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Keys of Hermetica

  1. 1. Keys of HermeticaShort Design BriefJohn Voorhees, Patrick Cole, Natalie Lesko, Alex Rose, Erin McCarthyOverall Statement, description of idea The people of Hermetica live in clean suits which protect them from the horrible contagionsof the outside world. Ruled by a king who is undying the people of Hermetica live in peace and arerelegated to different districts. Each district controls a different element and the people of eachdistrict are responsible for the preservation of this elements and they must harness the resourcesthat they possess. While all was well in this kingdom rumors of a germ that has been infectingpeople has started to emerge. Fearful for the future of their clean world the people of Hermeticasearch for an answer and they will soon learn that they have more to fear than just the germs thatare attacking their people.Objectives ● Find different media that will creatively and expertly promote our property. ● Design functioning prototypes that will showcase our plan for the property. ● Develop characters and plot lines that are intriguing to the target audience. ● Design a transmedia property that will entertain the target audience.Target audienceAges 14 and upPromise of idea ● this idea will promote responsibility to oneself and acceptances of others who are different.List of 3+ media platforms (BH) ● MMORPG online(Adventure Quest, World of Warcraft) - in conjunction with major console video game (singleplayer & multiplayer mode) ○ This will add to the backstory of the game and will allow the player to become more involved in the story while providing an exciting new multiplayer experience. ● Animated series (webisodes) ○ Main adventures of the series characters. This is the main storyline. ● Mobile application - Creation of a Keys of Hermetica application that functions similar to foursquare, but rather than giving out useless points it transfers into in game benefits.
  2. 2. Plan of action 1. Research/Situation analysis 2. Create the world with set geography, features and constraints 3. Create transmedia storytelling plan to avoid adaptations and make sure each component adds to the world 4. Create distinctive characters for professional-scripted narrativeCompetitors- Hunger Games- Mass Effect- Avatar the last airbender- Adventure Quest- World of Warcraft-BionicleDesign DocumentA. Goals and Objectives Across Media: Our goal is to provide a unique experience for children ages 14 and up that promotesteam building and responsibility to oneself. Our objective is to have this be on platforms thatare popular with the age group that we are trying to engage. Ideally we would have animatedwebisodes as the main medium of the franchise. We could then expand the story set in thewebisodes with a development of a MMORPG along with a fully interactive phone applicationbased on the game. With the MMORPG Gamers could explore the world of Hermetica andchoose to be one of the players from each of the six districts.B. Target Audience: Our target audience age ranges from ages 14 and up.C. Target Audience Research: 14 and up is the age range where problem solving and responsibility skills are beingdeveloped. We feel that we could meaningfully engage this age group with this topic by creatinga world that is both intriguing and allows for creativity at the same time. It is important to makethe audience believe that they immersed within the story and feel as if they are actually there.
  3. 3. D. Competitive Analysis
  4. 4. F. Guiding Principles1. Create an experience that promotes our core values of adventure and discovery.2. Make each piece of media seamlessly extend the storyline of the franchise.3. Have all of the pieces tell their own story and not take away from any of the other media.4. Create a gripping experience that will keep the audience coming back to the franchise.5. Create all UI’s so that they are easily accessible to children but can also be interesting forpotential older audiences.6. Don’t create a story that will make the users feel like they are in an artifical world. 14 yearolds want to feel like they are in control and they will want an experience that will make themfeel unique.G. Design Principles1. MMORPG online(Diablo) - in conjunction with major console video game (singleplayer& multiplayer mode). Users can create a character of their choice from any of the differentdistricts. based upon their district of choice and how they decide to manifest their powers theywill fulfill a role similar to roles we see in many current mmorpgs.2. Animation series (webisodes)- Adventures of a selected character other than that of Bill.3 Mobile application - Creation of a Keys of Hermetica phone application that would work inconjunction with the MMORPG. This app will be location-based and functions somewhat likefoursquare. Users can gain resource points for their specific faction in the MMO.H. Goals for Final Version: 1. Research the audience and the potential design options available. 2. Build prototypes of the different medias and then test them to see how we can change them. 3. Refine our design. 4. Create a final version of all the different media we will create.I. The Story Thus Far: In the world of Hermetica everyone lives in domes and everyone wears suits thatkeep them clean and free from disease. Because of this people live much longer thanthey do in our world because they don’t have to worry about sickness. The world ofHermetica is made up of six districts and a capital city. Each district stretches forhundreds of miles and they are are made of different elements. The different people ofthe districts are in charge of keeping those elements in check and harvesting the powerof those elements to help the people of Hermetica. The people of the districts are
