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OS - Thread


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OS - Thread

  1. 1. Threads Organized By: Vinay Arora Assistant Professor CSED, TU Vinay Arora CSED
  2. 2. Disclaimer This is NOT A COPYRIGHT MATERIAL Content has been taken mainly from the following books: Operating Systems Concepts By Silberschatz & Galvin,Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles By William Stallings Etc… Vinay Arora CSED
  3. 3. Thread Application - Set of Multiple Processes Process – An Executable File (.exe) Each PROCESS has its own Address Space, CPU Quota, Access to Hardware Resources and Kernel Resources THREAD – Function Present within Executable File Each THREAD has its own PC, Stack , Registers Vinay Arora CSED
  4. 4. Process Thread View Vinay Arora CSED
  5. 5. Process View Vinay Arora CSED
  6. 6. Thread View Vinay Arora CSED
  7. 7. Processes & Threads Vinay Arora CSED
  8. 8. User Space & Kernel Space Vinay Arora CSED
  9. 9. Multicore Programming Multi-Core Systems putting pressure on programmers, challenges include Dividing activities Balance Data splitting Data dependency Testing and debugging Vinay Arora CSED
  10. 10. Concurrent Execution on a Single-core System Vinay Arora CSED
  11. 11. Concurrent Execution on a Multi-core System Vinay Arora CSED
  12. 12. Pure User Level Vinay Arora CSED
  13. 13. Pure Kernel Level Vinay Arora CSED
  14. 14. Combined Vinay Arora CSED
  15. 15. Combined Threads Vinay Arora CSED
  16. 16. Single & Multi Threaded Process Vinay Arora CSED
  17. 17. Benefits Responsiveness Resource Sharing Economy Utilization of MP Architectures Vinay Arora CSED
  18. 18. User Thread & Kernel Thread User Thread - Thread Management done by User-Level Threads Library Kernel Thread - Supported by the KERNEL Examples Windows XP/2000 Solaris Linux Tru64 UNIX Mac OS X Vinay Arora CSED
  19. 19. Thread Library Three Primary Thread Libraries: Java Threads Pthreads Win32 Threads Vinay Arora CSED
  20. 20. Multi Threading Models Many-to-One One-to-One Many-to-Many Vinay Arora CSED
  21. 21. Many-to-One Model Many User-Level Threads mapped to Single Kernel Thread Examples: Solaris Green Threads Vinay Arora CSED
  22. 22. One-to-One Model Each User-Level Thread maps to KERNEL THREAD Examples Linux Solaris 9 and later Windows NT/XP/2000 Vinay Arora CSED
  23. 23. Many-to-Many Model Allows many User Level Threads to be mapped to many Kernel Threads Allows the Operating System to create a sufficient number of Kernel Threads Windows NT/2000 Vinay Arora CSED
  24. 24. Thnx… Vinay Arora CSED