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What Comics have taught me about Innovation


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What Comics have taught me about Innovation

  1. A comic enthusiast’s thoughts on ideas and innovation<br />Arpit Mathur<br />Comcast Innovation Labs<br />
  2. Lead Software Engineer at Comcast Innovation Labs<br />Former comic books illustrator<br />
  3. Innovation <br />Comics<br />
  4. What is Innovation?<br />Characterized by the creation of new ideas or things; Forward looking; ahead of current thinking<br />
  5. 1: Constraints aren’t always a bad thing<br />
  6. Twitter and the 140 character limit<br />
  7. Jugaad<br />There is an entirely new type of innovation thinking called "constraint-based innovation" - innovation that relies more on ingenuity in product, process and people to solve a customer's problem by creative improvisation rather than scientific and technological breakthroughs. In India, colloquially, we call this "jugaad" and it's now got a new name "frugal engineering."<br />
  8. 2: Nothing is sacred<br />
  9. IBM’s evolution from hardware to software services company <br />Odeo to Twitter<br />Flickr MMORPG to Photo Sharing<br />
  10. 9 Seasons<br />154 episodes<br />70, 760 Subscribers<br />4,167,989 views for episode 1<br />
  11. 3: Errors and Serendipity<br />
  12. Gravity<br />Smart Dust<br />Penicillin<br />Transistors<br />Plastic<br />Vulcanized Rubber<br />Potato Chips<br />Coca Cola<br />
  13. The Slow Hunch<br />
  14. Personal networks and filter bubbles<br />
  15. The goal of a leader should be to maximize resistance-in the sense of encouraging disagreement and dissent. When an organization is in crisis…(lack of dissent) can mean that the change you are trying to create isn’t radical enough.<br />Dov Frohman<br />Founder of Intel Israel<br />
  16. Charlan Nemeth and the value of Dissidents<br />
  17. …rogues and rebels… liberate us from conformity and, more importantly, they stimulate us to think more divergently and creatively. We consider more facts and more possibilities; we find and devise solutions. <br />Rogues and Heroes: The value of dissent<br />
  18. Kill ideas liberally<br />
  19. “[Innovation] comes from saying no to 1,000 things to make sure we don't get on the wrong track or try to do too much. We're always thinking about new markets we could enter, but it's only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.”<br />-Steve Jobs<br />
  20. Links<br />Filter Bubbles:<br />