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Tolunaadtechpressept10final 110927054317-phpapp02[1]

  1. 1. The Democratisation of Market ResearchMark Simon, MD Global Technology Practice, TolunaKirsty Higgins, Head of Research, RAPPad:tech, 22nd Sept 2011
  2. 2. Agenda Social changes everything! Social media & research - getting it wrong… Research marketplace Case study: RAPP
  3. 3. Toluna Global footprint 5,000 clients Sunday Times Tech Track Top 30 - 2011 Global market research panel 4m members in 35 countries Research technology provider Enterprise DIY
  4. 4. The ContextOnline Behaviours Are Changing
  5. 5. We know online behavioursare changing Infographic from Flowtown ‘My Mom is on Facebook?’
  6. 6. Market ResearchGet Answers. Make Better Decisions1. Traditional MR2. Social networking sites & blogs3. Research sites – large-scale interaction4. VIP communities
  7. 7. Survey-taking behavioursare changing Declining survey response rates • Email overload • Untargeted, poorly designed and lengthy surveys • Limited time and attention Monetary incentives not only solution... • People looking for the next best offer • Social rewards make big sites work: Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, etc. • Financial incentives – survey completion • Social incentives – site stickiness, traffic
  8. 8. Reliable survey completion:Model needed to evolve Email Lists Online Panels Panel Social Communities Media Allow member creation of content • Discussion forums, blogs, personal pages, member polling & ratings, online focus groups, live chat & wikis Participation driven by ego or curiosity • Sharing of results and impact with the community, member visibility • ‘I made a difference’ NOT - ‘I got paid’ • Give respondents a seat at the decision-making table
  9. 9. Getting it Wrong…
  10. 10. Gap Logo:Social Media Fail? No community research for rebranding => backlash 180 degree flip – let’s crowd-source a logo! Lessons: 1. Brands already have a live panel - Twitter and Facebook 2. Social Media helps for some concept devt – Ask and you will get a response – Don’t ask and you might get a surprise – Don’t source community reactions after event 3. Evaluate community significance early - then make research strategy decisions 4. Use Social Media and other research tools to establish value community adds – Brandwatch, Radian6 etc
  11. 11. The New Research MarketplaceHello Social!The Role of Panels and Technology
  12. 12. The MarketplaceLots of services available for different applications and requirements
  13. 13. Questions vs. AnswersTech vs. Communities Answers Services for delivering Answers Social Communities Technology Tools for asking Questions Questions
  14. 14. Structured vs. UnstructuredPanel vs. Social CRM/Review/Commerce Services Structured Managed services Brand R&D Services Highly scalable Quick and scalable Service level agreements Assured response Structured assets (data manipulation) Social Panel Consumer Research Specific Q&A Social (media) responses Hard to manipulate Broad residual value (Google/SEO/ Share-ability and PR) Unstructured
  15. 15. Value Structured How can we help customers How can we develop our back buy online? catalogue? Social (Unmanaged)Panel (Managed) Who are the top Social Media gurus? Unstructured
  16. 16. Harnessing Social Media to Drive the NextGeneration of PanelsToluna QuickSurveys
  17. 17. Social NPD: community traffic Context • Community loves to vote, share opinions and has massive scale • Brands and agencies need faster, more agile market research solutions Toluna’s aims • Challenge low industry response rates and panel recruitment challenges • Increase engagement with members • Low cost, fast, scalable, sharable solution for brands, PR agencies, SMEs, students • Turn votes & opinions into a nimble, ‘pay per survey’ model Members : • Create personal profiles, polls and debates • Get real time poll results • Rate and follow members • Publish polls & opinions externally Richer member portraits • Every vote or poll created or answered was added to profile ALL the above allowed us to target surveys with a much higher level of precision
  18. 18. the resultsCreating community, not just membership10,000 members in 1 country in 2003 to...4m members in 34 countries in 2010 March 2009 7,288,603 votes by members Jan 2011 1 million votes daily “Do you Recycle to “Will you buy the feel less guilty new iPad? about the environment?” “Smokers, thinking about quitting, if so “Do you do your how?” weekly food shop online?”
  19. 19. TolunaQuick: community traffic Self-service platform – Toluna QuickSurveys – Create 1-15 questions – Target demographics – Multiple question types – Census rep algorithm – E-commerce engine – pay per click – Speed, cost and simplicity benefits Harnessed community traffic – Surveys go on – 100-2,000 responses in hours – See results live – Share questions and results – Use for FREE with your crowd!
  20. 20. Case Study:
  21. 21. Sony Music & QuickSurveys Pre-Campaign Elvis Duets (International) - Targeting - Song Selection - Artist collaborations - Strongest potential territories Market Success Lullaby Kids (UK) - Consumer’s opinions - Propensity to buy - Segmented targeting - Insight to instant returns Filling the Gaps Media Channels & Song Testing (Australia) - Sony Music segments and Australian Newspapers - Song testing - Effective and simple
  22. 22. Rapp / Toluna Case Study
  23. 23. What we do • RAPP is a full-service, integrated global agency • We offer the following services in the UK: ‒ Data & CRM ‒ Creative across all channels ‒ Strategy ‒ Media buying & planning ‒ Telephone services management ‒ Experiential marketing • We do research internally to bolster our strategy and create compelling narratives for our clients on ad hoc basis
  24. 24. Our challenges • Last minute requests from external clients and internal strategists • Need to test creative ideas and work that is in progress quickly • Limited budget and ad hoc requests • Need to test big samples in a short space of time
  25. 25. Our solution – Create Get survey Launch results survey
  26. 26. An recent client example • Research for a large bank with a very tight schedule • Test consumer attitudes towards the offers and deal space online in the UK • Launched 2 surveys to 500 UK respondents on Friday, got results on Mon morning • Because of the nature of the project we saved a lot of time and money by not commissioning to quant research agency • Client was very impressed with results and turnaround time
  27. 27. Any questions?
  28. 28. Thank you for your timeDo come and visit us on stand @marklsimon /