  5. 5. exposed to these different elements so much that they have special suits built to helpthem survive in the different elements that they are exposed to. In the district of Lux thepeople must harness the power of light. They are in charge of supplying the daytimelight to the people of Hermetica. Here they wear suits that allow them to see throughbright light and protect them from the harmful effects of large amounts of light. In thedistrict of Ignis the people must work with the harsh element of Fire and magma. Theymust be careful not to be scorched by the combined heat of fire and lava so they wearsuits that protect them from extreme heat and allow them to work with the elements oftheir district.In the district of Caeli the winds are strong and the people must be able to live in aplace where they could be blown away at any minute. because of this the people of thisdistrict have suits that allow them to fly and are heavy when they are on the ground sothey can’t be blown away. They provide the rest of Hermetica with the air they breatheeach day and they control the weather in the districts as well. In the district of Terra thepeople work with the earth and the forest. To live here the people must be able to movestone and earth easily and they must be able to work with wildlife to accomplish theirgoals. Their suits allow them to shovel earth easily and they are also able to controlwildlife with their suits as well. They provide the stone needed to build the structures ofthe districts and they supply food for the districts. In the district of aqua the people live ina giant ocean. They provide the districts with water. They must be able to move fast inwater and dive to great depths without being crushed so they have suits that allow themto move through water fast and they can survive at deep depths.In the final district, Tenbris the people their are not like the people of the other districts.Believed to be insane because of constant exposure to twilight this district is closed offto the other districts. The Immortal king had a massive wall built at the entrance of thedistrict to keep people in and keep others out. There is a band of renegades howeverwho have found ways around the wall and terrorise the world of Hermetica. They callthemselves the Tenbris Brigade and they plot to “expose the Immortal king for who hereally is and for the lies that he has created. Because the people of this district havegone insane they have suits but they are not special in any way. They are standardissue and thus all the people here are exposed to intense levels of darkness. In the
  6. 6. Capital City of of Regnum the Immortal king Resides in a building that touches the verytop of the dome it is in. No one sees the King but his work is carried out by his loyalguardsmen and by the officials that he has to be his public representatives. He hasruled over the people of Hermetica for all time and he is the only person to obtain trueimmortality. No one knows how, there are theories, but none have ever been confirmed.The rest of Regnum is a massive city scape. This is the center of all the Districts. Tovisit Regnum was like being in the center of the universe. Everything big that happened,happened here. Culture from all the Districts, even Tenbris converged in this place tocreate a cultural hub for the world.While this world seems almost perfect there have been distrubing recent reports from allthe districts. many people have contracted illness. No one knows how this could happenin a world completely clean but it has started to appear in an alarming rate fearful of thepossible looming danger, the people of Hermetica turn to their king for answers. He tellsthem that everything is fine and that there is no reason to worry about the sickness. It ishappening to people with suits that are broken or they malfunctioned. So the people,always trusting in the Immortal King believed this and continued to live their lives.However in the district of Lux we find our Protagonist of this story, Bill. A young manage 18 who lives a normal life. He had always dreamed of seeing a world not alreadycompletely explored and having his own adventure. One day the sickness struck Billsfamily and his mother and father became very ill. His father, a high level governmentscientist, told Bill that there might be a way to stop this sickness and that Bill had notgotten ill because he was special. Bill was so confused by this and terrified that hisparents would die that he did exactly what his father told him to do. He took off his suitand exposed himself to the light. What Bill assumed would be a horrible ordeal thatended in his own demise turned into something amazing. Bill was able to see in theoverwhelming light. He could tolerate the air that he was breathing, and he felt strongerthan he ever had before. Bills father told him that he was “The light wielder” alegendary hero of the district of Lux that could tolerate the elements of all districts andharness the power of his own district. His father told him that he must seek out the otherwielders, one in each district, and gather them together to find “The keys of Freedom”.These keys would somehow allow Bill and the other wielders to leave Hermetica and
