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Econsultancy case study


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Econsultancy used Toluna QuickSurvey to survey 2000 respondents to get proprietary data for its research report on social gaming.

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Econsultancy case study

  1. 1. Econsultancy case studyHOW RESEARCH INTO SOCIAL GAMING BECAME CHILD’S PLAYWhen digital publisher Econsultancy sought to create a comprehensive market report onsocial gaming, Toluna QuickSurveys supplied the solution…The BackgroundA go-to resource for 240,000 professionalsEvery month, more than 240,000 Internet professionals from some of the world’s biggestbrands rely on Econsultancy for education and training. A digital publishing and traininggroup, Econsultancy publishes practical and time-saving research to help marketers makebetter decisions about the digital environment, build business cases, find the best suppliers,look smart in meetings and accelerate their careers.The ChallengeLaunching a definitive guide on Social Gaming2010 saw Econsultancy on the verge of a major project – a series of ‘Smart Packs’:comprehensive market reports exploring emerging areas of digital marketing. The firstreport in the Smart Pack series was to focus on Social Gaming. The challenge Econsultancyfaced, howewer, was that the consumer research reports currently available on the marketdid not provide the proprietary data needed for the report – nor did they cover all the areasthat Econsultancy wanted to explore.The ObjectiveGetting quality data in a short time spanIn order to really understand consumer behaviour around Social Gaming – and to create avaluable, actionable report – Econsultancy clearly needed a programme of market research.What’s more, to achieve enough proprietary data, it would need to survey thousands ofrespondents. The problem was, time was very short. In fact, the report needed to becompiled within just a few weeks. Econsultancy’s objective, therefore, was to reach as manypeople as possible as quickly as possible.The Solution2,000 respondents, results in 24 hoursTo Econsultancy, the answer was obvious: Toluna QuickSurveys. A market-leading, self-service online survey tool, TQS would enable Econsultancy to ask all the right questions –quickly and cost-effectively.Toluna UK Ltd. 8 Walpole Court London UK W5
  2. 2. Most importantly for Econsultancy, Toluna QuickSurveys was linked to the TolunaCommunity: the world’s largest online research community, which could deliver full surveyresults in just 24 hours.Econsultancy was therefore able to launch a bespoke survey questionnaire to 2,000members of Toluna’s 600,000-member community in the UK – and to collect results by thefollowing day.Econsultancy’s 38-page Social Gaming report was launched on time and on budget. Itincluded market trends, key statistics and case study examples of companies usingsocial gaming for marketing.The Client’s VerdictFeedback from Aliya Zaidi, Research Manager, EconsutlancyEconsultancy was impressed. Here’s what Aliya Zaidi, Research Manager at Econsultancy,had to say:Speed to market: “We were able to create our survey within a few minutes and collect thefinal results a couple of hours after the survey was launched. This was extremely quick andeasy!”Scalability: “Another thing that impressed me about QuickSurveys is its scalability. If infuture I want to run a smaller respondent sample, say 500 or 1000, I need only to change thenumber of respondents. It’s that simple.”Proprietary data thanks to real flexibility: “I really value the flexibility of QuickSurveys. I wasable to choose the number of questions, the number of respondents, the markets, thequestion types… Being able to create the questionnaire in exactly the way I wanted savedme a lot of time and trouble, and resulted in genuinely proprietary data.”First-rate community of respondents: “These days, you can get online survey tools at arelatively small cost (although not usually of the Toluna quality), but the ability to tie it upwith a first-rate consumer community is what makes QuickSurveys stand out from thecrowd. I didn’t have to worry about the quality of the data and once the survey waslaunched to the Toluna community, the result took care of itself.”Thousands saved in data acquisition: “Cost control came from two things: choosing thenumber of questions and choosing the number of respondents. We only paid for what weused. Ultimately, we created a totally customised survey without paying a hefty price to alarge research agency.”Data analysis made easy: “In most cases, data analysis is even more important than dataitself. We needed to see the whole picture but also to look at things from different angles.Toluna UK Ltd. 8 Walpole Court London UK W5
  3. 3. This was easy with QuickSurveys. The survey results were viewable by age, gender, incomelevel, education and region: exactly what we needed to analyse the data. It was displayedvisually, and we could also download the original data to create our own charts.” ***More About EconsultancyFrom offices in New York and London, Econsultancy hosts more than 100 events each year inthe US and UK. Many of the worlds most famous brands use Econsultancy to educate andtrain their staff; these include Google, Yahoo, Dell, BBC, BT, Shell, Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic,Barclays, Deloitte and many more.Visit www.econsultancy.comToluna UK Ltd. 8 Walpole Court London UK W5