The House of the People


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Photos from the second largest building in the world, after the Pentagon--the "House of the People" in Bucharest, Romania

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The House of the People

  1. 1. "The House of People" Bucharest Romania
  2. 2. “ The House of People“ is the biggest building in Romania and the second in the world, after the Pentagon, ****************************************************************************
  3. 4. Was erected at the will of the dictator Ceausescu, during his last years of dictatorship. He has never seen it finished, he was killed during the Romanian "revolution" in 1989. *****************************************************************************************************
  4. 6. "The House of People" was built on a former hill, the Uranus hill(with old houses, churches, little and quiet merchant streets). ******************************************************************************************************
  5. 8. Nothing escaped from demolition, not even the hill, which was leveled to ground, 8 basements were constructed, then, an artificial hill covered the enormous infrastructure of the building. *********************************************************************************************************
  6. 10. The demolished area from Bucharest's historical centre is equal with the surface of Venice. ********************************************************************************************************
  7. 12. No need to mention that the human scale, which we know from Classic and Renaissance architecture was the least thing architects took into consideration. ****************************************************************************************************
  8. 14. It's interesting, the largest church in Romania fits inside the largest meeting hall of the "House". ************************************************************************************************
  9. 16. Nowadays, the "House" belongs to the Parliament of Romania, politicians feel actually very comfortable in this huge construction and represented by it never the less. ********************************************************************************************************
  10. 18. Most of Romanians were hating this symbol of dictatorship so deep that they were about to demolish it like Bastille. ******************************************************************************************************
  11. 20. Others, like a big postmodern architect, say that the "house" and institutions that form an assembly is one of the most significant postmodernist architecture was ever built. **********************************************************************************************
  12. 26. “ The House of People” represents a big wound in the hearth of the city but also the most visited monument of Bucharest . Arrangement by Ileana Godeanu