  7. 7. journey out into the unknown world of Vim. Vim was the world outside the domes ofHermetica. The Immortal King was the only person to ever see this place and he knewthat it was full of violence, death, disease, and horrors that the people of Hermeticacouldn’t possibly fathom. Bill’s father explains to him that this world can be conqueredby the wielders if they work together and venture out into Vim together. There theymight be able to find answers to the illness and they might be able to save the people ofHermetica. Armed with the power of light and the knowledge of his father Bill sets out tofind the other wielders. Bill finds the other Wielders and discovers the secrets ofHermetica and learn of a place under Regnum that, when opened with the keys offreedom will lead the people out into Vim. Bill sets out to find the keys with the wieldersand they then venture out into Vim to find what waits for them out there.......More tocome.J. Challenges: 1. Understanding the audience that we are designing for. We need to understand thisaudience more and research what they like. 2. Building meaningful stories that will engage the audience. We need to take a relativelysimple concept and create a rich world from that. 3. Developing an interface that will be user friendly for children. We want to make all themedia challenging and enjoyable but we don’t want to overload the users which could easilyhappen with children.MMORPG Audience report:Questions Asked:1A. What do you think of the world that this is set in?1B. Do you think it would be interesting enough that you would play a video game based on it?2. What do you think of having an mmorpg without two separate factions?3. What previous mmos have you played?4. Which district seemed like the most interesting to you and would you choose to play as in thegame?5. What kind of mechanics do you like in other mmo’s that you have played?6. What kind of mechanics do you wish were in other mmo’s?7. Of other MMOs that you have played, which do you feel has the best user interface?
  8. 8. Interviewee: Michael RichardAge: 20Gender: Male1A. I think that this world, although highly fantastical, is very interesting, to say the least.1B. Yes, This seems very much in line with other games such as Zelda and the Last Airbender2. In my opinion without player conflict and friendly rivalries, mmos become stale.3. RuneScape, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Fiesta4. Air District. I would be an Air weilder5. Fun mechanics include effects that make players feel powerful and in control, such assummoning storms, shooting lightning, etc.6. Often I wish gravity played a more realistic effect in other MMOs, especially in flight scenariossuch as wows flying mounts. Acceleration, Fatigue, exhaustion, etc should be taken intoconsideration.7. WoWs interface is in my opinion the best, as it is highly customizable, especially throughaddons.The original interface is very nice because nothing dominates the entire screen. All ofthe different UI items are placed in ways that keep them from obstructing the UI and allow theplayer to add more if they need to.Interviewee: Vanessa CorderoAge: 17Gender: Female1A. I think that there was a lot to take in from the description but I think that the world itselfseems like it would be very exciting and full of content to explore.1B. Absolutely, I think that a game set in this world would be extremely interesting. It seems thatthis world lends itself well to an mmorpg.2. I think that fundamentally there should be some sort of conflict in the game for the players towork around. While I don’t think it needs to specifically be two factions I think there needs to besome sort of reason for the players to fight against each other. Maybe something like a sport?3. World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Swtor
  9. 9. 4. I would definitely choose to be a Darkness wielder, I feel that they would have the best storyline would be awesome and I would love to be able to wield darkness.5. I really like the mission system in Swtor. I find that it makes the game very immersive andallows the player to be much more involved in the story and lore of the game. I personally loveRP and in MMO’s as well. I like the smoothness of combat in World of Warcraft as well.6. I wish that other MMO’s would allow you to piece together your backstory sort of like in MassEffect. I don’t like that your backstory is limited to one specific story based on class, faction, andrace. I would like it to be much more in depth.7. I love WoW’s interface. Of all the MMO’s I have played that has to be the best UI so far. Thefact that I can change it completely is extremely