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Arpita Sharma is Doctoral Research Scholar in the Dept. of Agricultural Communication of G. B. Pant University at Pantnagar.

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  1. 1. Community RadioFor Social Change Arpita Sharma Ph.D. Research Scholar Dept. of Agricultural Communication G. B. Pant University of Ag.& Tech. Pantnagar, Uttarakhand
  2. 2. Contents• Community Radio• Community radio can contribute in various ways in development of our country• Case Studies on community Radio for Social Change
  3. 3. Community Radio“Community radio will be an effective tool in protecting and promoting local culture. Besides, community radio is the best way to meet the needs of communication at local level because community radio helps creates a place where various people in the community including seniors, youths, mothers with small children, students, religious leaders, people with disabilities meet.”
  4. 4. Community Radio Community radio is that it is owned and run by the community, to serve the needs of the people. Community radio aims to change social conditions and improve the quality of cultural life through meaningful and relevant programme. It is participatory in nature. people actively take part in formulating the stations policy, strategy and programme content.
  5. 5. Social Impact ofCommunity Radio
  6. 6. Rural Development and Agricultural Promotion Agriculture knowledge on• right practices,• inputs,• processes and• markets has to reach every farmer
  7. 7. Protect and promote local or community culture and traditions• Community Radio will be an effective tool in protecting and promoting local culture.• Programme or Community Radio Station will broadcast in local dialect, reflecting local culture with local performers, interests and offering locally composed music and programme of the area as well as the country.
  8. 8. Ensure Local level Good Governance and Accountability• Community Radio assists people to obtain their right by giving them a platform to express their grievances.• Community Radio has enormous potential of voicing the concern with in and between communities.• Effective Communication tool, Community Radio can promote a high level of transparency and accountability by playing the watchdog role at all spheres of local public administration and good governance.
  9. 9. Democratic and Participatory Media Scenario• Community Radio can contribute by taking the opportunity to eradicate existing problem of credibility and Urban biasness of the central radio broadcast system through providing authentic news and pro-people local programme contents.• These kind of participation will help in strengthening the bond between the development activities and the community people and development compact association with the community development initiatives by the Government and other organization.
  10. 10. Community Radio empowermentand promoting the right to know• Community Radio offer concrete means for public participation and for cultural diversity.• The content includes political and economic news that facilitate community dialogue and involvement, community and personal message information programme and culturally relevant entertainment.
  11. 11. Social progress and curbing injustice in the society• Community Radio helps to balance inequalities.• Community Radio can contribute through providing the means for cultural expression, community discussion and debate and facilities political engagement through providing news and information.
  12. 12. Contd--Advancement in Health InfrastructureEffective Sharing of InformationEducation programme
  13. 13. "The growth of community radio is a story ofpeople and communities striving to speak out andto be heard. Community radio has provided ameans of empowerment and of self-reliance. It hasenabled people to engage in dialogue about theirconditions and their livelihoods. And it hascontributed to the defense of cultural andlinguistic diversity. It is a story in which thepursuit of social and development goals has beendeeply entwined with the struggle for human andpolitical rights and particularly the right tofreedom of expression."