corrective maintenance of core elements capable of 17000K BHCA and 160K Erlang traffic through in-source team and second level maintenance through outsourced vendors.  Configuration management of the network as per day to day requirements.  Capacity management through detailed periodic traffic analysis and forecast.  Responding and handling critical situations and outages and producing incident reports.  Management including implementation and follow-ups of the work order activities 100% as per SLA  Management, follow-up and clearance of trouble tickets to 100% within turn-around-time.  Liaise with sales and customer support departments to follow-up complain received from them.  Plan, evaluate, risk management of planned outages due to S/W and H/W upgrades followed regression testing.  Plan and execute deployment, integration, commissioning and cutover plan of new core communication systems.  Leading & Driving PAT (provisional acceptance tests) of newly installed core communication systems and services and assist in evaluation of new systems.  Undertake special duties/projects concerning core network, as required by the management.  Manage systems/billing backups and backup media safeguarding.  Manage interconnects, roaming and inter-working services, restoration, testing, and routine tasks.  Arrange and conduct OJT and technical guidance for subordinates, new recruits, and consolidators.  Agree on objectives and perform appraisals for all subordinates where applicable.  Produce and monitor operational and statistical reports both on regular and ad-hoc basis as and when required.  Maintain network records, test equipments, systems’ inventory, floor plans, and sites’ documents.  Monitor the correctness and effectiveness of departments procedures/ processes and implement changes as required while ensuring compliance with standards.  Assist where applicable in the preparation of section’s business plan and in the budgetary control process.Aug 2006 −Dec 2007: NSS Engineer-O&M, Paktel GSM of Millicom International Cellular, Karachi  Planning and execution of major software and hardware upgrades in consultation with vendor  Regression testing to verify the smooth execution of planned outages and upgrades  ISUP definition , configuration and management of voice channels and N7 links  Configuration & second line support to NSS nodes of ZXG-10 MSC/HLR platform  Definition of different numbering levels in SCCP configuration database of MSC/HLR  Analysis and routing of different numbering levels as per interconnect POI  Rectification of complaints related to NSS network  Review/issue work orders related to Core network  Deletion/addition of subscription data in HLR database  Definition of MSISDN ranges in HLR database nodes  Provisioning/De-provisioning of different services in HLR system  HLR capacity Management and data queries using SQL  IR Definition, troubleshooting and management of IR21 and IR24 database of roaming partners  Troubleshooting of complex complaints using HLR/MSC MAP, BSSAP and ISUP traces
  4. 4.  Configuration and definition of 3rd party value-added servers using ISDN PRI and R2 signalingAugust 2005 −August 2006: NOC Engineer Paktel GSM, Millicom International Cellular-Islamabad  BTS site definition in ZTE OMC-R, data loading and coordination with field engineers  Alarm monitoring and escalation and follow-up of Core, TXN, Radio Access and VAS  Logging, updating and tracking trouble tickets of various complaints of subscriber  Work order number generation, tracking and closing as per agreed SLA and frame work  Numbering level analysis and definition in ZTE ZXG-10 OMC-S, E/// AXE10  E1, C7 trouble shooting in coordination with field operations team  Implementation of SOX controls for policies and procedures of O&M departmentJune 2004 − August 2005: Hardware Design Engineer at VisualSoft Limited, Rawalpindi, Pakistan  Design and Implementation of “ Subscriber Pulse Metering” solution for Fixed line Payphone  Part of design, implementations and support of control system for automatic “Toll Collection”  Correspondence for RFP and BOQ with manufactures of electronics components  R&D of telecommunication based applications of landline and GSM SIM Tool kit  Worked on Wismo Q2406B GSM / GPRS module for GSM / GPRS based products  Prototype development of S/W & H/W of Fixed Line and GSM Payphone  Designing Microcontrollers based applications for telecom products  Test & Measurements using various tools like Tektronic Digital Oscilloscope  Designing Schematics and PCBs using ORCAD and PCAD design librariesTECHNICAL TRAININGS & SKILL SET  Huawei NGN ; MSOFTX3000, UMG8900, IGWB, XPTU, STP SG7000  iManager M2000 for centralized management of Huawei network nodes  ZTE ZXG-10 platform of MSC, iHLR, EIR and External Alarm Platform  Acterna Protocol analyzer 8360 for SS7 protocol stack  Implementations and control of SOX procedures for O&M hot pursuer  Harris NetBoss 2 week training for Tekelec STP Eagle 5 O&M  Preparation of Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA 5.0)  MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and MS Projects  INSPUR, Nastar, NPO, RNO, and Aircom OptimaEDUCATION & CAREER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPEMENTB.E in “Computer & Information Systems” NED University of Engg & Tech, Karachi, Pakistan (CGPA 3.7/4).HSC in ”Pre-Engineering”, Siraj Uddaullah Govt. College, Karachi Pakistan (82% marks, A+ grade).PMP preparation course to complete 35 hours of education.Short course on “Managing in turbulent Time” management skills by NUTSHELL.Management course on” Leadership, Coaching & Counseling” by OCTARA.INTERNSHIP & APPRENTICESHIP2 year apprenticeship in Electrical Trade at Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co Ltd, Karachi Pakistan.40 days internship at PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Co Ltd) in Switching & International Gateway.ASSOCIATION/AFFILICATIONS/HONORSMember of Pakistan Engineering Council as “Certified Professional Engineer”.Certified Skilled Electronic/Telecommunication Engineer by “Engineers Australia”.Australian Permanent resident under Skilled Independt-175 Category.Guest speaker invited by Pakistan Naval Engineering College on” GSM Technology”.Got “Employee of the Month” award for successful idea of redundant power for VSAT BTS site.REFERENCES
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