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How to be a YOUng Entrepreneur - CerdasMulia


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This slide is created and delivered by Arry Rahmawan in Entrepreneurship Link Event Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia

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How to be a YOUng Entrepreneur - CerdasMulia

  1. 1. How to Be a YOUng ENTREPRNEUR! Presented by: @ArryRahmawan Chairman of CerdasMulia Training Firm Chairman of TDA Kampus Community
  2. 2. WHO AM I? Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  3. 3. Hello! My Name is Arry Rahmawan
  4. 4. Entrepreneurship Experience
  5. 5. Author of (nearly) Best-Selling Books STUDENTPRENEUR GUIDEBOOK
  6. 6. Founder and Chairman of Komunitas TDA Kampus (
  7. 7. So, What Will We Learn Today? Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  8. 8. 1 What’s Entrepreneurship 2 How to Start your Own Business 3 Make Your Business Grow Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  9. 9. What’s ENTREPRENEURSHIP? Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  10. 10. Who’s Entrepreneur? a person who build, organizes, and operates a business or businesses, dare taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to make profit from giving impact or benefits to others. Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  11. 11. Is that simple to becoming entrepreneur? Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  12. 12. Yes! Because: • • There’s new opportunity everyday For testing, launch, and scale your business is cheap price now! Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  13. 13. But not that simple Because: • We need to learn about tactic and strategy to grow and sustain Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  14. 14. Youngpreneur Notes So if you want to be a sustainable entrepreneur, you should be Well Educated and Action Oriented. Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  15. 15. How to Start YOUR OWN BUSINESS? Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  16. 16. Are you confusing from where to start business? Please don’t cry! These are some tips for you.. Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  17. 17. HEART CALLING Being entrepreneur is STRONG REASON You Should have why would become entrepreneur Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  18. 18. Youngpreneur Notes How to Find GREAT BUSINESS IDEAS (Magic Formula) Usefulness Passion Skill Good Business Ideas Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  19. 19. Things Before you Start your BUSINESS Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  20. 20. You have product/service to sell People Willing to Pay You (Customer) You know how to deliver it Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  21. 21. Make Your BUSINESS GROW Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  23. 23. Its time to strengthen your BRAND Brand (merk) is not only about logo and colour. Its about character, vision, and mission. Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  24. 24. Learn from Zaida Hejab Owner: Yora Anastasha Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  25. 25. Learn from CerdasMulia Owner: Arry Rahmawan Be a YOUng Entrepeneur! –
  26. 26. If this information help you, I suggest you to buy STUDENTPRENEUR GUIDEBOOK To know futher about entrepreneurship practice for students
  27. 27. Connect with Me! @ArryRahmawan Setelah sesi ini berakhir, berikan pesan kesanmu dengan mention ke akun twitter @ArryRahmawan untuk menjalin silaturahim :D