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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Form of modern-day slavery.Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery,(commercial sexual exploitation, forced labour).
  2. 2. •Trafficking is a profitable industry.•It has been identified as the fastest growing criminal industryin the world.•It is second only to drug trafficking as the most profitableillegal industry in the world.•In 2004, the total annual revenue for trafficking in personswere estimated to be between USD$5 billion and $9 billion.•In 2008, the United Nations estimated nearly 2.5 millionpeople from 127 different countries are being trafficked into137 countries around the world.
  3. 3. all through Africa? in third world countries? in poor countries? in Haiti? in Southeast in South America? Asia?
  4. 4. It is a situation in which victims are forced to workagainst their own will, under the threat of violence orsome other form of punishment.Their freedom is restricted.Degree of ownership is exerted.It generates $31bn, according to the InternationalLabour OrganizationIt include domestic servitude; agricultural labor;sweatshop factory labor; janitorial, food service andother service industry labor; and begging.
  5. 5. Bonded labor or debt bondage.it is the most widely used method of enslavingpeople.but it is least known among us.Victims become bonded laborers when their labor isdemanded as a means of repayment for a loan orservice.there are more than three to eight million peopleworking as bonded labour in Sindh and Punjab.
  6. 6. It includes:•prostitution•pornography•bride trafficking•commercial abuse of children•massage parlors, hostess clubs, brothels, escortservices, & internet dating .•exotic dancing/stripping
  7. 7. It is defined as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receiving of children for the purpose of exploitation.It includes:•Forcing a child into prostitution,•Child pornography,•The removal of organs,•Illicit international adaptation,•trafficking for early marriage,•recruitment as child soldiers,•for use in begging,•as athletes (such as child camel jockeys )
  8. 8. Respond to an attractive employment opportunity adTrust the promises of a boyfriend or friendAccept a promise of marriageAgree to a deal arranged by poverty-stricken parentsOr they are abducted
  9. 9. Take away their documentsBlackmail themThreaten violence to children and familyBeat, rape and humiliateLock them in and starve themSell and resell them around international networks
  10. 10. U.S. France Turkey China Mauritania U.A.E. Haiti Thailand Brazil
  11. 11. Difference between trafficking andsmuggling Human Human Smuggling trafficking•people voluntarily request •Victims of humanor hire an trafficking are not permittedindividual, known as a to leave upon arrival at theirsmuggler, to covertly destination.transport them from one •They are held against theirlocation to another. will.•smuggled person is usuallyfree to find their own way.•no deception involved.
  12. 12. •Fuels organized crime.•Promotes social breakdown.•Undermines public heal.•Subverts government authority.•Imposes enormous economic cost.
  13. 13. •Loss of support from family and community•Loss of proper education•Obstacles in physical development•Psychological Traumas
  14. 14. Gender and Migration Male, 20% Age and MigrationFemale, 80% Under 18, 50% Adult, 50%
  15. 15. "Tier 1" countries as those whose governments comply fullywith Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000."Tier 2" countries do not fully comply with the act but aremaking "significant progress" toward compliance."Tier 3" countries do not comply and are not making efforts todo so.
  16. 16. •Advocate policies•Support research•Promote social awareness and educate the public•Provide services to victims
  17. 17. Let’s join together and make slavery a thingof the past once and for all
  18. 18. •Locally, we propose a three-step attack towards the eradication of poverty and subsequently the abolition of human trafficking. 1. AWARENESS: an educational campaign spreading information through pamphlets, speeches, films, word of mouth, and online2. ACTION: service projects and fundraising events to get the local community involved 3. AID: fundraising and donation efforts to support international charities and organizations working towards the same thing
  19. 19. YOU make the difference between can slavery and freedom for someone in your community
  20. 20. Believe we don’t know enough“Sex-industry” is well-funded to get out its message Sounds like a “prude” Denial Not ready for what might happen
  21. 21. System will continue to provide the language, attitude, belief, and justification for its existence and self-perpetuation Miss an opportunity to proclaim a message of redemption and transformationWhat if we don’t speak?People will suffer in silence, not understanding the oppression that has gripped themLives of our most vulnerable will continue to be shaped by a culture of exploitation
  22. 22. We are called to stand in the grace of God,believing that it is a missional priority to proclaim release to the captives of the system of exploitation.