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  1. 1. 198 changes in 2012
  2. 2. Reviews = Google+User
  3. 3. Geographic keyword in URL Geo-Tagged media such-as-YouTube Have an address that is near the center of a city Have complete and proper categories for your business Have an address in the city that is being searched High ranking by third party ratings High rating of Reviews/schema testimonials High ratings by authority reviewers High ratings on Google+ local page HTML NAP matching page on Google+ Local Inclusion of Offer on Google+ Local page Individually owner-verified Keyhole Markup Language file on domainOver 100 Factors name Load time of landing page Local area code placement on Google+ Local page Local authority of structured citations Location keyword in Google+ Local page description Location keywords in anchor text of inbound domain links
  4. 4. CONTACT US TODAY 360.658.2626