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Traction story map plan


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Traction story map plan

  2. 2. TimeStoriesOur Goal Today!TasksActivities 2
  3. 3. Who are the customers of the system?• The people who will use this system to gain benefits• E.g., Domestic Carrier• In groups of 3 to 4 - 5 minutes3
  4. 4. Thinking through user experience……using user scenarios"Describes interactions of people andthe system in a way we anticipate thepeople to use the system"4
  5. 5. User Scenario• Why do they even have access to the system? (e.g.,role in their company, relationship to CTC)Interaction Context• What are they trying to achieve?Goal• What is it they really want to go right, and avoid goingwrong?Concerns• What do they do 80% of the time?Typical Use• What do they do 20% of the time? E.g., Edge-cases,rare situations, weird stuff.Exceptions• What affects their decision-making?Influences• What are problems they wouldn’t be surprised toencounter?Typical Problems• What inconveniences do they encounter that they justlive with?Pain points5
  6. 6. Context: The Acme truck driver is assigned topick up a shipment which he must do at the pickup time supplied by dispatch.Goal: Receive order through SMS, pick up orderat destination.Concerns:1. SMS provides complete order info,2. Access to vehicle is available3. Order is available for pick-up at time stated4. Wait time is minimal at pick-up location5. BoL info matches POTypical Use:1. Receive SMS with order pick-up details2. Verify that order will be ready by logging intosystem and checking pick-up time3. Accept assignment and notify dispatch byusing “Accept Order” feature4. Pick-up order at destination, notify dispatchthrough “Notify Dispatch” featureExceptions:1. Order is not immediately ready for pick-upwhen you get there, must wait2. Order is incomplete, must wait or move ondepending on instructions from carrierInfluences: Weather, fuel charges, day of week,holiday schedule, weight and volume of order,border wait times, rate per mileTypical Problems: SMS is received too late,SMS contains incorrect Purchase Order ID,driver contention (needs to be resolved viadispatch)Pain Points:1. Can’t access system via Blackberry2. Must print Purchase Order when atdestination3. Signing authority needs to be verified everytimeExample: Acme Truck Driver picks up package6
  7. 7. Distribute users and create scenarios• In groups of 3 to 4 - 15 minutes• Every team loses and gains a team member who willpoke holes and question the scenarios – 10 minutes7
  8. 8. Extract User Tasks From ScenariosTimeTasks 8
  9. 9. An example to help us out…User StoryUser TaskUser ActivityManageCorporateEmailView EmailShowInboxShowSingleEmailComposeEmailCreateFormattingToolbarCreateSendExtract the User Tasks from the UserScenarios that were created – 15 min9
  10. 10. Group the User Tasks into User ActivitiesTimeActivities 10
  11. 11. TimeStoriesDiscussion – Create Stories11