helpful and I also like that it doesn’t have tolook exactly the same. I like the original UI of the game because everything can be minimized towhatever size you want on the UI.Interviewee: Rebecca CongiAge: 19Gender: Female1A. I really found this world fascinating. While I was a little flustered with all the detail I think itis actually really cool and it reminds me of Avatar meets Power Rangers! I think that having adetailed story will make creating an MMO around this world much easier.1B. I definitely think I would! This seems like an interesting world to me and I wouldn’t mindexploring it! It also seems like there would definitely be enough content that it could haveexpansions.2. I think that it can be done. I just think that if there is no basic conflict to make charactersfight there needs to be really fun mechanics in the game that will make the player want to onlyengage in PvE.3. Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Swtor4. I would choose to be an Earth wielder. I love animals and if I can have something like a pet Iwould totally choose to be whatever class that would be.5. I loved the story telling aspect of Guild wars and I liked that the fighting was instanced insteadof having an open world like World of Warcraft. I just don’t like having open worlds. If I am in acity I want to know I am safe and can work in peace and I don’t like getting randomly killed in thegame for no reason.6. I wish that other games would develop personal character customization. I really hate howbasic character customization is in many games. I would also like to see professions in gamesbecome much more dynamic. If I could do something like open up a shop in the game where
  10. 10. other players could come and buy my goods that would be awesome! I wish more games hadguild halls and towns that are your own and other players can see.7. I loved Guild Wars UI. Even though there wasn’t as much customization as in WoW theredidn’t need to be. The basic UI itself was good enough that there wasn’t anything that needed tobe changed about it and if you had any problems they gave you enough options to change it ifyou wanted. Nothing was too big or too small and they kept only what you needed on screen atall times.Keys to Hermetica Resource Booster Phone Application Overview (similar toFoursquare)- location based application- featured on both Android and iOS (iPhone)- uses the phone’s GPS to triangulate the users position- based on the user’s current position or with any inputted city and state, objectives will begenerated for that area- objectives are locations that the player is able to visit and receive rewards for their districtbased on where they go- these rewards will be resource points (RP) that go towards the user’s specific district (Lux,Aqua, Caeli, Terra, Ignis, Tenbris) in the Keys of Hermetica MMORPG- the resource points for each different district will be added up every week and listed on theKeys of Hermetica MMORPG home page- the district with the most points will receive a resource boost that lasts the entire week- objectives will be unique depending on which district you are serving- for example, a possible objective for a Lux player could be to visit a local solar power plantsince Lux is the district of light
  11. 11. Phone Application Audience report:Questions Asked:1. How often do you use applications on your smartphone?2. Have you ever used Foursquare? If so do you like it?3. What features of the phone application do you like?4. Which features could be added or improved?5. Would you use this application?6. Any questions about the application?
  12. 12. Interviewee: Alyssa NashAge: 20Gender: Female1. My phone is with me 24/7 so I am constantly using different apps. I am almost always on myfacebook and twitter apps. I also love playing DrawSomething and Angry Birds2. No I have never used Foursquare before but my friend Phil uses it a lot. I would be interestedto try it out though3. From the wireframe, it looks like that this application does have promise. I like how you haveadded a clear settings and help button at the bottom of the screen. Also, I like how you are ableto enter a city and state for the location because sometimes the GPS does not always recognizewhere you are correctly.4. You might want to add a “find my location” button so phones can automatically detect wherethey are.5. If I enjoyed the Germz MMORPG enough then I’m sure that I would use this app a lot so Icould get extra experience for my characters.6. How close would you have to get to the objectives in order to actually receive the award? Will there be a page to see your past completed objectives?Interviewee: David DeNinnoAge: 20Gender: Male1. Well, let me put it to you this way, when am I not using an app on my droid? I am constantlytexting, checking tweets and I also take a lot of pictures with my phone.2. Yes, actually over last summer I spent a lot of time using Foursquare because I wanted tobecome the mayor of our town Regal Cinemas so I could get a 20% discount at the snack bar.Although I never actually became the mayor, it was fun for awhile and definitely motivated me togo to the movie theatre more often. Even though it was fun to use over the summer I don’t thinkI’ll use it again.
