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How to Design a Training - Bagaimana Merancang Sebuah Training


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How to Design a Training adalah materi yang disampaikan Arry Rahmawan di Universitas Indonesia sebagai bentuk kaderisasi terbentuknya trainer-trainer muda yang Cerdas dan Mulia. Untuk mengundang Arry dalam memberikan pelatihan dan seminar, silakan klik

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How to Design a Training - Bagaimana Merancang Sebuah Training

  1. 1. How to Design a Training that inspiring changes and transforming lives Arry Rahmawan CerdasMulia TFT 15 Februari 2013 Inspire | Transform | Change
  2. 2. Slide ini dipersembahkan oleh: Arry Rahmawan Professional Talent Development TrainerPresident Executive CerdasMulia Leadership and Training Center Siapa sebenarnya Arry Rahmawan? silakan kunjungi
  3. 3. Definition of Training “the systematic acquisition of attitudes, concept, knowledges, roles, or skills, that result in improved performance at work” Inspire | Transform | Change
  4. 4. Inspire | Transform | Change
  5. 5. Training Needs Analysis • Standard TOR Analysis • Questionnaire • Interview • Literature Review • Observation • Ask and Question Inspire | Transform | Change
  6. 6. Training Design• Training Objective• Technique Choice• Rundown Building (per hour)• List of Materials• HR Needs• WORKBOOK• Financial Analysis Inspire | Transform | Change
  7. 7. Training Delivery• Ice Breaking Design• Slide Design• Video Choice (Embed)• Sound Performance• Games and Quiz• Discussion or Case Study Inspire | Transform | Change
  8. 8. Training Evaluation • Questionnaire • Interview • Follow UP • Advanced Training Offer? • Repeat Order? Inspire | Transform | Change
  9. 9. Untuk mengundang dalam rangka memberi seminar atau pelatihan, silakan hubungiHotline: 082260004761 (Telp/WA/SMS)PIN: 32FDD8CE | | @CerdasMulia Inspire | Transform | Change