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This webinar was conducted on Thursday November 11th by Blueliner CEO, Arman Rousta in where he which will explore the issues and challenges for brands looking to penetrate the Indian market, and on making your business more efficient and cost-effective.

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Expanding into Asia Webinar

  1. 1. 7 Pillars Digital Marketing Academy Webinar Presented by: Arman Rousta Digital Strategist & CEO of Blueliner February 17th, 2011 TM Expanding into Asia: Opportunities
  2. 2. AgendaAgenda About Blueliner Why Asia? My Experience & Observations Costs to Start & Maintain Where are the opportunities? Questions & Answers
  3. 3. Poll # 1Poll # 1 How many times have you been to India, China or other Asian countries for business purposes? • Not Yet • 1-3 • 4+
  4. 4. Company OverviewCompany Overview Core ServicesCore Services • Web Design, Development and eCommerce • Internet Marketing strategies (7 Pillars) • Outsourcing (strategy, setup, recruiting, training & management) • Digital marketing and web development firm • HQ in NYC with offices in India, Bangladesh • Recognized for hybrid on/offshore model and ROI-driven, online marketing campaigns
  5. 5. pillar 1. Content (Copy, Video, Photography, Audio) pillar 2. design UX (Branding, Web Development) pillar 3. SEO (Organic Search, Organic CSE, Onsite Search) pillar 4. digital Media (Paid Search, CPM, Affiliate, Retargeting) pillar 5. CRM (Customer Service, Email Marketing, Web Analytics) pillar 6. Social media (SMM, Online PR, Networks, Blogs, Games) pillar 7. Mobile TheThe 7 Pillars7 Pillars of Digital Marketingof Digital Marketing
  6. 6. Interactive Marketing ClientsInteractive Marketing Clients California Closets (Lifestyle)California Closets (Lifestyle) Completely Bare (Beauty)Completely Bare (Beauty) IZOD Men’s Fragrance (Beauty)IZOD Men’s Fragrance (Beauty) Bogner (Fashion)Bogner (Fashion) Allied Home Mortgage (Real Estate)Allied Home Mortgage (Real Estate) New York Video School (Education)New York Video School (Education) 401kid (Finance)401kid (Finance) CMS Forex (Finance)CMS Forex (Finance) Class of 1 (Education)Class of 1 (Education) Morningside Translations (Translations)Morningside Translations (Translations) Blueliner is a reputable digital marketing agency based in New York, with presence in Asia, Latin America and Europe. We have built successful social, mobile and search campaigns for hundreds of clients, including: Medical Hair Restoration (Medical)Medical Hair Restoration (Medical) Manhattan Orthopaedic Care (Medical)Manhattan Orthopaedic Care (Medical) Russia Today (Media)Russia Today (Media) SogoTrade (Finance)SogoTrade (Finance) Icebreaker (Fashion)Icebreaker (Fashion) Lufthansa (Travel)Lufthansa (Travel) Chaa Creek Resort (Travel)Chaa Creek Resort (Travel) Celect.org (Social Media)Celect.org (Social Media) Bid on the City (Real Estate)Bid on the City (Real Estate) Red Clay Media (Marketing)Red Clay Media (Marketing)
  7. 7. Recognition:Recognition: Media/IndustryMedia/Industry
  8. 8. Infrastructure: US – AsiaInfrastructure: US – Asia bluelinerblueliner anglaangla • Sales • Vision & Strategy Development • Client Relations • Oversight & Execution • Web Design • Programming • Web Marketing • R & D • Sales Support NYNY
  9. 9. 8-Year Highlights8-Year Highlights • Built a global operation with 3 hubs • Accumulated $4+ million worth of services expertise • Brand Recognition in Media/Industry • Development of highly sought-after unique methodologies [7 Pillars] • Leveraging experience to create IP that brings new revenue streams
  10. 10. Why Asia?  Cost Savings – Back Office  New Markets – Front Office  Pros & Cons  Alternatives
  11. 11. Top Challenges We’ve FacedTop Challenges We’ve Faced 1. Retention 2. Infrastructure Headaches 3. Cultural Differences 4. Schedule/Timing Differences
  12. 12. 10 Steps to Success10 Steps to Success 1. Good HR – Hiring on Fit, not Skills alone 2. Location, Location, Location 3. Local Branding – Pride 4. Location Partnership 5. Performance-Based Incentives & Benefits 6. Skills Training – Knowledge Sharing 7. Team Building Activities – Chemistry 8. Flex Schedules 9. Solid Communications & PM Systems 10. Exchange Programs – Building Cultural IQ
  13. 13. Global Qualities that we SeekGlobal Qualities that we Seek 1. Competence in one or more areas. 2. Good Attitude. Unselfish. Disciplined. 3. Excellent English Communication Skills. Written and Verbal; Email, Chat, Phone, Live. 4. Passion. Creativity. Curiosity. Love what they do. 5. Resourceful. Flexible. Self Learning capacity. 6. Balanced Individual. Healthy, happy and well- grounded.
  14. 14. Poll # 2Poll # 2 Rate your experience with Outsourcing to Asia? • Haven’t done it • Poor • Average • Great
  15. 15. My Experience & Observations
  16. 16. BangladeshBangladesh (Outsourcing Coconuts)(Outsourcing Coconuts)
  17. 17. Bangladesh (Hindu Temple)Bangladesh (Hindu Temple)
  18. 18. Bangladesh (Buddhist Temple)Bangladesh (Buddhist Temple)
  19. 19. India (Hyderabad, Cyber Towers)India (Hyderabad, Cyber Towers)
  20. 20. India (Hyderabad, Hi End Malls)India (Hyderabad, Hi End Malls)
  21. 21. India (Hyderabad Hi-Tech Lunch)India (Hyderabad Hi-Tech Lunch)
  22. 22. India (Hyderabad, Luxury Living)India (Hyderabad, Luxury Living)
  23. 23. Traffic Problems Everywhere!Traffic Problems Everywhere!
  24. 24. Bangladesh (Dhaka Open Office)Bangladesh (Dhaka Open Office)
  25. 25. Where are the opportunities?  Next 3-5 Years  Is the World Flat or Curved?  Mobile – Video – Social
  26. 26. Is The World Flat or Curved?Is The World Flat or Curved?
  27. 27. What’s Next? 3-5 Year HorizonWhat’s Next? 3-5 Year Horizon 1. Real Estate prices will continue to balloon 2. Average salaries will also rise with inflation 3. More exodus from US/Europe “back home” 4. Wild West mentality of opportunity. New brands and business models will emerge. Everyone wants in.
  28. 28. P5. Social Media MarketingP5. Social Media Marketing 1 billion+ worldwide social network users How will you tap in without expanding?  Viral, Buzz, Word-of-Mouth Marketing Reputation Management  Social Book marking and “socializing”  Blog Marketing  Application Development: Widgets, Wiki, Blogs, Forums, Polls, etc.
  29. 29. P6. Mobile is GlobalP6. Mobile is Global • Nearly 10% of website traffic is now coming from mobile; we expect that to be over 20% within two years. • Over 1 billion cell phones globally • Mobile is web interface for more than 50% of web users
  30. 30. Local-Global Search ResultsLocal-Global Search Results THE PROOF IS IN THE (SEARCH) PUDDING Consider the same search in different languages and countries. SEO opportunities are vast in developing economies. “Mortgage lists” 6,000 searches per month! 1st page of Google, 3rd listing
  31. 31. Costs to Start & Maintain in Asia
  32. 32. Poll # 3Poll # 3 What are your plans for an office in Asia? • Already have one • No plans • Considering it or In Process
  33. 33. Questions & Answers
  34. 34. Vision & ExpansionVision & Expansion • Front Office Today: U.S., India • Front Office 2012: + China, Europe, Latin America • Back Office Today: U.S., India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Vietnam, Macedonia • Back Office 2012: + China, Europe, Latin America • Setup & Support Model: Helping other companies, including service providers and brands, setup abroad. • JV Model: Support ventures and brands via joint ventures and incubation at Blueliner.
  35. 35. Arman Rousta Chief Executive Officer arman@bluelinerNY.com US – Asia – Europe – Latin America www.bluelinerny.com • Twitter.com/blueliner • Facebook.com/bluelinerny • Youtube.com/bluelinerpodcasts • Linkedin.com/companies/blueliner-marketing • Flikr.com/blueliner-marketing