  13. 13. 3. I do like how you already have a settings and help button at the bottom of the screen becauseI cannot stand when it difficult to find the settings or help within an application. I also like howthere is a separate screen of the objectives, it probably would make it easier to see on theactual phone.4. If this was my application, I would definitely make sure to add a page where you could seepast objectives. Also, I might suggest putting the possible rewards next to the correspondingobjective on the objective page.5. Honestly, I am really not a big fan of location based applications because they are justemerging on the market now. They sometimes are unable to pinpoint your exact location. I havefound this problem with location based apps like Cloud Assassin which I play at Marist.6. I really don’t have any questions for you but I recommend that you add a page or somethingthat lists the rewards because that is what is mostly driving your users to use the application.Possible updates to consider after the Audience Report- Adding a “find my location” button so users can automatically find the closest objectivesin their area- Adding a section under the help page which describes how close you must get to certainlocations- Possibly adding a page to view the user’s past completed objectives- Include the rewards for each individual objective on the objectives pageTV Series Audience report:Questions Asked:
  14. 14. 1. Do you find this storyline interesting?2. Does the story seem unique?3. Can you see yourself getting immersed in this world?4. Do you regularly follow any TV shows?5. What shows do you usually watch?Interviewee: NeilAge: 14Gender: Male1. Yes this story sounds pretty cool, I would definitely be curious to find out more about it.2. I think it is very unique, and it doesn’t remind me of anything else that I could have seenbefore.3. Yea it sounds like it would be pretty cool. I could see myself getting into the differentenvironments of the districts and seeing more of what is going on in them.4. I don’t usually watch TV- I turn to online shows.5. The only thing that I watch on TV is American Idol and Walking Dead.Interviewee: TessaAge: 18Gender: Female1. This seems like a really cool idea! I would be curious to find out the secrets and experiencethe adventure of the quest.
  15. 15. 2. It seems pretty unique to me, except for the fact that is reminds me of Hunger Gamesbecause of the ‘districts’ term. I don’t know if you would want to refer to them as somethingdifferent.3. Yes- once I am hooked on a show, I want to know everything about it. So with this world, Ifeel like there are a lot of layers that are just waiting to be unlocked.4. I watch TV when I can, but I am pretty loyal to Make it or Break It as weird as that sounds.5. Some of the shows that I watch online are The Guild, Parks and Recreation, and PrisonBreak.Designs for each District’s designated SUIT Aqua: basically like a wet suit since they are in water the majority of the time. Caeli: suit on the left has weights for when you want to be grounded, but when you want to fly they can take off the weights and connect flaps to create wings.
  16. 16. Ignis: super protective suit from all the fire and heat of the district.Lux: UV protective helmet and solar panels all over the body and limbs.
  17. 17. Terra: huge/bulky suits in order to move all the rock/land.
