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How to date a geek girl @arpik
Don’t use this against me ;)
1. Subscribe and Follow
2. Interact
3. Find her
(privacy note)
4. Be nice  
5. Don’t be always on
6. Be informed
7. Don’t play too much
Bonus:  “ how to remove someone from your (digital) life ”
1. Limit accesses
2. Untag
3. Disable notifications
4. Hide/remove/block from messengers
5. Filter the emails
6. Remove from phone
... if all this doesn’t work
<ul><li>Delete all old emails and get rid of their email address (clear it from the &quot;autofill&quot; in your email) </...
Good luck!  
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How to date a geek girl


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this is the presentation i made at BarCamp Yerevan '11. Here are the slide notes: