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7 Pillars of Digital Strategy Webinar


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This webinar was presented by Blueliner CEO, Arman Rousta on October 27th, 2010. It features Blueliner Marketing's methodology and digital strategy. Information on future webinar events can be viewed on

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7 Pillars of Digital Strategy Webinar

  1. 1. 7 Pillars of Digital Strategy TM * An ROI-Driven Marketing Framework * Standards & Best PracticesPresented by:Arman RoustaChief Executive Officer October 2010Blueliner Marketing * Original in 2004
  2. 2. Table of Contents About Blueliner 7 Pillars Overview TM 7 Pillars in Action TM Questions & Answers Upcoming Webinars Appendix Case Studies 7 Pillars Vendors
  3. 3. Interactive Marketing Clients Blueliner is a reputable digital marketing agency based in New York, with presence in Asia, Latin America and Europe. We have built successful social, mobile and search campaigns for hundreds of clients, including:California Closets (Lifestyle) Medical Hair Restoration (Medical)Completely Bare (Beauty) Manhattan Orthopaedic Care (Medical)IZOD Men’s Fragrance (Beauty) Russia Today (Media)Bogner (Fashion) SogoTrade (Finance)Allied Home Mortgage (Real Estate) Icebreaker (Fashion)New York Video School (Education) Lufthansa (Travel)401kid (Finance) Chaa Creek Resort (Travel)CMS Forex (Finance) (Social Media)Guardian Water & Power (Energy) Bid on the City (Real Estate)Morningside Translations (Translations) Red Clay Media (Marketing)
  4. 4. The 7 Pillars of Digital Strategy Pillar 1. Web Design (UX, IA, Branding) Pillar 2. Search Engine OptimizationSEM Pillar 3. Online Advertising (PPC, CPM, CPA) Pillar 4. CRM (Relationship, Email Marketing) Pillar 5. Social Media Pillar 6. Mobile Pillar 7. Web Analytics
  5. 5. What Makes A Good Website?P1. Web Design (UX, IA, Branding) • Usability (clarity, simplicity, speed) • Satisfying User Experience (UX) • Organized Site Navigation • Cohesive and Appealing Design • Quality Content and Offerings • Interactivity – User Engagement
  6. 6. P1. Web Design (UX, IA, Branding)
  7. 7. P1. Web Design (UX, IA, Branding)• Project Planning & Execution • Defining the website’s purpose and vision • Establishing a reasonable budget (build + maintain) • Hiring the right team • Picking a good CMS • QA process (Use Jing or similar service)• Adding Interactive Elements (Social, Blogs, Polls)• Marketing Basics: Analytics, SEO, CRM (Email) Key Questions: Web Analytics & CRM How long do people stay on your site? How often do they return? What do they do on the site (transact, interact)?
  8. 8. Poll # 1 Does your website CMS offer an easy way to update all website meta data? • Yes • No • Unsure
  9. 9. P2 + P3. SEM/SEO Overview• Search Engine Marketing is the set of internet marketing strategies that are designed to promote a website’s visibility on search engines and increase web traffic.• SEM includes: • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Paid Inclusion • Pay Per Click (PPC)• SEO concentrates on the natural (organic) ranking and relevancy of content in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)• SEO is one of the most cost-effective methods for acquiring web visitors. Millions of consumers are researching products and services, and generally trust organic search results more than sponsored ads.
  10. 10. SEM Examples and Statistics• 93% of all Internet traffic is generated from search engines• Top 10 organic positions receive 78% more traffic than those in positions 11-30• 97% of them never look beyond the top three results• 76.7% of Google users use the natural search links (organic, unpaid listings) *Source: Forrester Research, 2006
  11. 11. SEO Methodology (Keyword Selection)• 5-Tier Keyword (KW) Priority System • Search Volume • Competitiveness – Layering and Latency • Relevancy • Maintenance of good positions • Pay Per Click conversion data • Long-Tail opportunities • Geo-Targeting opportunities• Honing in on Top 25-50 Keywords• Setup SEO Rankings for Top 50-100 KWs
  12. 12. SEO Methodology (On-Page Strategy)• Technical site check-up and modifications• Infusing Meta Data with Top 25-50 Keywords across 1st level (key) website pages• Utilizing Next 25-50 Keywords in Meta Data and content across 2nd level website pages• Page footer development• Location specific pages (geo-targeting)• Quarterly refresh of Meta Data
  13. 13. SEO Methodology (Off-Page Strategy)• Link Building • Free Links (# and quality of links achieved) • Paid Links (# and quality of links achieved)• Other Off-Page Strategies Include • Social Media • PR (Interactive and Traditional) • Web Design & Development
  14. 14. SEO – Advanced Options  Deeper Competitive Analysis  More Competitors (beyond standard 3, Deeper source information (Organic vs. Paid traffic)  Deeper SEO Rankings on other KWs (long tail)  Expansion of SEO Services  Cover more keywords and web pages  Deeper local search geo-targeting  Expand link building budget  Optimize blog entries  Deeper Web Analytics Reporting  Increase reporting frequency (monthly vs. weekly)  User behavior and multivariate analytics  Enable keyword and SE source data reporting
  15. 15. P2. SEO: Budgeting & ExpectationsBlueliner offers levels of SEO service, which impact the # of keywords and traffic targeted.
  16. 16. SEO + Other Pillars (Analytics, Social)Some Pillars work together, almost inseparably. They are all connected to one another.
  17. 17. SEO + Other Pillars (Social)Content Distribution via Search & Social • Podcast & Blog Marketing – Identify 1,000+ web properties, including blogs, for distribution. Linking content to various social networks and other relevant blogs. • Link Building – Guiding a link building strategy, that correlates closely with existing PR/IR tactics, with the goal of acquiring links from high PageRank sites, containing the targeted anchor text. • RSS/Feed Content Distribution - building the database. • CGM/UGC (User Generated Content) – discussion boards, chat rooms, ezines, etc. and reputation management. • Social Media Tagging – Bookmarking and talkbacks such as digg, stumbleupon and technorati.
  18. 18. SEO + Other Pillars (Web Design)When designing a website, SEO considerations come up throughout the process. • SEO Strategy – Identify and prioritize 50+ relevant, high-volume keywords; rearchitect website(s) and marketing messaging around these keywords. • Web 2.0 Website Revamp (Specs) – Fusing technical, marketing and creative strategy to implement an SEO and visually appealing website user interface. • Site Architecture – XML Sitemaps, PageRank distribution, and overall website layouts, that are user-friendly and search engine friendly. • Blog Design & Development – Regular blog positing of dynamic content on the site.
  20. 20. SEO Results – Case 1 THE PROOF IS IN THE (SEARCH) PUDDING Blueliner has optimized websites for hundreds of clients in various industries and achieved TOP RESULTS in the major search engines. See SERP below. “Mortgage lists” 6,000 searches per month! 1st page of Google, 3rd listing
  21. 21. SEO Results – Case 2 ANOTHER CLIENT BENEFITS FROM TOP SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS No matter if it’s B2B or B2C, the 7 Pillars methodology works to achieve top ORGANIC positions for relevant keywords in the major search engines. See SERP below. “Laser hair removal new york” 15,000 searches per month! 1st page of Google, 4th listing
  22. 22. SEO Tools that We Like Why We Like It Cost Simple way to see what Basic: Free KWs competitors are bidding on + SEO rankings. Premium: $139/mo+ Good competitive Basic: Free intelligence tool. Excellent interface and search data. Premium: $199/mo+ The top competitive Volume-based intelligence tool; but most expensive too. $500/mo+ Identify and solve basic site Free technical issues. Comprehensive overview of Basic: Free SEO performance. Premium: N/A Oldest and most thorough $199/yr+ for license SEO Rankings tool.
  23. 23. Online Advertising• PPC (Pay per Click) • Google Adwords • BING/Yahoo • Facebook • Soon to be Everywhere• CPA (Affiliate Marketing / Performance)• CPM (Ad Networks) • Better for Branding • Increased use of Video
  24. 24. Online Advertising: Targeting UsersACTIVE BACHELOR SINGLE DAD EXECUTIVE RETIRED Client X Patient DNA snapshot <Gerald Smith> • <39 Year-Old>/<Single>/<Male>/<lives alone>/<Orlando, FL> • <IT Programmer>/<earning $65,000/yr> • Referred By:<a friend>, <John Templeton>, who found Client X through <PPC/Google/Keyword=“hair loss restoration florida”> • Interests:<Golf, Dating, Travel>/DNA Segments:<Active, Bachelor> • Satisfaction Rating:<4/5>/Refers:<4 Leads/0 Sales>/Email:<5/10>
  25. 25. Poll # 2 Do you have a mobile version of your website? • Yes • No • Under development
  26. 26. P4. CRM (Customer Relationship Mgmt.)• The importance of CRM • Sugar CRM • • ACT, Goldmine • Custom• Lead Nurturing & Segmentation• Email Marketing (EMS) • Mailchimp • Exact Target • Cooler Email
  27. 27. P5. Social Media Industry sites, blogs and discussion boards Micro-blogging service Twitter Biggest social network Facebook Photo sharing network Flickr Video sharing website YouTube
  28. 28. P5. Social Media: Case Study What we like about it: • Intelligent Facebook Integration • User engagement (reviews) • Special offers widgets (flight deals) • Promotion of other family of sites
  29. 29. P6. Mobile Strategy• Nearly 10% of website traffic is now coming from mobile; we expect that to be over 20% within two years.• The canvas is smaller; KISS principle• Test your mobile site on all popular devices and browsers• Mobile Apps vs. (Mobile) “M Sites”
  30. 30. Mobile Usage • 77.4 million mobile web users • 1.5 trillion text messages in 2009 (5 billion/day) • 24.2 billion MMS messages in the last half of ‘09 (250% growth compared to last half of ‘08) • Hispanic and African American audiences lead in mobile data usage* *Recent Pew Internet & American Life Foundation study.
  31. 31. Platforms and Devices • 19% of mobile phones sold in 2010 are smartphones • 54.7 million smartphones shipped globally in the first quarter, up 56.7% from the year-ago quarter • Projected to grow to 25% by 2013* *ABI Research
  32. 32. Mobile Marketing LandscapeSMS, Display, Search still dominate spending
  33. 33. Utility • Email • Search • Task-Oriented Apps • Maps • Communication
  34. 34. Coupons and DiscountsMobile Coupons will continue to grow rapidly• Can deliver to nearly all mobile phones• In demand from consumers• Trackable, measurable From
  35. 35. Poll # 3 Do you have FBO (Facebook Open Graph) installed on your website (Like button, etc)? • Yes • No • Unsure
  37. 37. P7. Web Analytics – A/B TestingOPTION 1: /home Flash Banner: YES Form on Home Pg: YES
  38. 38. P7. Web Analytics – A/B TestingOPTION 2: /home2 Flash Banner: NO Form on Home Pg: YES
  39. 39. Web Analytics – A/B Testing OPTION 3: /index Flash Banner: NO Form on Home Pg: NO
  40. 40. Web Analytics – A/B TestingOPTION 4: /index2 Flash Banner: YES Form on Home Pg: NO
  41. 41. Web Analytics – A/B TestingResults Tip: Use Google Web Optimizer to Run A/B Tests!
  42. 42. Questions &Answers
  43. 43. The 7 Pillars of Digital Strategy Pillar 1. Web Design (UX, IA, Branding) Pillar 2. Search Engine OptimizationSEM Pillar 3. Online Advertising (PPC, CPM, CPA) Pillar 4. CRM (Relationship, Email Marketing) Pillar 5. Social Media Pillar 6. Mobile Pillar 7. Web Analytics
  44. 44. Thank you for your participation! For questionsor comments about this presentation, contact: Arman Rousta Chief Executive Officer 212.904.1240 office 55 Broad Street, 17th Floor New York, NY 10004