  18. 18. Keys of Hermetica Design Overview: MMORPG For the design of the MMORPG based on our game world we decided to look at somecommon conventions that are used in the design of many of today’s successful MMORPG’s andwe looked at what our audience report had yielded and we decided to create a game thatincorporated a lot of what our research had found and what our audience was looking for in agame. Main Goal of the game: Resource collection: We wanted this game not to functionexactly like every other MMORPG and we wanted it to work well with the Mobile app so wemade the most important aspect of the game the gathering of the specific resource of yourdistrict. By collecting this resource the player will be able to power their abilities. Since playerswill be able to gather resources in and out of the game this resource will not be incredibly hardto obtain but hard enough that it presents a challenge for the player. By having a system likethis we can insure that players will be motivated to collect the resources with the mobile appand they will not sit for unhealthy amounts of time playing the game since theyre unable to useabilities when they run out of resources. This system is similar to a game called spiral knights.In that game the player needed to have resources available to visit dungeons and they couldnot visit them without the resource. In our game the player is able to function in the game butthey cannot go into combat without their resource available to them. If the run out of resourcesother players in their party may give them extra resources but they will only get a 3rd of what isgiven to them if the energy is from a different element. They will be able to move and trade andinteract with others but they will not be able to engage in combat.Because the main storyline of the game is finding the keys we will want the players not toengage in the same storyline but have the game be supplementary to the main story. Becauseof this we decided to make this game be about other wielders that have been found and areworking with the main wielders to help protect the people of Hermetica. Missions will involvehelping people in Hermetica take care of different tasks and the ultimate purpose of the gamewill be to explore the mysteries of Tenbris. This is a part of the story line that will be developedin the MMO and not entirely in the show so we will use the game to teach the audience aboutthe mysteries surrounding this District. For combat in this game players will use their resourcesto perform their abilities. They can either use the abilities individually or they can combine theabilities together to create more powerful and more expensive abilities that will combine theeffects of all the different abilities that worked together to make the ability.Game UI and Combat System
  19. 19. Main UI:Ability Bar:Mini Map: Health Bar:
  20. 20. Characters:Bill: 18 years old. Bill comes from the district of Lux. His father is a very highly respectedgovernment scientist. He has always felt a strong connection to the element that his district isconnected to. He has always dreamed of a life of exploration and adventure. But he has alwayslet these dreams die because there is no way to discover anything new or have an adventure ina world where everything is found and there is no place new to go. Unless of course.... he wentto Vim.Jen: 18 years old. She is from the district of Tenbris. Her family has all but gone insane. Shestruggles to keep herself alive in this animalistic world. She hates the government that rulesthe world she lives in. Her family has always told stories of their evil and the deception of theImmortal King but it was hard to differentiate what was insane ramblings and what was factual.While she struggles to survive she finds happiness in the fact that somehow she is able tocontrol the darkness around her. No one in her district can explain this but she knows that it willprotect her but she wants to know why she has this ability.Petram: 19 years old. Petram hails from the district of Terra. He has always fancied himself aleader and he always tries to be the very best at everything he does. during the days when heshould be mining Earth he spends him time in the forests connecting with animals, specificallyhis bear (no idea need a cool bear name). He spends much of his time wrestling with (coolass bear name). He knows that it is against the rules of the district to become attached tothe animals because it will make it difficult for them to kill them when they need to for theirresources but he does it anyways because he feels that he has a connection with them. Hehopes that one day he can free the animals here that are being kept just to be slaughtered.Iste: 15 years old. She comes from the district of Ignis. Full of energy and constantly trying toblow things up, Iste’s family and friends are terrified of what might happen if they let her tooclose to fires that she will one day need to harvest. In her free time she likes to hurl balls ofmagma at targets and practice the ancient art of magma curling. She dreams of competing inthis sport one day but her parents are worried that she will get herself killed. She knows that shecan control the fire and magma better than anyone she knows but if her parents have their wayshe will never get to follow her dream.
  21. 21. Caetus: 18 years old. Caetus comes from the district of Aqua. Both of Caetus’s parents aredead and he lives on his own travelling the wild open oceans of his district. He lost both parentsin a horrible shark attack that they couldn’t escape (going to extrapolate on this later.... it wasreally really bad though.) He spends his time trying to understand the ocean and the creaturesthat live in it so that he can better defend himself better if he is ever attacked. Even though hefears the creatures of the ocean he knows that his ability to move through water is unmatchedby any creature in the ocean and that is what will keep him alive.Ventus: 17 years old. Ventus comes from the district of Caeli. He is a very quiet boy whodoesn’t speak at all. He could never understand other people but he could understand theintricate movements of the winds as if it was second nature. His parents took him out of schoolbecause he couldn’t associate with the other kids that he was with. He spent much of his timehurling tornados at the other students and skipping out of school early to go out and fly whereever he wanted to. He doesn’t want to follow the footsteps of the other people of his district andcontrol the winds he wants to free the winds and let them flow through him to affect the world.King Sarz: IMMORTAL. The Immortal king of Hermetica. He lies to the people and tells themthe world is fine when in reality they are being poisoned by him so that he can draw out their lifeforce and continue the cycle that he has taken part in for over 10,000 years. He doesn’t wantthe people of Hermetica to leave because if they ever do they will find out that Vim is not whathe has portrayed it to be and if they leave he cannot harvest their life force.Bill’s Father: He is 45 years old. A scientist from Lux who has discovered the secrets ofHermetica and the lies of the King. He knows his time is coming to an end because they areaware of what he knows. He knows however that there is one force that can save the world andthat is the wielders. fortunately for him his son is one of these legendary beings and he tells hisson what he must do to save the world.Places:Hermetica: The world in which the story takes place. Made up of 7 domes. 6 of them aredistricts and one of them is the capital city of the world.
