Automobile technologies


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Automobile technologies

  1. 1. Automobile technologies in the 21st century Aaron Hernandez Computer Applications
  2. 2. Considerations  What new technologies in the automotive industry are being used to help the environment?  How are auto companies helping?  What advantages do these technologies create?  How can we benefit from it?
  3. 3. Auto Technologies  Hybrid technology − an automobile that is powered by two sources (internal combustion engine and electric motor) − they are charged by the movement of the wheels − Gasoline is the main source of energy, augmented by batteries
  4. 4. Auto Technologies  Electric Cars − an electric car is powered completely by electricity − uses electric motors and motor controllers for propulsion − Electric cars create no emissions whatsoever, so are infinitely cleaner and better for the environment than traditional automobiles
  5. 5. Auto Technologies  Future Electric Cars − A number of manufacturers have announced plans to launch electric cars imminently − General Electric’s Chevrolet Volt 40 mile- per-charge range − Ford’s initial electric car debuts in two years time, along with a similar commercial van. − Nissan’s future vision encompasses a whole range of electric cars
  6. 6. Auto Technologies  Biodiesel − Biodiesel is an alternative and cleaner fuel − obtained from a variety of sources ranging from waste vegetable oil to soybeans − can be produced locally, reduces our reliance on foreign countries − 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI is a good example
  7. 7. Auto Technologies  Ethanol and Hydrogen − Ethanol is a similar type of alcohol that is present in alcoholic beverages − Ethanol is mostly produced from corn or sugar cane − 25% less Greenhouse gas emissions − Using hydrogen to stimulate an internal combustion engine. − The emissions consist of little more than some water vapor, considered environmentally friendly.
  8. 8. Toyota Cars  First to market Hybrid cars  Toyota's electric cars are eco- conscious vehicles  Toyota's original fuel cell hybrid is better for the Earth
  9. 9. Mitsubishi Motors  MMC is devoting significant resources to the development of zero-emission cars  The revolutionizing MiEV has significantly changed the electric car market  It contains an in-wheel motor
  10. 10. SMART Cars  Smart Cars are 85% recyclable.  a huge portion can be reused  Smaller size means less fuel, fewer emissions and more green space.
  11. 11. Benefits  Less waste on non renewable resources  In makes the US less dependent on foreign countries for fuel  New technologies reduce our carbon footprint  Government reductions for clean fuel cars  Saving the planet