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Fashion Hackathon at CIC

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. / stylita /
  2. 2. our own API  User preferences  Analytics Engine Mobile, Web app, Website HH Brown API High level design
  3. 3. Win-win Brands owned by HH Brown  First of its kind unbiased consumer analytics  New way to engage with customers  Customers willing to pay more for “shoes they like” Customers  Discover their true fashion taste  Confidence in their wardrobe and fashion choices  Connect people with others with similar taste
  4. 4. / stylita / :: Future Ideas • Include support for ladies  • Make the selection more contextual o Am I going to a date, work, client, interview, etc. • Add a products page to show user’s liked shoes • Build social sharing capabilities • Improve the analytics to help users and brands • Add community for people to connect with others with similar taste