  22. 22. Regnum: The central dome of the world. It is the capital city of the world. It is a giant cityscapeand the Immortal king rules from his seat in the center of the city.District of Lux: The district of light. This district is responsible for providing the world with lightand the energy of the sun.District of Tenbris(The lost district): This district is responsible for bringing the night tothe districts. Some how the night still comes even though the district is and has always beenoverrun with madness due to the constant twilight of the district. There is a wall that has beenconstructed to keep the people in the district and stop them from escaping.District of Ignis: The district of fire and magma. This district is responsible for harvesting thepower of fire. Due to the high level of danger in this district the people have become recklessand they like to test how much they can get away with before getting burned. They have aserious sport that people come from all over Hermetica to see, Magma curling.District of Terra: This is the district of Earth and Forest. The people here work to harvest thestone on the ground to build the structures of the world and they also harvest the livestock andvegetables for the people of Hermetica.District of Caeli: This district is responsible for the air that is pumped through all of the districts.They harvest the power of tornadoes as well to power their machines.District of Aqua: This is a district of ocean. It is from here the people of hermetica get theirwater. since there is no land the people live on ships that are like giant towns that can move.because of the nomadic style of life in this district a lot of pirating occurs because it is easy toget in and get out quickly to steal things from people without being found.Hermeticus Vault: The gate way to Vim underneath the capital city. No one knows of thisexcept the Immortal king.... and Bill’s father.Vim: The outside world. According to the King it is a world full of death and horrors. Howeverthey may be more to this world than the King is telling the people.Terms:
  23. 23. “Immortality through Purity”“The Immortal King protects”Wielder: Someone who can wield the power of a specific element. They also can survive thetrails of the districts without suits.Key of Lux: The key of freedom in LuxKey of Tenbris: “ “ TenbrisKey of Ignis: “ “ IgnisKey of Terra:” “ TerraKey of Caeli:” “ CaeliKey of Aqua:” “ AquaI-Suits: The suits that the people of Hermetica must wear to survive. They are issued at birthand they grow with the person who wears them. The King designed them himself thousands ofyears ago.The Tenbris Bigade(TB/The Big Ten): A group of renegades from Tenbris. They swear toexpose the truth of the King and the lies that Hermetica is built on.The Tenbris Wall: A wall constructed by the king to keep the insanity of Tenbris from spreadingto the rest of the world.The King’s Seat: The kings citadel in the center of Regnum. This is where he lives... and henever leaves.Abilites:The power of the wielders:
  24. 24. The suit powers:survival techniques:Faction allignment:Wielder Alignment:Culture:Explained in the description of the districts.Plot Points:The King’s Lies: The king has lied to the people since he created this artificial world. He tellsthe people never to leave and they obey. Every 5,000 years he consumes the life force of thepeople to stay alive forever. Then he recreates the world with the few people he keeps alive.The Wielder’s Journey: The journey of the wielders who are the main characters of our story.This will be their overall journey and how they save the world with the resources they find inVim.The Way to Vim: The unlocking of the Vault with the keys of freedom. The adventure to find thekeys and open the vault.The Adventure into Vim: The time spent in Vim and the defeat of the Immortal king.