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Failure of clutch plate


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Burst or broken clutch driven plate facings are caused by overstraining of the facing Matrix due to incorrect driving practice or incorrect clutch installation procedure including adjustments, or flywheel damage.

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Failure of clutch plate

  1. 1. Failure of clutch plate Prepared by. Arshad Abbas Khan Wah Engineering college wah cantt TITLE
  2. 2. • A clutch is really a machine that gives for your transmission of energy (and thus generally movement) from 1 element (the driving member) to a different (the pushed member) when engaged, but may be disengaged. What is clutch
  3. 3. Clutch
  4. 4. – Flywheel – Clutch disc – Pressure plate COMPONENTS OF CLUTCH
  6. 6. clutch release mechanism mostly two types of release mechanism are used 1.Cable operated release 2.hydraulic release
  7. 7. Clutch plate • A most important component in clutch is clutch plate or clutch disc
  8. 8. 1.Wet clutch plate Wet clutch are universal and found on any bike. Almost 99% of motorcycle manufactured uses this kind of clutch. Here it is bathed in oil It stops the clutch from knocking on itself. 2.Dry clutch plate There is no oil circulated in to the clutch, which result into clutch knocking on itself. These types of clutch are used in cars and heavy vehicles TYPES OF CLUTCH PLATES
  9. 9. The springs are most important in c.plate the sudden shocks or jerks on the plates are observed by the springs. torsional springs can be spring or rubber What is the purpose of springs in plate?
  10. 10. 1. Incorrect gear selection Incorrect gear selection of a low gear while driving at speed causes the driven plate to accelerate instantaneously to a speed far in excess of the facing burst strength due to the multiplication of the rotation speeds of the Gearbox and or Differential Ratios. 2. Miss-Shifting a gear Miss-Shifting a gear while driving at speed can also cause the plate to accelerate past its facing burst strength. Miss-Shifting a gear at high engine RPM can also cause the facing material to break away from the Backing plate or damage the clutch hub the stop pins-and blow out the compression springs causing compete clutch disc failure. Cause of failure of clutch plate
  11. 11. 3. Excessive clutch slippage Excessive clutch slippage while driving causes the facing materials to overheat resulting in disintegration and failure of Clutch Disc and Pressure plate assemblies due to contamination from the facing materials. 4.No proper care during installation Simply dropping a clutch disc on the floor or during installation can impact and easily crack the facing material after a short operational period. Cause of failure of clutch plate
  12. 12. Consider two friction surfaces maintained in contact by an axial thrust (W) as shown in fig(a) Calculation of frictional torque
  13. 13. Calculation of frictional torque
  14. 14. Calculation of frictional torque
  15. 15. When we consider uniform pressure When the pressure is uniformly distributed over the entire area of the friction face as shown in Fig.(a) then the intensity of pressure, Calculation of frictional torque
  16. 16. Thanks